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we have finally safe seorin at this point I'm basically a guardian angel that you want to know what the secret to saving are was I asked at the sleepover now I already know what you're thirsty mind is thinking but I was a perfect gentleman we didn't do anything nice they we just simply hung out so wasn't because I saved their life how about hero well the mission isn't over here we still need to save URI and that scheme something to get my head in okay it's time to finish this hey you're on welcome back to Doki Doki literature club but no baby as I said before it is time to save the final two ladies intro is kind of faster than normal so I know most of you understand what I'm saying so I'm going to save the girls guys if you're hype for this video then please hit that like button it really really is appreciated unless you for two thousand beautiful likes you already know the deal ladies and gentleman if this video has two thousand beautiful likes then later on this week I'll do an extra-special Doki video I got some spicy plans for this game and if you're feeling extra special spicy hype for today's video let in the comment section below type hashtag Doki look I've straightened baby I will save you lovely ladies that is what promises promises hmm if my saving skills are anything like my language today then these girls well let's start a new game and see where we end up this time I'm guessing this story's gonna be basically the same until we actually have to save one of the girls it's an ordinary school day like any other except I get the feeling somebody's constantly watching me from afar what are you usually the worst being surrounded by couples and friend groups walking to school together meanwhile I've always walked to school alone poor unappreciated me although I do have a feeling that that was not true but I quickly should get off I always tell myself it's about time I meet some girls or something like that but I had no motivation to join any clubs I'm perfectly content just getting by on the average while spending my free time on games and animu it's always the anime club but it's not like there be any girls in it anyway think that way buddy I know plenty of girls that are into anime that's a lie IIIi don't know any I don't have any friends I have no one the whole way home my mind wanders back and forth between the three girls nan ski Yuri and of course Monika well I really be happy spending every day after school in a literature club perhaps I'll have the chance to grow close to one of the girls yes you will buddy grow real close with those girls just uh don't don't get don't get too close to the URI when she's got a knife I'm gonna start off in the right way by saying papa so papa is full of beauty his life is just so it's exciting any he likes to love in life like I mean I'm full of love Papa is full of love he loves puppies he's always just it's got a soft pop it's got a soft spot for those little puppies I could rub them all day but unfortunately the puppy give him too many kisses you licked them all over and I know I didn't get pleasure jiminy Christmas dis got really weird and dark all of a sudden hi again Papa Roz I glad to see you didn't run away on us why is her face doing that I forgot we're in the horror part of this game now jiminy Christmas thanks for keeping your promise Papa Roz why did I call myself Papa Roz at least I didn't call myself daddy that would have been really big no people said that that happened people said that that was why is she there I saved her why is that there you don't share manga with your friends no Sookie could you not rub it in jeez I'm sorry huh mm-hmm like I could get my friends to read fast but your sing mangas for kids I can't even bring it up without them being all like yeah you still haven't grown out of that yet makes me want to punch them in the face I know how you feel girl when people tell me I like animu I just want to push them right in the dirt break the nose break the nose you're very violent girl I feel like I can't even keep it in my own room my dad would be this matter maybe found this voice I never saw this the last time I'm learning new things I don't know if this is actually real or part of the mod either way it sounds like you should probably hit the gym my girl now that's what I'm talking about no seriousness though that's this is this is darker than I expected from her at least it's safe here in the kalapa room st. Monica's kind of a jerk about it ah I just can't win well it paid off for the end didn't it I mean Here I am reading it well it's not like it solves any of my problems maybe but at least you're enjoying yourself right and song uh ha ha ha jeez there's enough are you gonna keep breathing or walk yeah yeah yeah I flipped the page and then we go be enjoy a little bit of reading time together I've never actually confession time I've never actually read a manga myself so it would be interesting too I should go ahead and read one not ski strangely quiet now I glanced over our is she falling asleep looks like she's starting to fall asleep hey Matt ski yeah suddenly not ski collapses straight into me hey what the hell is going on here what are you saying is there anything in the histories there anything in the history uh no literally just gobbledygook what the hell is going on what the hell oh jeez Netsky are you ok here I'm Monica reaches into our bag and pulls up