Yellow Ledbetter with Lyrics – Pearl Jam

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  1. 15 years old. Living in a tiny town away from my family. Laying on my flannle u der the trees watching the sunset. Praying for someone to just love me…….
    Fast foward. My husband and I will be playing this at our 25th wedding anniversary. I found my best friend.

  2. Great song. Think i liked it better before seeing the words though…i dont think you are the the boxer or the bag, your just stoned brother🤔. Love the band, one of the greats for sure.

  3. Grew up listening to this song with my older sister Lisa. She was ten years older than me and I always felt like this song took me to a place of freedom away from my parents and house to a place where I had friends gathering on one of the rich kid’s parents’ land out in the Mississippi country. Now it’s a song that I think of often because I could never understand the lyrics or if I could make out a word I didn’t know what it meant. Now, since my sister married Benjamin, an abusive man who made it known he would never let me be a part of my sister’s life again after marriage, she has seen me just once in ten years. Ben blocked me on her phone so I cannot call her and she found a tracking device on her car. She called me a few months ago in 2019 and said “please help Ben is trying to hurt me or put me away and I need you to come get me.” I heard him come and hit the phone from her hand. She called back and bought me an airplane ticket to Jackson with his credit card, but it’s still her money since they own everything jointly, and they even called her to confirm that the purchase wasn’t fraudulent. So I arrived and she was not at the airport like she promised. I had to rent a car and drive to find her thinking she was killed by her philandering husband and finally she answered her phone and met me at a discreet location with her daughter, who is not related to me because I disowned and disavowed her children when Ben wanted them Baptized in a racist protestant sect like a Baptist or White-Denominational (fucking gross, I know) after they both just married in the Catholic Church and swore to raise their children Catholic. The girl is a brat and tells Ben everything my sister does to try and get her hit. The boy may turn out fine but I’m only going to take the rightful title of Godfather, not uncle. So I went to Mississippi and we talked in her car that Ben had bugged, and without turning the radio on manually it began playing this song from a live performance. She acted surprised that I was in town and didn’t see me but a few times. I tried helping her and getting her to come with me but my mother hates me because she didn’t want a disabled son so she told Lisa that she could choose a mother or a disabled brother. I had to drive back to Chicago and three times on my playlist this song played and I now studied the lyrics and understand what it means for me. Artists have trouble giving away art because they lose control of their intended meaning of the piece or song, but people love art when it speaks in tongues, in their native language of the heart. Then they may seek to investigate what the artist means by lyrics here or there, but it’s really an artistic act of selfless giving when you give us a song that is hard to understand, literally the words are so contiguous that distinction is almost irrelevant…almost. My sister never thanked me nor called me again. I didn’t want anything like thanks or praise because it is a brother’s duty to help his sister if she calls. It’s very painful that I am homeless now and nobody will help me, because they demonized me for so long and when I came through for my sister it disrupted their false narrative based on absolutely nothing factual. My mother and father have mythologized a past that is not and never has been mine, a history that I, Joel, have never lived in body or mind (soul). I’ll finish this later, I’ve got to run now…I was going to mention quickly that I couldn’t tell if my mother was a dog or a bag because of the way sin ages you and often people lose hair and wrinkle very quickly because grace keeps you youthful. Think of the Introit for Mass according to the “Missale Romanum” of 1962, …I will go unto the altar…the joy of my youth [Introibo ad altare Dei…]. I walk past the porch where my family sits and they don’t wave, the sun blinds me and I say nothing because it’s futile if I know they recognize me and hear them murmuring my name, so I don’t wave and keep on my way…I have to look ahead instead of dwelling on a piece of my person that I can recover by memory and letting go. I walk on and don’t wave. My sister stands but her husband pulls her down to sitting position again and all their faces never change. To be continued…

  4. When somebody you are passionate you care about wants to hang out with somebody don't care and she's waving and they don't wave back because you're there with her

  5. This song has and always will remind me of my brother, Sean (RIP big Bro)!! The lyrics play on my heart in a way that i could never describe verbally… Pearl Jam depicits the true emotions we all feel or have felt.. Awesome job. Thank you!!

  6. I don't know if this sounds right, but if you think about it this song actually reads to the listener like a book

  7. This song has gotten me throw everything bad to good this song saved my life I can honestly say 💯….

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