Writing Rap Lyrics: Creative Process

yo yo what's up I've had a few people ask me how you write your raps what's your creative process to writing the lyrics that you write and so this is me trying to share that with the world so first thing that I always do is I have a pen and a pad this is extremely important because how you're going to write something if you have no tool to write the truth is I don't use this anymore what I use is my phone and I use Google keep and I just love the way it works and the way it flows I can go online check it anyways but I'm using my phone to film this so I can use a pen and pad I got a little speaker here props to Sarah for letting me use this I think I kind of took it but she said I could work I guess and I got a laptop so that I can find some beats to write – you don't necessarily need all these things I usually just have my phone like I said so the phone is a powerful tool and that's what I use mostly anyway so let's get started I'm going to try to talk about the process as I write this rap I didn't prepare anything and so this might take a while but I'm going to see what happens okay so I guess step one for me and always just find the right beat so I have a few beats here let's take a little the more than Dodger head while I here I'm joking I was trying to like be dramatic and stop it tastes terrible to possess incredible foot let stranded let's get bored okay so both of those are pretty aggressive and I'm kind of in chill mode and had a long day working hard some kind of feeling Chile's try this one looks like I've lined it up like a kind of chilly chill just now oh oh actually the name of it so on you okay so I like it I'm not in my head I chose me the first step is once I get to this point and now I need to actually gibberish right besides a pen in my hand I'm not ready yet what I mean is I literally knew this tality with the really precision draft and we clip left to be step then flick that you bring that back you feel how I feel to know that I reveal what I revealed which you I don't know I know I got a lot of lies right the time of time yeah Rafi o'clock over just one on our slope with in our stuff I am knocking I were just recording at Sun describe where that species that were just a little hours so that's what I've used so now I mentally have painted a picture sometimes I'll do that for a long time does a quick one but painting a mental picture in my mind of where sounds and syllables can fit within that group of that beat specifically so that I only start with that actually so now I know I have a little less powerpuffs came to mind I don't know why but it's not about the words like that was sound point power probably Powerpuff Girls realize the cartoon but what it was actually happening is like ah or Africa and in that rhythm those sounds for me matched busy like you know how'd it happen naturally they're in our pot you want a shower not recovered within an hour took over the power this now or that flour dust okay and the gibberish things actually help generate ideas – so I got flour dust so it's good to just write like not don't worry we don't need to worry just write it down flour dust I don't even know what that means doesn't manage to I be it so this is the creative mind just letting loose so this is the point where I play the beat and I just kind of let it play and then I and then I start figuring out what this will be about so good at me for topics I am feeling something about like I got empowered up and also I like even everything's already so compounder be hammer put power mushy okay so here's where you guys Leonetti flower does believe you went worthy became to my mind but still didn't Google Apps because it could be a thing could be a scientific term here we go you can't see this but flower dresses pieces we did anything and no idea double saw more anybody really successful less entitled us regroup only fit what is super cool our death okay what what flower dust old flower like flower that you cook is immensely old Hallman is like flower naval engineering elementary what you know about Colin where some properties ball baby so literally how I write rap see when I use Google quite a bit yeah so if I was a shower at the flower that some kind of weird because that's the reproductive de Lauer which n you already I wanted to make sure what I was dealing with we didn't know in all of some our testing that okay so I'm not gonna go flower as well I can power not shower must give our us our salary so now I can power a shower devour us which I like and it sounds to what it's going to work they did that gibberish thing but now you say I think I feel like the main message we're talking be is going to be empower but something about being powered do something or maybe it's a call to say like hey we can Howard up so maybe slightly younger generation talking to the older generation for example so it could be like if your glove with your love shower up that means dark forces the Devourer on we are the youth living in the truth empower oh ok so we're starting to prepare start to develop lay it out so saying with your bloody shower not be dari forces we'll get our us we are the youth freaking truth empower us okay so that that's right here this is how it looks just so you know and it looks how how it happens in the mind this is how it looks give me my mind dude it's pretty random but I got your power as showers devour us and I said with your love shower ashes but if these dark forces will devour us we are the youth seeking truth in power huh now let's see if that actually works on this piece ok so here we go one this position with your love shower up these dark forces will devour us we are the beautiful squeaky truth from our others clearly I need a little more in their breakfast pizza luck shower up these dark forces will devour us we are the universe procedure and we don't use your power up these are the uses we proceeded to buy like that better food see if you want to start wrapping it wanted to be I got to change it from Steven a new feature though we are the youth these are the human community truth a little bit of it in our us we have a beautifully truth and that sometimes people are human community to me don't be numb CSPI go back to the gibberish thing something identity recently at the gibberish well I know what I do that for a while but recently I've noted how important it is to me reading my my writing process so like we are we are the usual okay with the love shower shower shower with the love shower us because these are portable them our eyes we are the human computing truth anything told you in hours we are the human community truth and we for please leave of those hoops ok world I like that so can see from symmetry and then leave those troops like that we can we can arrive to lick an internal double double triple triple nipple okay these are the human who the truth we leave the truth if our office but I don't know what then what I have to say about it down below now need to make a lot of thinking has a fee but I spend a lot of time to think like there was a step do a lot today that does it doesn't does it a whole dozen main message of the song which now it's like I said it's like the younger generation talking to the older generation asking for empowerment it's like that it's kind of like I think what's happening here this is a young person or maybe a bunch of young people who realize their potential in their their greatness basically and I am but they also realized that you can't do everything on their own and if they work empowered in various ways that maybe they do more like it could lead troops to something but I don't want to say the troops ready because it doesn't definitely fit in there so I'm trying to think what else oh we are the youth group we are the youth oh why don't we are the youth who need proof so if you speak truth then you empower us whoa I like that so we are the youth who need proof it's kind of true with each generation kind of questions the older generation and they're like why is that the way it is right we are the youth who need proof so with you speak truth you would power house law I like that because there's a lot of lawyers out there in the world as well so if you speak truth you empower us there's a lot of lives not only that there's a lot of companies and you know kind of people out there and these dark forces that know that if the youth you have so much power as well young people each new generation you know set the trend in DES and just everything start revolution and all that so if the older generation were to speak the truth to the younger ones it truly would empower them if they said whatever I don't know I don't know I'm just saying that concept speaks to me in this moment and maybe later this won't make sense and I think I will about me but right now I'm really feeling it and I'm not analyzing myself being critical of myself I can't do that this is purely creative it's interesting that I'm talking to this phone right well to you guys while doing this so that normally wouldn't but here we go let me hit play in Trevis try to sell also by now I would normally have a lot more written but I'm kind of talking about the processes that go any longer so try it with your lucky out with us these are forcible devour us are they use we improve but so they seem to true we would I can do one more time I love about the here we go yeah microphone check one two three four yeah with your love shower us because these dark forces will be our eyes we are the youth we need proof so if you speak the truth you with our eyes ah so that's just an I wrote four lines but that's enough this that's 15 minutes I just saw the timer that but that's crazy but there you go there it is and then we can go hey ma ba da da da da da but if you found better be saying what anybody won't be back so practice gibberish that's eternal write raps practice gibberish flow and yes up is being actually because there's something interesting about in India people who play the tabla drum Google this I mean I used to live in India so that's how I know I think that's where I learnt it maybe I learned it somewhere else I don't know maybe it's not you I didn't Google it but pretty sure people who want to play this Indian drum called a table they need to first make the sound with their mouth actually I'm certain of it I know this anyway so before they can even hit the thing with their hand they need to first do with their mouth like boom boom topic if you don't Papa Kasich you do that it's so similar to rap man rapping is rhythmic there's so much rhythm in it so when you play the beat like imma play this again you need to be comfortable with the gibberish from flow my rep see yo put me heebie jeebie on my drivi Liddy I really didn't city her nibbly beginning if you won the track that gives you on the back to go to class but attack resist on a cellphone or diesel over to be healthy no not but they don't over the building only know times every day and look with it everywhere I should put a drop this phenyl black diamond robbery thing all the time on top a llama drop it off I saw me close when I robbed a shot LEDs low but I got baby people but everything bending back she's got a ding ling ling ling neck is really one but that's because of exercising how much it is like rap you know Hey a lot of rappers now they actually use gibberish anyway so you might as well do that and just get rich – so anyways one love take care of hope you enjoyed this so long I don't think anyone's going to watch this but that's okay lovely piece by

