Writing & Publishing Tips : What Does a Publisher Do?

hi my name is Laura and today I'm going to talk to you about what does a publisher do a publisher has the very daunting task of wading through tons and tons and tons of manuscript if they are a publisher of novels or reference books or anything like that tons and tons of manuscripts to find the right book for their needs so my advice to you if you're thinking about what the publisher is thinking is to try to get everything together in a very orderly and unique fashion for your book or novel and to make it stand out so for example with Hank the cow dog my favorite children's books series you're going to want to make it very marketable and you're going to want to make it something that is going to stand out to the publisher if the publisher is looking for a new you know K through 4 book that or K through maybe 8 on this book that is going to you know incorporate talking animals for example you want to make sure that your character is really standing out to that publisher okay so make sure that your manuscript and it's not gonna look like this obviously whenever you're putting it in make sure your manuscript is clean and full and not full of errors and really showcases the best of what you have to offer publishers also of course publish magazines publishers can publish newsletters and really anything else that you need them to publish there's also of course self-publishing for you you yourself are the publisher and you don't have to go hear anyone else in order to get your stuff put out there so my advice to you when thinking about you know what is this publisher doing well they're sitting there with a stack of papers that they have to go through today how are you going to make sure that your your magazine or your children's book is going to get on the top of that stack and it's not going to be put into the throwaway pile so a public sure is someone who sorts through material and picks out what is the best for their needs that's what I publisher it is you

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