xQc REACTS to ENDING + ALL DEATHS! | Doki Doki Literature Club [Highlights]

Timestamps in the description Yes 2 Minutes Later Oh, you guys can’t see it? You guys wanna see it? She’s gonna delete- My ears… I’m gonna pull it back, there you go boys, professional streamer by the way, top stream by the way here boys. Where the fuck are we? Fuck them WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I did [Reading Chat] I need to delete her in the game files? I don’t know what the fourth wall is, I’m not native english/american. I’m Canadian The fourth wall..? Hi Monika Chat, she doesn’t like when you guys do that shit. When you guys watch and record when she’s… Not warned… we’re gonna do it (Delete Monika) Sure Do it I’m sure Can you stop? That scared me, a little bit. Fuck off Okay, time to delete her. Steam, Properties What? What? Okay, let’s go. Local files, browse local files. You’re being deleted. It’ll all be timly and it’ll all be dreams. No, goodbye. Character does not exist. What the FUCK?! That was so loud dude! I didn’t though, I didn’t, I did not, I didn’t, I didn’t do that. Holy fucking shit this game dude. I had to. I am Back to the menus where they can fully reset in the files. You guys were right. Fucking end me already. End my life, end me. This is, that was painful. Holy fuck… dude, dude, can you guys see this shit? Holy fuck! I’m all cold.

16 thoughts on “xQc REACTS to ENDING + ALL DEATHS! | Doki Doki Literature Club [Highlights]

  1. Here are the time stamps!

    0:27 Yuri’s Death
    1:38 Natsuki‘s Death
    2:14 Monika’s Timeless Room (Start)
    10:30 Monika Jumpscare
    12:12 Monika’s Death
    15:29 Return to the main menu
    15:36 Sayori’s Second Death & Monika’s Final Words
    17:19 End Credits (Monika’s Piano Song)
    20:16 After Credits – Monika’s Letter, Goodbye, Literature Club
    21:18 Sayori’s First Death

    xQc didn’t react to Natsuki’s Neck Snap. I watched the full 6 hour play through and he never reacted. If he does react to more Doki Doki Literature Club I’ll post a link here:

  2. After having seen at least 10 complete playthrough reactions, I'm so happy people are making edits of the best parts. Thank you, hehe.

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