Writing Session: Part 2

I'm thinking about doing like comedy I love comedy you guys in like three months it's been so long yeah it's filming I would so much rather go to a ballet class yeah so much more fun than boring filming so what's basement zombies it's a movie about zombies that are trapped in a basement and the kids that go visit them that's a really strange movie are you criticizing my ideas who is the teacher of this film class my name is danica I think it's Swedish I really don't get well is a very cool lady yeah she is very pretty and nice and I think she's just running late today Danica is the best teacher ever we've done the best movies with her okay so where is this Danica hey guys I hey I'm gonna be doing your your film class today a lot of new faces he's not a pretty girl um is your name Danica no I'm not a pretty girl and no I'm not Danica I'm Anthony and I'm going to be your film teacher for today friends okay I know you guys I don't know you so let's do some intros who are you ah I'm I'm Anthony like I like I just said I I'm also a film teacher like Danica I'm sorry I'm not Danica do you even know anything about film yeah yeah I do I actually created the film program guys we went through this last time you guys remember this what is danica okay guys enough with Danica it's not all about Danica okay you know what guys is that what you want then you know what I'm gonna we okay I've worked with Danica for many years and I've never made you okay yeah this is always very confusing when I step into these classes I'm okay I'm Anthony we already know your name is Anthony you said that great yeah it's it's okay it's it's not great okay guys so why don't we do a writing session do you even know how to do a writing session but yes I know how to do a write can you guys please tell them that I'm cool okay okay we got it I'm cool all right guys there's many film teachers that work at applause I'm one of them and now I'm here we'd rather Afghan okay wow you really don't want me here um okay well then you know what I won't do your phone plots that yeah yeah you know what but you guys are like the only three that actually want me to do the writing session I mean I can't go through this every time I substitute for somebody okay you know what if I both just raise your hand in a boat who would like me to leave the room right now great seven nose and three yeses that feels good inside I can't believe we're going through this again

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