YA books are the best. Hello my name is Ashley Poston and
I’m Epic Reads’ author in residence for the moment. And today I am bringing
you [SOUND] YA books that will Rock your Book Sleeves Off. [SOUND] I can’t play this. [MUSIC] And first up on the list
is Rockoholic by CJ Skuse. It is about a fan girl who accidentally
kidnaps the lead singer off her favorite rock band with a candy bar. Okay, weird flex, but all right. He ends up living in her garage,
and he doesn’t wanna leave, which kinda snowballed events a tiny bit. I mean, what would you do if your favorite
rock star just took up camp in your garage and just decided not to leave? I know what I’d do,
I would saunter out there and be like, hey Harry Styles,
I wrote fan fic of you back in the day. [SOUND] Next up is
The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour. Now this book comes from wordsmith
Nina LaCour, that Nina LaCour, the Nina LaCour that brought us, let’s
see here, Hold Still, We Are Not Okay and my absolute favorite,
Everything Leads to You. This is about two best friends Colby and
Bev who have plans post graduation and that plan includes following Bev’s band
up the Pacific Northwest on a tour. But as the miles pass by and most of
their best laid plans come unraveled, can their friendship stand the test? That’s a good question. [SOUND] And next up is Audrey, Wait! By Robin Benway. This is one of my favorite books. It is one that I shove
at literally everyone. Audrey breaks up with boyfriend,
ex boyfriend writes a breakup song about Audrey, said break-up song climbs
the charts and everyone starts singing it. And suddenly, Audrey’s in hell. What’s a poor girl looking for
love at the Scooper Dooper to do? I feel for you Audrey. [SOUND] And next up on the list
is The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde. When young rock star drummer Emmy King’s
life upends with an emergency trip to the hospital she’s suddenly branded
the latest tabloid train wreck. But luckily,
her band mates are super supportive. And then there’s Alfie,
who she can’t seem to stop kissing, but what do the tabloids love more
than an inter-band relationship? Will this also lead to a tabloid train
wreck or will she find true love? I love this book so much! [SOUND] Next up is For
the Record by Charlotte Huang. It’s about a girl named Chelsea who has
always dreamed of becoming a rock star until one day she does. She becomes the lead singer
of the band Melbourne and that would be super totally awesome
except the band absolutely hates her. They can’t stand her. And she’s like kinda fallen in love
with the bassist who as I said before, the band can’t stand her. So this is real bad and then when she
attracts the attention of like a heart throb like the fans start hating her
too and so like, what’s she to do? [SOUND] Next up is Let me Hear
a Rhyme by Tiffany D Jackson. It’s 1998 and when the best friend is
murdered, three Brooklyn teens plotted to turn their best friend into a rap
star by pretending he is still alive. But when their mix tape catches
the eye of a hot headed rep, their plan might just
be dead in the water. [SOUND] And next up is The Midnights
by Serah Nicole Smetana. It’s about a girl named Susannah
who thinks that maybe if she wrote the perfect song, her former rock star father would finally
look up from his past to notice her. But when he unexpectedly dies, she and
her mother move to a new city and there Susanna finds out that
she can reinvent herself and she can become the kind of person
she has always wanted to be. [SOUND] And
next up is You’d be Mine by Erin Hahn. Annie is America’s sweetheart
with a family legacy. But bad boy Klay is in a slight pinch, his record label’s about to drop
him because he’s a said bad boy. Not great for business, right? But, but, but
if he can sign Annie onto his summer tour, then his label might reconsider, especially if he gets
Annie to sign with them. But Annie is no fool even if
her heart may sometimes be. And so she has to consider,
is the fall worth the risk? [SOUND] Next up is This Song Will
Save Your Life by Leela Sales. Elise is kind of a loner, she’s not
really good at making friends and when her last attempt spectacularly fails,
she just decides to give up. But then she stumbles upon a warehouse
with like a party going on inside. And it’s not just any party,
it’s basically a rave, like [SOUND] and
she sees the DJ who’s up there and she’s like I wanna do that,
yeah, I wanna do that. And she makes some really cool friends and
she finds out that she’s not broken and she’s not weird and music is in her bones. And so, she studies to become a DJ and
also there is lyrics on every single chapter header so you might find your
next favorite tune in the pages. [SOUND] And next up is
Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols. It is about two sisters, Bailey and Julie,
who were inseparable fiddle players. Until a record exec decided to
only sign Julie and not Bailey, which is super salty and wrong. An so while Julie’s album is set to
hit the charts, Bailey is in Nowhere, Tennessee, fiddling for
tribute bands in a mall. That is until she meets a super hot
hunk who might just make all of her music dreams come true, yeah. [SOUND] And last but not least is
Somewhere Only We Know by Maureen Goo. It is about a K-Pop star who wants to get
out of the limelight for five seconds and go get a burger. So she does and it’s about a dude who
just kind of wants to go get a burger, so he does, and they meet. And if you’re asking, hey, that’s
kinda like the plot to Roman Holiday, it’s because it is. It is like the plot to Roman Holiday,
because it’s a retelling of Roman Holiday. Now, if you wonder why I’m so
excited it’s because Roman Holiday is one of my absolute favorite
movies of all time. And it is very good, and
this book is 20 times better. And also, if you like this book, please also check out her other two
books that are actually musically named, I Believe in a Thing Called Love and
the other one is The Way You Make Me Feel. I highly recommend all of them. They are fantastic and I think that’s it. I think that’s my list. Is that my list? Okay, all right, so long then,
I guess we’re done. All right, yeah, bye. [SOUND] Thank you so much for
watching this video. My name is Ashley Poston and
please like and subscribe. And in the comments,
tell me your favorite YA music books. And until next time, bye!

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  1. The Beauty that Remains by Ashley Woodfolk, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, and I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman!

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