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hey guys it's Alisa okay I'm gonna hop right into this um recently very recently very recently as in like last weekend I finished my novel the dwellers yay cute audience clapping the dwellers was a ride the dollar's took me two and a half years to complete months of planning months of editing years of writing long long-ass time to complete this book took me forever this book consumed my life and I finally finished it and right now it is on my editor my editors deadline is May 10th and by the end of this month or the early next book you'll have to be able to have the book my writing in your hands on paper which is very happy and makes me very happy um however since I finished the book I've gotten a lot of messages on Twitter a lot of tweets mostly on Twitter of people asking me for advice for writing advice for advice for anyone who wants to start an original novel I've had people tell me that I've inspired them to you know write their own original stuff which is like made me cry that makes me very happy that I've inspired anyone to actually write original stuff so thank you for that if anyone's told me that I makes me cry anyone who's told me that I'll look through my DMS and I thank you actually personally but um that has made me cry basically um but basically anyone who's asked me for advice I've had to sit down I sit there and like type out you know like all my advice and one it's not really thorough sit sorry it's just me blabber and usually it like 2:00 a.m. and it's not really helping anyone because I'm not really giving everything I can give so I decided to make this video whether you need this or not I'll be able to be more thorough with my advice on here in this video so there's that um little disclaimer if it's a video you've ever freaking do you have a disclaimer okay um disclaimer I'm 15 um all I've been writing original stuff and I've been writing novel length works since I'm 7 or 8 the drawers is my first actual novel my first it's gonna be my first published novel and it's gonna be the first thing I've ever really like stuck with you can probably get much better advice from someone much older wiser who's published edited done a lot more probably somewhere else on YouTube I feel like this this video will help someone who's my age around my age who wants to write a book and wants to get the prerogative of someone in their age group who has written and now published a book so I'm gonna be getting my advice it might not be that good but it's gonna come out you whether you like it or not okay this is gonna be a little bit to three parts um beginnings be prewriting advice before you write advice doing you during you write Wow advice while you're writing and then advice after you write after you finish so let's get the show on the road okay um number one first piece of advice for prewriting have confidence this is probably the most important piece of advice I'm going to give you throughout this entire video it sticks with you through the entire book it's not just a prewriting thing it's just a thing you need to have confidence if you don't have confidence in your book if you don't have hopin it's in your characters if you do not have confidence you're not gonna try as hard as you should and you may think you're trying really hard but if you don't have confidence that your book is good that your plot is good that your characters are good you're not gonna be trying as hard as you should have confidence even if one person tells you they don't like the book there's gonna be people out there that like it like the idea and guess what if there's no one out there that likes it you'll like it and that's enough so make sure you have confidence because you're a good writer I'm telling you that whoever loves you're a good writer so have confidence in what you're doing or it's not gonna be good have confidence that someone's important thing comments to characters make sure you know your characters this is so important I cannot stress it enough make sure you know your characters make sure you know them forwards backwards side to side know your characters no stupid minuscule details about them that will never ever come in handy writing your book ever like what's the favorite color it was a favorite movie like you don't need to know that in your book I'm assuming but you should know that because I guarantee you that your face Koller and your favorite movie say something about you even though you don't think they do they do so that's very important no stupid miss cool things about your characters that's what's hard I know I'm a science fiction writer I know a lot of people that are that know me on Twitter who have asked me for advice their fan fiction writers and they want to get into original original you know story writing and it's hard because when you're when you're writing fanfiction it's easier in the fact that you already have the characters they're already established for you and you just write a story about them when you have to create your own characters it gets a lot harder I would recommend creating a character sheet I do that list their physical attributes like their personality how they are as people and make sure you know a lot about that make sure you know your characters that is so important um three plot and planning please plan this is very important um you don't have to pre write like I've never really pre written anything I don't like prewriting but planning is so important if you know your plot if you know the conflicts or characters are gonna have to go through if you know the resolutions to those conflicts plan it out break up your book into your chapters write down what's gonna happen in each chapter and don't stress if it changes over time cuz it's going to the my first layout of the dwellers looks nothing like how the story goes now but it's important to have that plan so you know what you're sticking to because if it doesn't flow then it's not going to sound good and also being able to break up that plot opens the door for other ways of writing and I know I write in a way that not a lot of other authors write in I write out of order and I don't write chronologically