ZeRo Verse – The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Cypher 2018

ZeRo talk to em’! It’s the top of the players When I walk in all the others flock J-J-JV3 stock if I play against SonicFox Sarf around my neck, so cold that I’m past hot Boy I got bars, keep it bouncing like a jab lock Diddy, Sheik, I’ll switch to Mario, I’m throwing fire If you see me in your bracket I suggest that you retire ‘Cause everybody know how the trophy and dinero’s won They all leave with my name, you going home with ZeRo (nada!)

21 thoughts on “ZeRo Verse – The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Cypher 2018

  1. His verse wasn't as bad as some people made it out to be its just the nasalized audio and his bad lip syncing that hurts it. Apparently he's Chilean so yeah I think he should have done it like half and half language wise to make it more comfortable for him with subtitles. I bet he had fun though so that's what matters

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