Writing in English – How to Start Any Letter

49 thoughts on “Writing in English – How to Start Any Letter

  1. Thank you very much. Is there a video by you on email etiquette or that talks on the email part explaining subject, salutations, greetings,content/body,and finally closing? Appreciate your help regarding this please

  2. can you give me some idea to write that type of letters in which i want some advise from any motivator , how I can start it by using colloquial sentence or phrase?

  3. Dear Rebecca, With reference to your video above. If there is one thing that is akin to waving a red flag to an enraged bull. It is to begin a letter with ' I am writing to you' as the opening sentence. I feel it is an insult to my intelligence as a recipient of such correspondence. Having just picked up a postal letter addressed to myself, I have already deduced that I have in my hand an envelope, which contains a letter, which will have writing upon it. For this situation exactly, I took the time and effort to learn to read. I was however, always taught not to state the blindingly obvious in Formal Letter writing. I would strongly advise against this particular opening phrase. Or at the very least alter it to 'I write with regard to' or 'Concerning the following' or even 'I must alert you to this event/idea/ problem' I look forward to your thoughts on my proposals, in a timely manner. Yours Sincerely Miss Carol Cassidy.

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