Writing Tips From Stephen King

44 thoughts on “Writing Tips From Stephen King

  1. Stephen King is legendary! Writing 6 pages per day is his professional system to get work done! I hold great respect for him. He is actually good in this comedy skit!😅

  2. Hahaha He basically just told everyone to start reading more of his own books. He basically just said to hell with the other authors and their books lol Have been a huge fan of his since I was old enough to read. Pet sematary is my favorite of all. Yeah, the movie is pretty disturbing, but it has nothing on the novel. It is by far the most frightening thing I have ever read in my life. There was actually a point in the book , where I had to stop and debate on continuing. The beginning of the book isn't too bad, but the further you read, it just spirals down into darkness and the images are graphic. Yet, it is by far the best horror novel I have ever read. Definitely one of those " Sleep with the lights on" kind of books.

  3. Ugh that second tip was probably annoying for him ‘cause “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” was in the film but not the book

  4. Stephen King's forum is a bunch of retired and unemployed losers over 50 who have nothing better to do. The moderator is also a cunt.

  5. I love how he said "to develop as the writer you have to read constantly" and than, gives only examples of his own books XD

  6. Mr King… If you are there… here I have some questions… I've already read the shining, now I am reading Carrie… well the books written by you, I have are Cujo, 11.22.63, Doctor Sleep, It and the dark tower series… what should I read after Carrie??

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