Zac Brown Band – My Old Man (Lyric Video)

(Musik spielt) Er war ein Riese und ich war nur ein Kind Ich habe immer versucht das zu tun was er tat Ich erinnere mich an jede Lektion die er mir erteilte Aufwachsen, lernen zu sein… wie mein alter Herr (Musik spielt) Er war ein Löwe Wir waren Vaters Stolz aber ich war trotzig wenn er mich dazu brachte an meine Grenzen zu gehen Er wusste wie er mich aufbauen und wann er mich fallen lassen musste rückblickend hatte er immer einen Plan Mein alter Herr Mein alter Herr fühle die gefühlslosigkeit seiner Hände und die staubigen overalls Mein alter Herr Jetzt versteh ich… Ich habe eine Menge zu lernen von meinem alten Herrn Jetzt bin ich ein Riese hab einen eigenen Sohn Er versucht immer dorthin zu gehen wohin ich gehe tue das beste was ich kann um ihn gut und richtig zu erziehen hoffe er möchte eines Tages so sein… wie sein alter Herr (Musik spielt) Mein alter Herr Ich weiß eines Tages sehen wir uns wieder wärend er herunter sieht Mein alter Herr ich hoffe er ist Stolz darauf, wer ich bin Ich versuche seine Stiefel auszufüllen Mein alter Herr Mein alter Herr

37 thoughts on “Zac Brown Band – My Old Man (Lyric Video)

  1. this was the song my dad chose to play at my grandpa’s funeral. whenever I’m having a rough day, I listen to this song to remind me that my grandpa is watching over me and will help get me through everything. miss you lots grandpa❤️

  2. played this at my Dads funeral,and I hear ya , love my boy,miss my Dad ,we where truck drivers,bought his truck before he passed,and so hard to drive his truck, but must carry on…

  3. This song reminds me of both my grandpa and dad.
    My dad died earlu so my grandpa became sort of a father figure in my life. Everything i am now, i owe it to my grandpa. This song really hits home and doesn't fail to make me cry every damn single time. This song, to me, goes to both my old men,who I've come to love and lost. "I know we'll meet again someday."

  4. I just lost my grandfather on the 8th of this month, and I used to call him old man. He was like a father to me since he and my grandmother took me in when I was 15. I was a stubborn teenager and he tried to keep me on the right path. But with his guidance, I've been one of the dependable ones for my Grandma. (Myself and my dad are the ones she depends on for help with everything). I'm planning on getting his hand tattooed on my shoulder with the line about being defiant and him making me walk the line and him being my old man. Until we meet again, Grandpa. You'll always be my old man.

  5. This song hits home I lost my dad in December 2018 and every time I hear it and I can’t help but reminisce and cry about our memories

  6. my step father taught me everything i know about being a good person and about what you give you will receive…. i hope he gets better so i can say what i want to say to him…

  7. When they with time it gets easier I’m here to tell u it don’t. I lost my Dad on November 11th 2018. Dad I’m sorry I wasn’t a good son at some point but I just tried my best to make u happy and u did the same I really miss out conversations u have really missed out on a lot but I know ur up there looking down on me but I miss u so much, so much to the fact I almost drunk myself to death because I miss you so damn bad I’m just needing a hug from u but ur up there in the family in heaven and I hope ur a at peace love and miss u dad I can’t wait till we meet again. To all you guys that have lost there dad I can truly express this heartache it’s never ending but remember ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. Fly high dad 03-14-1979-11-11-2018

  8. There are a lot of people in this world who don't and never will have the luxury of a mother and father. For those of you who do, please be grateful. Respect your parents, and grandparents. Millions would kill to grow up with that experience and I'm one of them. Instead we're raised up into foster homes being physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused by our so called "guardians and/or caretakers" until we're eighteen. You have something that so many of us want and will NEVER have. The real love and nurturing of a loving mother and father.

  9. My dad has an illness and he's got a couple days to week if lucky a month I cry rivers when I listen to this song

  10. My daddy just passed away with a three year battle against pancreatic cancer . He was ….. Is my hero. WE WILL MEET AGAIN 😊 REV CHARLES D WHITMER SR AKA RONKER IN HEAVEN .

  11. Lost my dad yesterday he was 57. I’m 26 he was taken from me so unexpectedly. Cherish you’re loved ones people, tomorrow is never promised I’ve got a lot of life left to live if the good lord allows it and idk what I’m going to do without my dad.

  12. I love this song so much I miss my Dad in heaven it's been 15yrs since I had to watch you slowly slip away from me and it never gets better , at least I will always have the gift of music and my first guitar you gave me .

  13. this song makes me really sad thinking about what could happen. my dad has diabetes its scared be sense i was born. i really love him and always hope he is there for me and if not i will be there for him. i will never let him down. Love you dad

  14. Man when my old man Is gone. Idk what I'm going to do… it breaks my heart thinking about it . My whole world is my family. This world will be nothing without them

  15. I lost my grandfather in 2011 July 16 and I’m now 17 and he was my father cause my dad left before I was born and my grandfather was my old man and a Vietnam vet

  16. I miss my old man. He is still alive but we have oceans between us. 🙁 I Love you daddy. I miss you.

  17. I’m actually on a road trip to my great uncles memorial service he was a veteran and to hear this makes me cry and reminds me of him. He was a good man helped me learn things i never knew. My grandmother got an bridge dedicated to him. Like if it makes you
    Cry to

  18. Dad has been gone 6 years still miss him like its yesterday.. taught me about family strength work ethic , and love
    miss you daddy .. what a great song!

  19. Lost my father two years ago now and some to colon cancer. I played this song at his funeral close to a year after my son was born. It hit home so hard.

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