YouTube's content claim system is out of control

50 thoughts on “YouTube's content claim system is out of control

  1. This fucking copyright claim banned my main account which had near 200 Subscribers, JUST FOR FUCKING COPYRIGHT CLAIM TOOK IT! FUCK THIS SHIT! 😡😡😡😡😡 I'M FREAKING OUT OVER THIS COPYRIGHT! THEN IT WAS OUT OF CONTROL!

  2. UMG is SHIT ! Big corporation all for the money and disturbing with inequality the human nature !

  3. I just started putting some of my own personally made music up and I got a claim on one of my own songs! I guess there is like 3 seconds of a guitar tone that sounds similar to some spanish band. I tried to dispute and then it came back saying the person who claimed it, doesn't approve and it's still claimed. WTF! My own music!

  4. The problem is that Youtube has a monoloply. Youtube will only change when forced to. We need to force Youtube to become ethical.

  5. UNG just copyright claimed my video.. which FREAKING had the owners names per each clip. im glad im not the only one having problems with UMG

  6. I got claimed for an original song I posted 3 months ago because it had the same chord progression to "Despacito"

  7. Maisie feels she failed keeping the internet from corporate cunts buying it through corrupt politicians and site ceo's. you fucked the user internet with money. no one else

  8. Stop complaining and go start a fucking riot. We have "had the conversation" for a very long time and yeah, companies (and YouTube) don't care about it unless someone bashes down their front door. Knock down someone's door and demand; it's time for this conversation to generate some action.

  9. I edited a final project for an editing university course and uploaded it to YouTube privately listed, guess what!? It was claimed for like a 5 second clip from a show being in It😂 I appealed and nothing changed lol

  10. Youtube Content ID Hypocrisy:
    Youtuber: Makes 10 minute video with a 30 second copyrighted song
    Content ID: Monetizes entire video for the copyrighted music because its someone else'es content
    Logic: So this means they are making money off not only the music but the entirety of the user's original content so they are also breaking their own rules by making money off content they don't own

  11. YT claimed an old video of mine that had a clock ticking sound and some music company decides to claim it.

  12. corporations are dumbasses those artists you go after are not Pirates out of touch baby boomers want you to be Slave to a corporation get off of YouTube again it's Hollywood tube the old dinosaur Hollywood refuse to get extinct

  13. I checked my gmail and I have 1 claim but the weird thing it also was a manual claim but check this out. This fucking rapper School Q claimed I remix I made for Rihanna the song Diamond. I did a chill out dupstep remix. And this mother fucker claimed that I used his material in mine. So UMG is involved now monetizing my video. But the thing is that School Q his remix is not on youtube for me to hear it , also I did that remix in my own studio with a mini moog and Fl studio sounds and he claimed that shit like it his. So I remove the video cause the background is my nick name but being monetize for him and Rihanna. fuck that shit.

    He is not even mention in the wikipidea in the creation of the song . is getting out if control.

  14. Please help ! My own video was claimed ! No music in the video just beautiful skyline during sunset after heavy rain. I did filmed , edited this video myself and posted this video to YT 3 years ago. The video reached few millions views. Some one manually claimed my video few days ago and now I've got a strike on my second YT channel. My appeal was rejected. I'm in shock . I don't know what to do now.

  15. You have no idea how much UMG makes me angry.

    They've taking my music. I'm not a big youtuber, not even a small one, but music that I love has been taken from me.
    They must be stopped.
    I would dedicate this comment to berating UMG about their shit, but I have a too big of a heart to do that.
    SOmeone do that for me please.

  16. The copyright system is shit but as it has been said youtube has to put some copy right system in place otherwise they would be sued into oblivion. Its thanks to broken us copyright.

  17. I made this useing It's A Hard-Knock Life from Annie 2014 and it was just as Montage music,
    just found out i got a Copyright claim, im not a Channel who wanna make any money or whatever.

  18. the saddest part is YouTube won't side video creators… YouTube allows these companies to judge the use of the claimed material and let them have the final decision… YouTube is only good at sucking advertisers' and big corporations' cocks really good

  19. What if the dudes that made the 'reacting to bohemian rhapsody' have their videos claimed from them, and maybe you included clips of them talking so the company that claimed THEIR videos think that they own the entire thing and think they can claim yours because it has portions of the videos in yours? Am i really reaching for that one? Or could that possibly be something to think about?

  20. UMG just claimed Rammsteins cover of Stripped that the band just re uploaded today to go along with there documentary on how they made it.

  21. I wasn't even getting paid but this did happen to me on a life is strange video, you could barely hear the music (because i got rid of the audio till the music was over) bit i still got copyright claimed on am Alt J song that you could barely hear, especially when i was talking.

  22. The most ridiculous example of this stuff that I've heard is when somethingelseYT made his OWN song and it got claimed

  23. I have gotten copyright claims on beats that i have made from scratch. No samples. Really disgusting, it's not like music just come out of nowhere. I usually get them removed, because i copyright everything, but it is very annoying having to do it, when you know for a fact it is something you have created on your own, is original, and then some giant company comes through and throws ads on your videos without legal permission. Something needs to be done, but most likely won't because youtube doesn't care about smaller youtubers like myself.

  24. My old channel had 10 subs and I uploaded a cover of hallelujah by leonard cohen and it got like 6 views or something and I got a copy right claim. Have fun with the revenue!

  25. WTF👿They fuck my videos all the time 💀
    I wish this nightmare ends
    Thanks for bringing it up🙌🏻⚡️

  26. question I posted a video with me and my daughter singing songs on the radio it was couple of second songs that we were only playing around to not trying to copy right they sent me a copy right thing and I deleted it what will happen or what will they do

  27. I just got a copyright claim from EMI music publishing group on a Greek traditional song that is more than 100 years old. This is a total joke.

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