you should start a commonplace book

45 thoughts on “you should start a commonplace book

  1. Thank you for doing these you are one of my fave youtube. I always love how magical your diys and notebooks are. Love it

  2. Soooooo… I've been calling it my qoute book or quote notebook for years and I think it's gonna stay that way
    P.s. I just hoard them (the notebooks in general)

  3. I do that on my iPhone on the notes app. Ever since the iPhone 4s came out I wrote into the note app. I currently have 5376 notes. I should write them down into a common place book! Thanks for making this video!

  4. I have two of these call commonplace book or bullet journal since my teens years …where I doodles and write the first thing that comes to

  5. Yes! I do this all the time but I really should put them all in one place. I already have the perfect notebook to use….of course i do….because notebook collector. ✨ lovely idea

  6. I’ve been putting my thoughts mostly in my phone and save quotes from the internet. I just get frustrated when I keep ruining the notebook with grammatical errors, ugly writing; I feel it’s a waste, especially when I watch journaling vids and they’re all aesthetic. But this video showed me that journals are personal and embellishments don’t matter.

  7. I sorta have one. In my old sketchbook I fill the remaining pages of quotes that my brain thinks of. I prefer it over bullet journaling bcuz I worry if it's neat and organized or not. With a commonplace book I can just write down the thoughts I'm currently thinking without making it perfect. It's just one thing in one place.

  8. wow i was writing some random lyric quotes on my class notebooks or somewhere that inspires me and never knew it was a thing! definitley gonna start adding all of those quotes on a notebook.

  9. Wow. I've always wanted to do something like this… but I don't have enough notebooks- I've used them all up. I'll have to get another and do this. 🙂

  10. I had no idea that my quotes/scribbles/song lyrics/poems books that I’ve been keeping for the past 12 years actually had a did I not know about this?! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I since I was like 10 had a "common place book" I called it "mindenes" notebook though. Meaning in Hungarian notebook of everything. It seriously had EVERYTHING. At random… In uni I tried to separate things into different notebook, but after all I got back into it in the end of my first year. (this April) I just need that it has everything. But I do have travel book separately.

  12. I have so many notebooks that I don’t know what to do with but this is a great idea! I think I have the perfect notebook for this, too.

  13. step 1: try and find a cute little tiny notebook

    by the time I’ve done that I would of gotten bored and forgotten about it 🙁

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