Zeze Millz Discusses Chicken Shop Date, Trolls, Giggs And Oral Sex | GASWORKS

42 thoughts on “Zeze Millz Discusses Chicken Shop Date, Trolls, Giggs And Oral Sex | GASWORKS

  1. She not wrong Poet needs to chill fam “aww she is a middle class white girl” but the arch what’s its got to do with race. Well done for holding your own.

  2. Mateee love every episode but this one I just cannot watch – very annoying – please pass on to the right people

  3. Poet really thinks no one dislikes him. He's hurt that zeze suggested that and that's why he gave her a hard time. Also he clearly does not like black women

  4. Well done to ZeZe for holding her own cos Poet and Alhan went off on her. For me Poet pushed that angry black woman narrative on her.. it's awful for another black man to do her like that kmt. This made me dislike Poet..

  5. Zeze was speaking facts though, the way Poet victimised Amelia is soo telling of how he feels black women are ‘intimidating’ because they’re black. Just trash!

  6. Goodness gracious, Let her speak !!
    Poet calm down, it’s not that deep. People can have different views to you.

  7. Alhan is right when he said “why do we need to politicise that” if it bangs it bangs why do you have to look for deeper meanings that are not there

  8. what we are doing here in the comment section is missing the bigger picture. we are focusing on the individuals rather than the larger picture. a larger picture that depicts a posh white girl in a relevant urban setting where she interviews people from urban areas (and beyond but mainly urban). this is what they want us to do! you might ask who are they and what do they want us to do? suck your mum they want divide us. and its worked. and im not finishing this cus im too high

  9. I love Poet but he proved her point and wouldn’t even let her finish speaking. Poet mentioned that the girl was white and insinuated that she was defenseless against Zeze and zeze says she can defend herself. She was right. All she was gonna say is that black dudes RUSHED to defend this white girl, and poet proved her point and so did the other dude. This was a mess.

  10. why do black men love telling black women theyre intimidating so much? hmmm
    the more i watch the less i like po

  11. what everyone says is true poet never lets people finish
    I don’t get why he defending Amelia hard
    Both poet and my man are being ignorant

  12. YESSSSS ZEZEEE, you have real supporters out here. Don't stop doing you for nobody!!!!
    alsooo poets madd salty like go take some advice for that first before you start handing out advice to others

  13. I wish they let ZEZE speak, essentially what she was saying was black people should support black people 🙄🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. I bet zeze can't even order food without having some deep agenda somewhere……she holds the L like she does her neighbours post

  15. See a white person do anything successful when they've worked hard for it and people will scream white privileged, not every day privileged

  16. It isnt because Amelia is white. Its because Amelia is so ordinary and has no element of urban culture.

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