YSRCP MLA Merugu Nagarjuna Speech | AP School Education Monitoring and Control Commission Bill

the new other addiction I'm replace one of the which are regulatory Marie you wanna clean Commission balloony heroes who assembly no previous spectacle so Allah mean under here with each are in the current a Andhra Pradesh law nothing with Jeff Romano putea doldrums I xx diksha cat eyes the songs are allowed to stay degree Caligari universities granny put together our spa some more longer when I kill a person can be stopped on the teacher add extra there's a boo degree Callie is comin in tha Rostova pop knowledge one olive oil degree college in law and Here Come would expire and Leka but infrastructure select photo lecture also Charla college Lelaina diksha woman lectures fought savagely and participate diksha dick Shawn Sahara carnage is slow plate Louis Polonia diksha when ecology light they protect buildings Rob eighty degree kanai's no challenge in the room Lobeck tasty class of the preferred principal diksha Arreaga kunana our college made a minimum for power of his name is paula akana go in first to magic shop when i read a poisoner is someone's Rallo yes RC and the history regression of commission one Lou Morris office our cultural detection wonder could generate and a few cylinder freeze Annapolis etapa College in along with my colleagues no impressions allowed my students of performance allow me recount some of my knowledge related diksha Mantha Pato they put in my University Vinci fact-finding committed by mr. addiction while in a world of Calhoun they they will study tennis they well well at least I'm finding empty remarks this town exterminator hero is close enough pro restaurateur kinds in suddenly at diksha O'Callahan uibinder charity the cars and he's there verification about diksha is pulling him as a account is evolving really connect 20 start site they said to restore nature and ecology you know all of it up good thing I ever carry Clara lacunae University appreciation Annie never the Kali is someone into the 20 he monitoring event is getting hammered that meta a logic and take a matter a positive another diksha he Perez it through the I was to put together killed both only the interpreter particularly of Dijkstra I still feel structure in his unit from free policy already acrylate the dick Traum what Callie mm apparently scooter addiction who can ignore the troubles prediction I dig a parasternal who are caring no we don't take me because of the tremendous credit a little bit a closer I don't have him the unpigmented who know like what they call a buncha guys I'm Doug Muzzio every day grown in the 10th day infrastructure and export of Allah we take most wins comfortable can he have only he possibly screw over the test indicates told I would course I played only the empty air tomorrow through a gentleman and take minimum Howard University ski come and get steppen later but is throw years with Delta one of them ko throw 2000 addiction the interparticle earlier you know my still Oh Helia qualified this is called a simple I'm sure it will be a chilly chasing at the post not produce 120 wasn't a good joke I'll have a thick sound you wrote first hour now I'm replace know how to price a critical thing no jalapa University pathology Lalo brahmana and J was thrown Buddha Dhamma practice for my knowledge inside and he wrote those down and diksha private is must research is nee a universal power scale tester qualifications highly involved is Aeschylus post adductor Magnus devold you know Angela bro tonight through tomorrow that to our advantage to saw What's Wrong wha what it meant but I know it's the thermal addiction shaking approval 80th render diksha yeah karna hero is the system and contain you know was generated by the Asura diksha recruitment quota okay three Markham the expert Baraka New Zealand zero correct path over here oh I still G know about the crane was twirling expert come to kuzuri such a gesture addiction and spoke about London me read by gesture addiction we know in my Superman threw her away about an eighth of Pavitra what sometimes travel chantho Andhra Pradesh public service Commissioner Kuehne my still over here who join her over gay advantage our addiction and the Domino and Dev ji was through putting up moon indicates from the market limit they say harmful damaging opposite myself whichever of this kind of market limitation of personalization I'm the kind of person and tipping nine zero is telling me the projection of porosity is better participate after all in the diksha yeah what are already Stella monsoon avoided munch our operative your outside okay munchies Hamas was not a no jabbering now we could properly out Police Authority Moochie under gravity gravity you know the each area of abilities for barricade which when terms of dick shaft is the god I'm sorry like shocked you rock tornado polytope I get our money without correcting Caputo did more in the area hostile ago I was elected awesome also politically after him in the diksha he hoped was throw he read he regretted to come T Challa on shallow didn't want a casket embezzle d'etre but typical our state comes from our educational diksha I'm the police for over twenty higher education law the police also have to serve that's our power with chairman you know a gentleman okay tell you why general Indochina ionize the top Takata I need help with a Somali free throws to do I know the identical system bottom yeah we're over here oh yeah you know what I wonder why tell me you know yeah he's dead I wanna find girls Carlo yeah counselor I wouldn't tell today I know dicks are volatile okay with Jessica the universe still this Galileo Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla well you over this party universe killer dumped a Zeppelin this was the house that identical to a completion of the trial considered nah economy I wanted to work the university system me put together this kind of diksha I playing electro Stonem you know vascular's company G trial after trial and they compared it 20 I'm selling diksha universe still no-hitter okay sister Karen honey black but they examine insist on but what about this killing point placed in the diksha results are you know is what okay okay a Corolla this is our birthday is intelligent laptop wasn't any variations to me you don't have to paranoid a university Mike Charbonneau is a scoring restart role is curry was dominant role say like they won someone is a process of these can be stored over theta one part guys found on entire system of education system habla undercutting Rojo taken together come on Chandra chantho he building this culture he build operator y el mundo can enchant a mere comes from ties together mr. giant this one re-enter my agenda chronically mentally dr. same but birthday solo Chara and a accommodation 11 a pH Ranger see one of the curricular policy through Nativity except a matter 20 monitoring they say you can he billion ad robberies along with a was through Somalia who practically squirrelly Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra Pato Anna Karenina Jo statistical DeCosta what his thought he willing to put together pointer so I've already low-income Jo esta semana look out mine said I said getting an Alec silicon a minute I tell him although he bill to support just our theta anyone

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