Zendaya- REPLAY lyrics

100 thoughts on “Zendaya- REPLAY lyrics

  1. I love zendaya she's a big inspiration for me, not to be a hater but u got some of the lyrics wrong but still love this song!!!

  2. im so sorry if you thought something was wrong. I posted in asia and the internet is not very good here. I was actually gonna post it when i was still in LA but i wasn't done with the video yet.

  3. Didn't really ever like her…But wow she's growing into her music and she's doing a real good job too..Lovee this song!(: nice work Girl wit the video editing really goes wit the song.<3

  4. I am in love with this song don't really listen to any other song . I play this song over and over again. I PUT THIS SONG ON REPLAY :))) <3

  5. I know her she is my naber in LA she is allsome girl to hang with like me her debby peyton bella skai hang like alot she is a good friend like when me or the cleb fellin r heart she makes it all bettetlr

  6. I loves it so much whenever i here this song it makes me think about my bf thanks much for sharing the video I LOVE U SO MUCH GIRL U R AN INSPIRE

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