Young Chicago Authors: Giving Public School Students a Voice: The Daily Show

23 thoughts on “Young Chicago Authors: Giving Public School Students a Voice: The Daily Show

  1. This is all lame ass BS.
    Literally hiring any black dude off the street to act poorly.
    So much for representing the truth of shit.

    And seriously, tell the fat one to lay off the pills.

  2. I really hope Chicago public schools can make a come back. We don’t need another city like New York where you have to pay for private school for a decent education

  3. Education should not be for the wealthy. This is not a black or white issue. This is a green issue.

  4. wait.. So you have a white guy directing a black program.. hmm! could be, black directors in Chicago are jus not interested in these types of programs, or Chicago does not have, qualified black artistic directors to run these types of programs! Or maybe, he's the best man for the task at hand, he jus so happen to be white( and Jewish). Either which way, these types of programs, albeit, very necessary programs! end up not feeding the plant the right nutrients!
    there's not a black soul, whether in spirit or in life, DIRECTING a Jewish, and or a predominately white community program in the United States of America!

  5. Good story, terrible presenter. Why do I feel that every 'reporter' of the daily show now has to be a typical racial minority who indulges in their stereotypes. This coming from an African who grew up in Canada and lives in the Caribbean, one who has seen and experienced many ethnic groups.

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