23 thoughts on “Writing Rap Lyrics: Creative Process

  1. I hate most beats you find on the internet not less its something main stream most underground beats are trash I like to write from how I feel about other peoples music

  2. My process is think of a theme or a life event
    I'm more of a fan of telling real life events as stories with themes
    I love to write along to listening to peoples songs for inspiration
    I wanted to go with my mother and that is something big that happened in my life
    I write a song about what happened and make it rhyme It is very good for me
    I try to find a rhythm so it will fit with my own instrumental that I make later on
    I try and put as much emotion into it I let my mom dad anyone I know hear it for a proof read
    I rap it and rap it until I know the lyrics to where I won't stumble
    I then find myself recording and then making the beat
    I haven't released any songs, but I hope to refine my method
    really enjoyed the video man keep it up

  3. It usually takes me like 2 minutes to get a starting line on a beat that I like. The vibe of the beat is very important

  4. bro trust me you are a conscious rapper here to bring the activation codes of ascension to the chosen ones who in turn will bring this planet in to ascension status you may not be aware of it but the topic you decided to talk about was not random you were compelled to so i could later on see it to let you know you should consider the power your words hold trust me on this if you see this comment i want you to go check out Underachievers youll get an idea of what im talking about, if there anyone who understands exactly what im saying it means you are also aware of waht is happening on this planet so encourage him he is a natural everything happens for a reason and this is a divine reason rap isnt just rap its beeen around since shakespear and longer its called poetry really but ts not words ryhming you can actually create your life out of the words you choose speak in to reality do your research for the open minded ones i have left you a clue to your possible journey will and only you can choose to explore my only ? is… can you handle the truth? PS for further incentive listen to damien marley ft Nas-patientce. for who ever does discover truth i say to you welcome to the real planet Earth.

  5. eCheers from Egypt 🙂

    I'm an Amateur Music Producer (Beat Maker) and Interested about how to write lyrics to rap music.. to kinda figure out what I also need to have in my Music.

    As when I got to Rapping, I got lost should I Make the Music first or the Lyrics first ^^.

    Thanks for the Brilliant tips!

    You got me on track.

  6. Bro gibberish is the key
    ..your totally right its all rythmic.tought I was crazy out here lol but yea bro you got talent man keep up that creative process ma..

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