YBN Cordae Raps Iconic Verses From Jay-Z & Nas | For The Record

Rob Markman: Last thing I want to do before
I get you out of here man. We do this with every guest. We just like to have a little fun. We’re all fans of the music, right? YBN Cordae: Yeah, absolutely. Rob Markman: We’re all fans of the culture. So I want to ask you, what’s one of your favorite
verses and can you rap it for us? YBN Cordae: It’s so many. I don’t think I can just do one. It’s so…just off the…For me, just looking
on this wall, it’s just so many verses that just pop out into my head. Jay-Z, I really love ‘Blueprint’. That’s my like…all time, one of my all time
favorite albums. “U Don’t Know” is like the first… “I’m from the streets where the hood could
swallow on me. Bullets will follow on me.” Oh he said, hold up, “I’m from the streets
where the hood could swallow on you. Bullets will follow on you. So much coke that you could run the slalom. And cops call me shit top to bottom. They say that we are prone to violence. Where homes meet home. Where personalities crash and chromes meets
chromes. Coke prices up and down like it’s Wall Street,
Holmes . But this is worse than the Dow Jones. Your brains are now blown all over that brown
Brougham. One slip you are now gone. Welcome to Hell where you are welcome to sell. When the shells come, you better return them. All scars, we earned them. All ’cause we learned them like the back
of our hand. Wear G on my chest, I don’t need Dapper Dan.” Like that shit is just ill. Rob Markman: My man, come on. YBN Cordae: Fucking come on. It’s so many verses…I don’t want to
even just like…It’s so many verses that just influenced me. And forgive me if I like fucked up a line
or two. Rob Markman: Nah, first of all I caught you
off guard so they know. YBN Cordae: Yeah yeah no, it’s all good. Rob Markman: Second of all, that shit was
like on point. YBN Cordae: I grew up on that. I was four years old saying “ROC Yep. Number one, clean yup.” You know what I’m saying? Like throwing them diamonds up and I’m just
extremely like grateful for the predecessors of hip hop. The Jay-Zs, the Nas, the Big Ls, the Tupacs,
the Biggies, Eminem, et cetera. So many folks, you know what I’m saying? Rob Markman: I’m about to throw you off. We’re about to go into overtime real quick. Because you just spit a Jay verse. But I always hear you talk about Nas and I
feel like you probably got a Nas one on tuck too. YBN Cordae: Okay…So many. It’s too many. It’s too many Nas jawns. But one that always stuck out to me when I
was young, ’cause I was like four when this shit came out the jaunt. “I Can”, I remember the third verse, he
was like a “Be, be-before we came to this country we was kings and queens, never porch
monkeys. There was empires in Africa called Kush Timbuktu,
where every race came to get books who learn from black teachers who taught Greeks and
Romans, Asian, Arabs. Gave them gold, when gold was converted to
money and all things. Money then became empowerment for Europeans,
the Persian military invasions. They heard about the gold, the teachings,
and everything sacred. Africa was almost robbed naked. Slavery was money, so they began making slave
ship. Egypt was the place that Alexander the Great
went. He wasn’t shocked that the mountains had black
faces. Shot off they nose to impose what basically
still goes on today, you see? If the truth is told, the youth can grow to
learn to survive until they gain control. Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more, learn more, change the globe.” YBN Cordae: Hold on. “Ghetto children, do your thing. Hold your head up, little man, you’re a king. Young princess when you get your wedding ring,
your man is sayin’, ‘She’s my queen.’” Like I was like…that shit spoke…I was
like four or five and Nas was getting young niggas woke as fuck. You know what I’m saying? Same, like same with Hov. So that’s why you
know I can sit here and recite Nas and Jay-Z lyrics all day, but they shit was really like
speaking to me. You know what I’m saying? So it’s really dope. Rob Markman: No shots, I don’t even know if
Nas remembers that verse. YBN Cordae: Facts. Nas definitely don’t.

100 thoughts on “YBN Cordae Raps Iconic Verses From Jay-Z & Nas | For The Record

  1. My favorite line from jay z is "mothrrfuckers say that im foolish i only talk about jewls do you fools listen to music or you just skip through it see im influenced by the ghetto you ruined…."

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  5. I swear Thts one of the only nas songs Ik 😂😂 cause him and jay z was beefing and puttin our kid song s wit the hard knock life and nas I know I can

  6. I rapping every line with lil mans Cordae especially that Nas verse. Hip in good hands with this young 👑 prince soon to be a king.

  7. That wasn’t even Nas best verse I hated that song I know I am I liked the message but hated the song he should have named that verse from verbal intercourse or a verse from illmatic Nas had so many better verses then that

  8. There’s too many legendary verses I could name from some of the greatest emcees so I couldn’t really give a favorite but if I could name two off the top of my head it would be Az verse from life’s a bitch and inspektah decks verse on that wutang song triumph fuck it if I could name a third it would be biggie wickedest freestyle the flow was just so impeccable or big puns verse on firewater with reakwon when ever I want to feel inspired to write a verse I think of those legendary verses or other verses just as legendary as those ones

  9. As good as that Jay verse from "u don't know" is, he's even better on the remix of that song. He spazzes on that track. The one with M.O.P.

  10. The first Jay Z verse he spat was from the first blueprint album.. however he started doing a bit more Jay Z after that with the lines. R.O.C yeah number one clique yeah throw them diamonds up yeah.. That's from the blueprint 2

  11. It's crazy how the young boy was four or five when those songs came out he can remember them verbatim I was around 13 when the blueprint came out and i remember every word verbatim I can't imagine remembering these songs at the age of 4 or 5 that boy really has a gift

  12. He fucked up Hov verse n he mentioned the nas verse that the adults @ the time didn't listen to. We listen to "Made you look" and "Last real nigga alive".

  13. It’s crazy that a 4 year old kid was getting impacted by jay and nas like this. How can those two guys not be in everybody’s top 5 at least. Talk about having a influence on the culture legends

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  15. Cordae is like that little homie/cousin that grew up around the crew and peeped game. now you watch him like a proud uncle lol

  16. I'm from where the hood could swallow a man, bullets could follow a man theres so much coke that you could run a Slalom.

    No shit I was bout 15 when that shit came out had to askjeeves what a slalom was.

  17. If he can be a fan of Nas and jayz (who both had beef) then stans can be MGK fans. You don’t see Nas fans infecting comment sections with jayz hate so why are stans still doing it on mgks videos

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