Writing Tips: 4 Rules Beginning Children's Book Writers Should Never Break

14 thoughts on “Writing Tips: 4 Rules Beginning Children's Book Writers Should Never Break

  1. Jon, these are wonderful tips, I absolutely agree with the rhyming. As someone who attempted it on a past book, I can say it takes some practice to master the style.

  2. Poetry is my first love. Just because I'm new to writing children's books doesn't mean I haven't mastered rhythm and rhyme.

  3. 4 year olds won't sit still. yes they will-start when they're newborns, can't leave. Start with longer books, complex books, eg, Velveteen Rabbit. Every day. Twice. By age 4, they'll sit still, understand, treaure the time with you and story. I think it's busy adult parents who won't sit still and give their children the art of words, complex ideas, thinking skills as Moms used to. Now, 2-parent working families; no one has time. Rush, rush, rush. Give your kids two valuable treasures no one can take away: skill with words and YOU`!

  4. 2:10 That's a good point.

    Does that mean the target age group determines a story's natural length? For example, don't make a 4-year old a story that has a story length better suited for a 8-year old

  5. Thank you! Would love to have something in print by 2013 or 2014. These tips are very helpful and I plan on using them. By the way, John, your voice is incredible! 🙂

  6. I am writing a children's book but am not familiar with publishers. Are there any that you recommend? If I wanted to publish a book as well as make that book an ebook, is It possible?

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