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“My name is Roger Williams, and the title
of my book is ‘Turn Back Blow.’ The video that inspired the book, the YouTube video,
‘Jamaican Mongrel Dog used as Croc Bait’ with those men threw that poor, infested dog in
the river to the crocodile. I said to myself, ‘These young men, they wouldn’t like for one
to throw them in the river for the crocodiles.’ So I tried to come up with a title that said,
‘Do unto others as you’d like them do unto you.'” The Meaning of Turn Back Blow “‘Turn Back Blow’ is an old Jamaican people
saying, old and wise people in the village. It means, ‘Whatever evil you do, some form
of evil can turn back on you.’ Hence the word and the title, ‘Turn Back Blow.’ It’s a very,
very powerful title.” Publishing with Xlibris “We worked with a print-on-demand company
like Xlibris. You have the advantage, you have the last say of the book. It’s different
than if you had a used a traditional publisher where once you put that manuscript, you don’t
have to think again until the book’s released. Book publishing companies like Xlibris, they
respect the author’s view and if they have a suggestion, they can talk to you first.
You are part of the team rather than publishing your book to a traditional publishing company,
I do not seethe book until it’s printed. You learn, I think in my opinion you learn more,
and I learn more this way because I can do the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’. I love the freedom
of doing this and the most important thing is I own the rights to my book. That’s every
author’s dream. Own the rights to your book.” Reader Response “There are so many people who are connecting
to this book and people who are raving the message. I just got a message from someone
in Europe and he was like, ‘Roger, I just saw your book and I am interested in getting
this book. Thank you for writing this book.’ So, I think I have achieved a lot with ‘Turn
Back Blow.’ People love this story, they appreciate it, and they just love the message of the
book.” Reader Response “If you’re thinking about publishing a book
for the first time, my advice is stay focused. It can happen. This book took me two years
to write and I have been through the trials and tribulations, but if you find the right
publishing company like Xlibris, who’s just there answering your emails, answering your
calls on time, they – a company like that – can help you with achieving those goals.
With the right mind, the right spirit, the right motivation, you can do it. Never tell
yourself you can’t do it, because if I can do it, then anybody out there can do it.”

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  1. It's always good when an author writes about something  that he or she is passionate about. On the other hand, the Jamaican government ( and other countries governments )   needs do something about animal-cruelty. They need to take it serious…educate the locals on the Island about the subject. I guess that's the purpose of the book.

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