Writings on the wall LIVE!!! stryper

14 thoughts on “Writings on the wall LIVE!!! stryper

  1. My favourite part of this whole song (live) is coming out of the chorus at 3:18 Oz does a pinch harmonic and it sounds wicked! Not found on the original studio recording!

  2. @mglagger Both Mike's and Oz's solos will be hard to replicate cause they use A LOT of upper fret taps in the solos while playing down the neck.

  3. Recently on Stryper's website, they were allowing the fans to create their 25th Anniversary set list for concerts starting in September. You are allowed to choose any songs from the In God We Trust album. The list is there and you get to click on 10 songs from their career. I always thought that they didn't play those songs much because they were so 'produced' on the album that translating them live was difficult or sounded a little off (not bashing, just observing and guessing).

  4. LMFAOOOOOO this is the best band i have ever seen i was looking for writing on the walls by underoath but w/e this is good enough

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