which gives some anal-retentive writers headaches I write out of order which means that I'll write chapter one then I'll write chapter eight then I'll read chapter seventeen then go back and write chapter two and since I have it all planned out I know what's happening in every chapter and if this scene is really hard to write in Chapter three chapter three I'm gonna go write chapter six cuz that's really easy to write and being able to do that make it makes it easy to finish your book fast right the easy first that's how you that's how you take a multiple-choice test do they do the easy questions first and then save the hard stuff for later you do that with your book too if you how to plan it out and you have it planned out and you have the plot ready so yes three important things confidence characters and plot if you don't have those things don't start writing do not put your pen to paper do not put your fingers on the keyboard of a computer until you have confidence characters in plot perfect okay now we're going into the while you're writing advice okay number one reread make sure you reread I am so guilty of not rereading when I finish a chapter I'm like that's it at the okay good bye send to the editor bye I don't want ever look at it again it's so important to reread because you need to make sure everything flows you need to make sure everything flows if you don't see flowing this if you have continuity errors you need to reread it's so important and I don't just mean finishing a chapter and then rereading I mean like every few paragraphs reread those paragraphs every few sentences we read the paragraph you're writing make sure you reread it's very important you will catch on to new Tierra's much faster it will help reread please – this is pretty weird I feel like an ala people do this but this is my crappy advice so doesn't listen for a second think about how your readers are feeling it really helps me when I reread sometimes while I'm rereading I will pretend I'm not me pretend you don't have the connection to these characters that you do because you created them pretend you're just a reader reading this book and as you read the chapter think about how you're feeling about these characters and what the words are revoking in you because if you think about how your readers are gonna feel it will help you put yourself in their shoes and that it will make you a better writer it will it will definitely make you a better writer if you think about how your readers are feeling while you read please do that that is very important and 3 a lot of people a lot of people are not very hesitant to do this um and I say this very hesitantly as well get beta readers there's a question mark after this think of your book as your baby okay your book is your baby especially if it's your first book it's your child you created this thing if you would not trust a person to babysit your child and not kill them do not trust them to beta read people of our heads don't be there reading because people stealing ideas and that happens a lot if you trust someone enough to beta read let them beta read it will help you if you get someone's opinion it will help you with the other thing seeing your characters and your plot from a readers point of view when what feelings it evokes in them so get beta readers that will help you to but hesitantly don't just let anyone beta it only let people you trust beta but beta readers will help you a lot and finally after writing you will finally finished your book your book is finally done and this is your unedited manuscript unless you've had a editor that has gone through the entire book with you what you not a lot of people have especially people my age they don't have a developmental I don't really only have a copy editor who looks over it at the end now your book is done and this is your unedited manuscript and you need to know what to do next do research this is the only piece of advice that I can give you after after you're done with the writing do research please do research that is very very very very very important do research on Edgar's three such on publishers do research before you do anything do not send your book to anyone without doing research and like with along with frigging beta reading to don't let someone beta unless you trust them do not send anyone your book or pay anyone until you do research on them that is very important so just do research that's the only piece of advice I can give you for after writing um I'm planning on doing a video and later in this week it may be next weekend soon about traditional publishing vs. self-publishing I'm gonna be a self-published author not an actual traditionally published author so I'm going to be doing a video later about the benefits versus the downsides of you know publishing and self-publishing they both have their ups and downs as most things do and so I will be doing that later that kind of ties in with the after writing kind of portion of it what you doing with this novel when you're done with it but yeah I'll be doing that later in the week um I hope you enjoyed this video I hope this helped you at all I really doubt it did but I really hope it did if it did leave me a comment like this video if it didn't leave me a thumbs out so I need to know what I'm doing wrong cuz seriously I am like just rambling here thank you for watching I hope I helped you good luck with your book obviously always if you have any questions send me a DM on Twitter send me a message on tumblr send me a DM on Instagram on vine I don't care just all my links are in my channel and you see them the little a little like the V for vine and the bird for Twitter if you need me you know where to find me and uh please have to do with my channel because soon on little book patch thing the drawers will be available for purchase and you'll be able to get your own copy and help me be a not poor author so thank you thank you for watching I hope this helps please I really hope this helps you guys just remember to subscribe and tell me I hope this helps you good luck with your book you're a fantastic writer remember that have confidence okay you're great thanks for watching peace out guys