some kind of protein bars she throws it in that skis direction uh skis I suddenly lay up again she's not just the bar from the floor and immediately tears off the wrapper I told you not to give me she doesn't even finish her sentence before stuffing it in her mouth oh don't worry if ever as she's fine it just happens every now and then that's why I always keep a snack in my back fur anyway why don't we all share poems now ok I don't understand what happened there but it was different I will give the game Matt I don't know if any this is part of the Mord or I skipped past this before what I did it certainly very interesting I'm gonna have to pay close attention to the rest of it does my eye look big in this Netsky that doesn't give her any lunch money or leave her any food in the house she's in a fussy mood pretty often sometimes she just loses all our strength at it shuts down like earlier this is just a guess but I think she's so small because of malnutrition is interfering with her adolescent growth hey some guys are into petite girls do you know sorry I'm just trying to look on the bright side anyway yeah jewelry but poem mouse after that little bit information no I kind of just want to go and stuff food in that Sookie space here eat this little one open up got a make you nice and big out of context that would sound really bad hey wait a minute they've been arguing and now normally I would pick NAT ski URI or help me blank okay what's this oh okay so I'm just back at the poem section really wait what is this word Oh oh my god I didn't like that I didn't like that at all why did I praise that word hop hope lost kiss why am i pressing words I shouldn't press what is going on another day passes and it's time for a club meeting already which I'm probably gonna get freaked the hell out again oh this mod is making things wild that is a picture of say Laurie in the background again stop doing this to me look I'm gonna change it that's a better picture in the background thank you very much um that scheme your poem here is a little bit unorthodox III I'll say I've got after date you see your writing style but if this is Bible in there I noticed that pepper eyes why didn't you come read with me today I was waiting for you I was waiting for a long time anyway it was the only thing I had to look forward to today well why did you ruin it do you like Yuri more I I think you're better off not associated with her are you listening to me Yuri is a sick freak I should be hoping is by now so just play with me and it said okay you don't hate me pepper I do you don't hate me did you do you want me to go home crying the glove is the only place I feel safe don't ruin that for me don't ruin it please just just stop talking to Yuri have a play with me instead it's all I have play with me play with me what a fun game can you hear me Oh No yes I don't know what I'm supposed to say here I didn't like that oh why we said why sorry little girl what the hell he's a C or E yes Yuri you are my favorite but you're kind of invading my personal space a little bit here he you know what I'm saying that any – I changed through the personal settings here because you're getting really close to me and your eyes got a freak me out a little bit by a little bit I mean a lot they were pretty though literary masterpiece as always you're in my girl – the way you really put your essence on the page is flattering wait what was this is this always like this geez that really startled me um well yes I kind of messed up at the write in this poem I was just trying – never mind that let's just move on okay yes or no um well I guess I'm just gonna have to press yes right I can't convince myself to go to therapy when I'm the happiest I've ever been I'd rather keep this up until I blow my cover and someone takes me to the emergency room okay well I can't do anything else there's that sit with Yuri I actually don't know what okay everyone it's time to figure out the festival preparations again I can't tell if the game's changes are the game or if it's the mod he's freaking me the hell out though this is really all I wanted press there's no need to spend the weekend with Monica don't listen to her just come to my house instead the whole day will just be the two of us doesn't that sound wonderful yeah that's great you crazy son of a gun really cut to the chase are ya wow this really something broke me isn't there oh yeah but you know what I don't care anymore I've never felt this good my whole life just being with you is far greater pleasure than anything I could imagine I'm addicted to you it feels as if I'm gonna die if I'm not breathing the same air is you doesn't it feel nice to have someone care about you so much to have someone who wants to revolve their entire life around you but if it feels so good then why does it feel more and more like something horrible is going happen maybe that's why I tried stopping myself at first but the feeling is too strong now I don't care anymore as I have to tell you I'm madly in love with you it feels like every inch of my body every drop of blood in me is screaming your name I don't care what the consequences are anymore I don't care if Monica is listening please crass I just know how much I love you I love you so much that I even touch myself with the pain I stole from you I just want to pull your skin open crawl inside of you I want you all to myself and I will be all yours doesn't that sound perfect tell me