You Are Not the Author (feat. Cornell Reid, Paul Danke, Meghan Parks & Matt Champagne)

today we have a classic tale of he-said she-said professor Lindquist claims that ralph is responsible for all of Shakespeare's literary work but Ralph claims he's illiterate extensive research has given us evidence that this man has authored the complete literary works of Shakespeare well guess what Ralph is here let's bring him out right now I write none of that fancy mouth all right I write none of those son its I write no those plays and I ate now we had you take a handwriting test earlier to see if this is your literary work and we have here on loan from the met in New York an original transcript from Shakespeare cmart I don't see it like that I'm looking at it I'm looking at it but I'm not seeing the same that you're seeing because you know what I know what my handwriting looks like those ain't even my eyes don't my eyes I see it not my eyes we're gonna find out right now because I have the results in my hand everybody [Applause] Ralph you are the author what you gonna do Hey are you tired of your big hard dick because it's big and hard all the time we have just the pill for you it's called Dai Agra it'll make you lose that erection lickety-split in fact diagonal will not only let you lose that erection but it will also make your dick disappear that's right your dick will fall off your body sprout wings and fly far far away Dai Agra for those of you that are sick of your big hard cocks

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