34 thoughts on “Writing Tips for Young/First-Time Authors

  1. Omg I could never skip chapters lol I planned out my book but where through and deleted a whole chapter because I kust didn't need it.

  2. Thank you for this. I am an undetermined 13 year old who is struggling with her book. This video helped me so much.

  3. The problem with many budding writers is that they go for fantasy, thinking it's a piece of cake, or quote unquote epic. They try to emulate famous fantasy writers, write in a long winded style and do it for fun sake. I've nothing against it. Tolkien for instance wanted to create a modern mythology for England. Also he did an insane amount of research, burying himself under scrolls of lost lores and God knows what. That's what make him on par with classic writers from other genre. Also, as in my case, teenage fantasy or scifi writers focus explicitly on details or 'epic' words. As you get older, you start to appreciate hemmimgway's style of writing which weirdly doesn't appeal to young readers. You realise the beauty of simplicity, and their subtle strength. Simultaneously delicate and deathly, they have the power to blow you away. I remember reading the last lines of "the sun also rises". I remember my mouth gaping when I read the last line:
    "Yes." I said. "Isn't it pretty to think so?"

    Also to all aspiring writers. Stay away from banality. Listen to your own faint whisper while you stand before a heaving sea of sounds, listen to that voice echoing in your veins.

  4. Wow great tips I also post author and inspirational videos! It would be absolutely lovely if you guys subscribe to my channel and help me out!!

  5. I'm 13 and I just started writing when I was 11 but I have never really been able to get passed chapter 3-4 because I write about things that no one likes to talk about. I talk about suicide and teen drama and what is wrong with things and I put them in my books. Because of that I have never really gotten too far cuz someone always has a problem with it. Once me middle school even told me that I wasn't allowed to right at school anymore because the things I was writing about could be potentially "triggering". So the confidence thing is really hard for me.

  6. I'm 17 and so in awe that you have a book published at 15. That is so awesome! I've been writing a novel for a good year now and this video really inspired me to keep going! Confidence is such a great tip of advice. Thank you for this <3

  7. I'm 13 and I wrote loads of songs and poems, a couple short stories, and like two novel-length fanfics. I write a lot of horror and some fantasy. I want to write and publish more but I'm not doing too good on that, I'm very inconsistent.

  8. I've watched so many videos about tips from older authors and this is the only video that has actually helped me. Thank you!

  9. my friend has finished her first book and is publishing it soon. she's only 14. she's started her second book.

  10. Thank you, this has helped me a lot. 1'm 13 and I'm writing a book called Rise it's about after/through world war 3 and teenagers get mutated by radiation and get powers. This helped, hopefully you will see my book on a shelf one day. Btw: you seem rly cool

  11. I'm 13 and I just finished the first draft to my novel Shadow Zone. (The last video I made was about all the stuff I am up to)

  12. I am 12 and I have loved writing for my intier life I am working on a new book called the Meir iCal of life and this really helped the so much

  13. I'm twelve and i've been writing since i was little. I'm working on a novel called The Magician which is a mix of Sci-Fi (alien race) and Urban Fantasy (No vamps or werewolves I promise). I hope to be able to write the first draft in NaNoWriMo, then after some blood, sweat, and a sea of tears, get it traditionally published. 🙂 Thanks for these tips, they really helped.

  14. naw, I can't write out of order. my inner ocd will nag me, and I have to start over. but maybe I will be able to try when I finish this and start my

  15. very encouraging, thanks so much! It's so encouraging that someone my age is successful with this, and that publishers will take us seriously. I'd love to hear how you went about finding a contract, editors and a publisher. Thanks <3

  16. I'm 13. I'm making a book called "Defy Gravity" about an Equestrian who has it all messed up, that needs to get her shit together, she'll eventually get herself together and find her way to the top, but something else seems to break her apart, make her fall back down… (TBH I HAVEN'T FIGURED THE REST OUT ;-;). I'm an Equestrian myself, and the reason I feel like I should make an Equestrian book is because there isn't many… and I want people to at least think of the sport and maybe try it out? it's amazing and it helped me out of depression.~ I feel like Equestrians are underrated quite often and hopefully I could make a slight difference in the Equestrian community? probably won't, but I can try :).

  17. I'm fourteen. I've been writing for years and have so much support but I struggle finishing things. Now I'm working on a story called Hara and hopefully since I'm doing a lot of planning it will be easier to write. You mentioned a lot of things I hadn't thought about before so thanks!

  18. I'm only 12 and so many people have given me support in my writing. My dad my sisters and brothers and teachers, so many! Your tips have gotten my through my first story.. I don't think it counts as a story cuz it's like a FALL OUT BOY fan fiction mass shooting murder story thing but…

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