Young Composer Project Class of 2017: Reflections

i Matthew shortened name select the bar my name is David 30 hello my name is Paul Spelvin um compiler program are we study with acclaims comprises in the American repertoire and it's a really wonderful opportunity to really be doing activities that a lot of undergraduate students don't even get to do we could work other things we love music music very hardly ever playing voice for reading that sort of thing we also listen to a lot of music we analyze music all the time and we work on our own compositions we get to develop our own creative voices I enjoy working with Hannah because she is really easygoing and she appreciates a wide variety of music and I was so comfortable event attended by countless small ideas Heather is incredibly well first to the craft and she's incredibly incisive and really has a good feeling for what is Hannah she's really sweet very special animation whenever you're starting a given project there are so many different ways you know different paths you can take it can be very very difficult to narrow down your expectations and really clean out what your goals are for any particular composition what it is you want to achieve but focus on that probably coming up with ideas or executing ideas in my head the part about composing is actually writing it down for me I can come up with ideas pretty easily but sometimes it's hard to actually convey that idea okay it for a compiler it's incredibly scary to write those first few notes because you really don't know when they're going to go with them music is really the only universal truly universal form of communication it's a way that people can connect with each other not just instantaneously the meaningfully and we can really communicate incredibly powerful ideas with music music can unite people from all different backgrounds and it so important to share that with people to be inspired by wherever I go if I didn't in on the country or experience another culture and unique musical idea or art or poetry or really anything like that I draw a lot of inspiration for that I think that that's really central to a lot of my work I'm inspired by nature both in my composition and in my musical performance having an advanced courses studying the plastic student that's comparable to what a lot of grad students do and having the quality of mentor and professor that you would find in that sort of program which is just being incredibly experienced

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