Fras tell me you want to be my lover do you accept my confession yes of course a crazy girl the whole game inside my my skin thing sounds hmm okay the me definitely not gonna be creeped out by the way is that the true definition of boning even I'm appalled at that joke yes I do accept your confession okay this is where she would normally go a little bit the trigger-happy with the old knife in I fee so I wonder if we can stop her when I have the mod is gonna let us do it this time okay oh she was crazy with her laughing time to act okay and the option is to punch her or do nothing well I think if we do nothing we already know what's gonna happen so apparently I'm just gonna go Mike Tyson up on her ass although not actually doing that to her bum that would be that's something completely different I'm just gonna talk her one in the face oh wow I punch you're a full force III had you right she was going to hey that's not very nice that really hurt but it's fine I I like that about you anyway okay real violent stuff I'm not sure you should be in today I understand a little bit of the bedroom play and I think shame in at all that that's not what pop is about he's all about freedom of exploration in the boudoir but that seems a little bit violence to me maybe I'm just a prude I don't know that's enough I cannot control myself as if I was being person can only go in one direction do you even love me of course I do what can a quick answer what point are you willing to go for me tell me huh I would do everything for you even if I asked you to commit suicide Yuri didn't even hesitate she took out the knife out from the ground important it towards her with pleasure okay then you should know how to go from here me that felt left me alone facing it Yuri I quite didn't know existed a lot of questions were running through my mind and I I just had one opportunity just one if I didn't say the right thing this would end here it's time to be hero Papa Rus what what wait what how am I supposed to guess the right answer here they're literally both the exact same thing except once in quotes and the other one sink okay no actually what is suggesting here is I am saying that to her and the bottom option is me to do it I think so I'm gonna have to put the ball on motion please say this right please say this is right before you declare yourself I jumped on her in my hand I was holding the knife but not by the grip a sharp pain was coming from my fingers you pointed the right thing each and every one of them screaming me to release the knife but I ignored them because there were things I had to be protected III can open my eyes I'm not used to pain after all so all I could do was concentrate my strength of my hand Yuri is still trying to free the knife from my grips but try after try she was getting weaker yes why IIIi don't know I can't know there's no way I could be even remotely able to know that I I don't know the answer to that question but that's why I can't release this knife because I need to know my answer and if I release this it'll all be over please Rus let me do this no there's no way I can let you do this not after confessing to me not when you haven't even heard my answers if you're going to confess at least hear my answer that was my limit my hand won't go any further I released the knife sorry Yuri it's end of a falling metal object interrupt my thoughts I opened my eyes pushed by her and there she was why after all I've done why are you making me go on I took you for myself I heard Nats key and I even pushed Monica away just so I could spend more time with you he said that just crazy I really mentally ill there's no way anyone would want to spend time with me I even cut myself and no one's looking neski said it the other day and she was right you know I even put some blood and I even touched myself on that poem I'm really rotten aren't I so why why is it about me that makes you not let go yeah you don't even know me for that long do you so why I took Yuri's right arm towards me and raised her sleeve we're revealing all our wounds this has to hurt is not that bad III do it because it gives me pleasure I took some peroxide and some bandages from my schoolbag apparently I have just get on board medic for the school but back to the story and I started applying them towards the wounds Yuri start to flinch a little this will make sure they don't get infected so try to bear it a little Yuri didn't say anything she didn't really look at me as I tried to heal them all in silence after not much longer I had them all covered and started rolling her arm in bandages they're done do you know that I enjoyed this right that I was thinking just about how much I loved this treatment to go on forever yeah I pretty much could imagine then why why would you treat them if he knew I was enjoying it because if that's what makes you happy so beer Who am I to judge I spoke what I feel about this it's true that kind yourself isn't healthy and isn't it's not gonna help you with anything yeah what am I supposed to do scream make fuzz as if that would solve anything Yuri needs to change this stuff I'm pretty sure she does know that already so I'm not gonna do anything by pushing those buttons but she really needs us to have someone she could speak about these things to someone she can rely on whenever she feels like she can't go on and if it happens that I met someone so be it Yuri yes if you ever get wounded again be sure to tell