Writings From The Wild: Subscription Letter Review

hey guys it's April from the simple rugged path and today I have a really cool product to share with you this product that I have to share with you is called writings from the wild this is a monthly subscription letter that you and your kids will receive in the mail each letter written from an animal this is such a great idea with this subscription service your child is basically getting a pen pal and your pen pal is an animal from the wild and each month will feature a different animal the letters are absolutely gorgeous and the letters will be written from the perspective of this animal and then there will be facts about this animal and in these letters you are going to learn all about animals living all over the world and all kinds of different habitats so the letters are handcrafted you will receive one a month plus you get a link with a password code to get a downloadable activity to do along with your letter now what I really like about these letters is that they're really really great for unit studies I think they fit in really well in anyone's home school especially if you're doing zoology we just wrapped up a year of studying zoology and these letters fit in really nicely with that but also you just want to do a separate unit study or put them in your morning basket hour a weekend study or just a once a month I know some home schoolers kind of take Friday's off from school or you have a special day once a month or if you do the six weeks on and one week off it's just there's so many amazing and fun ways to use this it can be a standalone unit study you can check out all kinds of videos library books and come up with some really fun activities that center around the animal of that month and just make it a really fun experience for you and your kids now I want to show you one of these letters actually I'm going to show you three letters the company sent us three letters for free to share with you guys to kind of show you what you're going to get they are gorgeous the papers a glossy print the artwork and the handwriting are just so cool and we absolutely love these and what I did is I knew ahead of time which animals we were going to get so I started reserving books from the library and any videos that might go along with this and we came up with some art activities to do you can also add in craft activities and depending on where you live your zoo or something local to you might even have someone that you can talk to about these animals or even these animals they're in an exhibit to make it even more hands-on and fun and I think these letters are very very affordable I am loving all these subscription letters that are available now to us I think this is such an amazing idea so one of the letters that we got is the pine marten you can see just how gorgeous is the drawings the lettering you're gonna learn all about this animal's habitat their likes and dislikes what they eat another letter that they sent us is the Paragon Falcon again look how gorgeous this is and just filled with facts about this Falcon and I just think it makes learning even more fun because like I said it's kinda like they're getting a little pimp a letter and there's excitement builds up every month over what letter is going to show up in the mail and so it just adds to the excitement of digging in and wanting to learn more about these animals I'm gonna put a link in the description box below to where you can look this company up sign up for a subscription they are also on Instagram so I will try to link that below as well and then we also have the octopus I say I think this one is my favorite drawing they're all absolutely gorgeous you can see from the glare it's kind of like a really nice thick shiny paper it's just covered in facts and and the letters are really really interesting it's not just like a big long boring list effects it's just really really insert interesting like hi I'm the octopus I mainly live in the shallow waters of the ocean depending on the species we can live between one to five years and it goes on and on and on about this octopus and then they're going to come to you in this little stamped envelope and then again with your subscription you will get a downloadable activity that you will get from the website and they will send you a code so you can get that and then you can just do that do the activity in the letter it can be real simple it doesn't have to be a huge project just a nice break in your normal homeschool routine something to add specially during the summer time if you take a break from school and everybody's starting to get a little bored because the schedule has changed but then again during the school year it's just a nice addition um I like to put letters like this the subscription letters in a morning basket and again it can be a poetry teatime activity reading the letter together it can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be I'm gonna show you real quick just the books that we got to go along with it just kind of give you an idea of other things so you can add to this letter if you want it to the wild kratts are a great addition to these letters you're gonna probably find most of the animals and these because they do a lot of exotic and unusual animals and then with the octopus we got just a lot of really fun picture books I'm sorry for the glare we got a lot of really fun picture books to go with most of these we love reading picture books they're rich in language the photos are gorgeous so here is just some of the books life of a common octopus and octopus is amazing you can even get a drawing book and create some of your own letters and draw then for the Falcon we found some books as well we even found some books for the UM pine marten that was a little bit harder but there is a wild kratts video all about the pine marten so that was good but there's some mentions of it in this book and this book and then of course there's youtube and there are good sites on the internet as well so I'm gonna put a link in the description box for this subscription letter writings from the wild please check them out I know that you will love them a super-sweet company and the letters are just amazing I hope that you subscribe and hit that notification valve that you follow us on Instagram Facebook as well as we've got more things coming thank you so much for watching and let me know in the comments below if you've gotten this letter before or what you might add to it or how you might use this letter thanks so much for watching guys and have a great day hey guys thanks for watching the simple rugged path and JJ says don't forget to subscribe hit the little bell icon so you'll be notified when we release new videos thanks again for watching the simple rugged path and we'll see you next time

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