You Won't BELIEVE What Barnes & Noble Has for Self-Publishing: Simple Self Publishing Part 3

hello and welcome to second drafts everything you need to write edit and publish your way in our last video we talked about some of the features that Amazon had to offer when self-publishing with it today we'll be looking at one of their competitors Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble previously allowed self-publishing with their puppet self-publishing platform in 2013 they relaunched their self-publishing as Nick press with a complete redesign and overhaul of their features currently Nook press is only available to those living in US UK France Italy Germany and Spain the Netherlands and Belgium so it's a bit of a bummer when you're Canadian such as myself the press is specifically for e-books and while they do offer printing of your book it is specifically for personal use and your books will not be sold in Barnes & Noble bookstores if you want a physical copy of your book in bookstores you'll have to look elsewhere and search hard to see if it would be something available at big chains the rule of the options are different from that of Amazon one side being a bit better and the other side not so much when you price your book at two dollars and 98 cents and below or $10 299.99 you receive 40% royalties five percent better than Amazon at similar pricing options however if you price your novel from $2.99 to $4.99 the royalty rate is only 65 percent five percent less than Amazon so it comes down to what you plan on pricing your novel at this category Nick presses biggest feature is its all-in-one architecture the web site is designed for you to be able to write edit and publish your novel right through your browser you can upload your files edit them and then that nook press compile it together for publishing we here at second drafts love one-stop shops and Nook Press has you covered there nuke press also offers services to help with the design of your cover custom illustrations and editing while these services are essential in taking your book to the next level as discussed in our previous video you can find others online who could do it just as good or better for cheaper than they offer no press has a program similar to the Kindle owners lending library called lend me know customers can share an eligible book to friends once for up to 14 days all books published through new press are automatically enrolled in my me nuke press also has an affiliate program which can help you earn up to an extra nine percent commission when you sell your netbooks you have to sign up to the link share also known as Rakatan affiliate network and then email a help at book comm with the subject line no press author program along with your link share site ID how this works is once you're approved if you share a link provided by note to your fans and they click on that link and purchase something you'll get a commission it doesn't even necessarily need to be your book as this affiliate program is open to many people not just authors this can be a great way to get a bit more money from your books or even others the only downside to Barnes and Nobles no press is that there is no incentive to be exclusive with them I also couldn't find any information on whether they offer the ability to mark down your book on a special promotion regardless of exclusivity this means that if you want to go with no Press you should also explore other options for self-publishing as there's no reason not to that's all the time that we have today on second drafts so we hope this information has helped you out be sure to leave us a message in the comments if you have any questions subscribe to the channel so you don't miss our next video and remember second draft says everything you need to write edit and publish your way do you want to support production of this youtube series the WW slash J MacLean and become a patron today

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  1. Nice video. Thank you.
    Is it worth it as a Canadian author to start a US publishing LLC in order to use US isbn numbers and use Nook or other US platforms?

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