me you can always get as obsessive as you want with me in fact I think I've actually grown used to it by now even even if I can't control myself and end up hurting everyone else even so and if you step way too far alight I'll just have to chop you barehanded I said that with a playful tone Iza situation I can't tell if it worked or not though Rance what is it please to answer my previous question yet I'm starting to feel something inside me growing and I've realized that I don't love you as I thought I did what a letdown I said that while faking acai but I think I understood that's because I'm starting to love you for real hearing Yuri say that bluntly made my heart skip a beat and I bet I saw her grow rather by the minute don't worry when that time comes I'll hear you out that's the least I can do for her after opening up like that I should be by her sides just as I will even it then I'll see sound about to say Ori there I think just as anyone would expect a friend to be you have to promise me though that you won't make anything stupid until that day comes I can wait for you here but no if you go you're asking for something difficult here how selfish of you but I promise I promise I won't disappear until I sort out my feelings for you with that last promise Yuri packed up all of her things and stood in front of the knife I guess this is goodbye I won't thank you that won't be good not like you did anything for me anyways but I have to see that you gave me the chance to meet your ass and to prove myself that I can go on even as broken as I am thank you Braz and thank you to Rus wait what did she say Braz twice we saved her II do yeah yeah yeah Jing baby she had to live a difficult life you know she's always been kind of off as in by normal people's standards but this has to be the hardest she's had to endure I just can't believe she had to go through this this isn't over yet I'm trying to fix as much as I can about this but I kind of stop it's up to you okay I believe in you okay she believes I think that was meant to be Monica okay remember the character Yuri Yuri is successfully deleted so I take it we're just left with Natsuki and Monica now okay is that what it is that was a good storyline I do like it the wait oh yes is literally just Monica and NAT ski-lift ice this story is hard to judge what to do in that situation obviously you gotta want to stop Yuri from doing that but at the same time it is a difficult situation to manage and I think the game kinda got it quite right there with the writing you can actively make a fuss about it and force someone to stop what you need to do in my opinion this I'm not saying this is right at all but supporting someone when they're in that situation and trying to make it as easy as possible for them is the right thing to do again in my opinion whether you need advice from somebody you trust like a parent or a teacher or guardian or something then go and seek the advice but friends will need support and if you can offer them that to make things a little bit easier then as time goes on maybe build their confidence up so they're not having to do something like that then then I think that is the best way to go so there's my little bit of advice on that subject there as I always actively encourage you to go and seek a friendship or help for something and when times do get very dark so I do encourage you once again to do that either way I really enjoyed this I really really enjoyed this 2,000 likes I'll go ahead and do the NAT ski room because I think I want to see where this goes I'm really really enjoying going through the game again and they're seeing how the characters have developed if through somebody else's right and I know a lot of people complained about the way the words are either written or spell and obviously the word believed was spelled differently incorrectly a couple of times there but they're not native English is part of my understanding so you just you kind of have to forgive them and just go with an overall atmosphere of the piece so just hopefully you took that into account and you enjoy what I did with it and I try to understand it as well but I really enjoyed that and I'm really enjoying this mod and if you were to believe yourself there'll be a link down in the description below gonna go and enjoy and let me know if there's some memes you want to see as well and we'll move on to the next episode Robin Rasmus you've been to beautiful raspberries as always for watching I love you every single one of you good eye

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  1. Time to save Yuri! Bless her. Who would you save? 🔥

    2,000 LIKES for the final part of this story ❤️

  2. 🙂 Yuri isn't be favourite character but I like her, obviously, and, I understand her Yandere habits, because… well… I obsess over someone. I'm really excited to see how you save her 🙂

  3. If u spend about 25mins in the room with just Monika u will discover sayori’s final moments

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  5. 6:52 Scared the LIVING CRAP outta me during my playthrough. I wasn't expecting anything, I was just curious if one of the characters would hop.


    Edit: my friends dared me to say that

  7. god… i mean, it is very, VERY well faked. but for anyone with a normal functioning mind, it would be obvious that a game, especially doki doki, would not say 'we saved her too…'

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