Writings on the walls // Graffiti Documentary

I remember I went to this store and I bought these special cancer and I remember I just he told me a few hours because I would I would actually waited around the area for the hour just to make sure you were safe you know but then but back then I was really anxious because yeah I did it I don't know if I felt happy about it but it was very it was an experience that name is Louie below 25 years old been doing graffiti for balls almost a decade now I guess the first time I ever got caught was just after SPF so I took out one can and one cap and I just went tagging so I did one and I started walking into Evelyn's area and I think I was my mistake because the guy came up from the other side escaped you got he saw what I did and he know I did it because I was the only one that's walking there so he's not a chasing after me and I had to run away so as I was running away every single door did a funny you know there was another security guard like popping out and so I needed chase basically until I came around this corner and they were like a few of them just waiting for me and I was like yeah the first time I got caught oh well every time you you want to pay me legally when everybody wanted me there's always that price behavior going to get caught eventually you know and yeah it's happened enough times that you have to learn to deal you know you wanna you want to do the crime but then paid timing I don't think as lower respected if you form respect for the art form itself you don't see people doing this kind of art outside it's a different kind of respect for a different kind of community you know I for some reason if I were to write my name with a paintbrush on the street people would think fear whereas if I were to write it with scraping for some reason the act of spraying onto a wall it's a lot more I can't explain why but this is how it is we want to express ourselves I mean yes I understand them they are better ways to express yourself express yourself to sound writing can be painting at home and believe me doing canvases for some people it's the act of you know spraying something that they shouldn't be doing at places where they shouldn't between you know it's it's it gives them the feeling of life it sounds a bit arrogant but I guess that's what the PD is about you know it's like I'm putting my main gear and nobody's going to stop me from doing it I mean I think everyone has the only different business of why they want to believe in why they keep on doing it I think for me I I would still always go back to that plus memory oh wow I really like my name in this in these colors there's something about the colors are very vibrant very very it's also about you being there in fact no more times and nobody else is there and you're reading of nothing you know if you know in world what seven billion you know if I can leave my pocket and say that hope I was here is my doing this

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  1. Baam !! Another piece of quality work from you (≧▽≦) The videography has improved in a sense that it is clearer from your last video, though in my opinion it's just slightly. But nevertheless , it's a documentary that's well shot , not too complex and not too long either. Keep up the good work @Bens Ham

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