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let's cleanse the world of volcano I hate it you must be purged from this world don't question my methods decision-making hello teacher I was hoping to talk to you about my project I was thinking of writing about spontaneous human combustion it's a real thing google it what's that that doesn't happen to anybody hey guys and welcome back to another episode of yandere simulator as always I've been waiting for the perfect update to get me back in the game and today is that day because yandere dev has added some features and an easter egg ins that revolve around one of my favorite animes of all time which of course is Death Note and I know some of these features were implemented a little while ago but I haven't played in a little bit so I'm just gonna wrap up everything Death Note related which in yandere simulator is called life note and we're gonna go through it all at once right now so to start off as you can see we have this beautiful life note poster in our room but then there's also this new feature that you can learn how to eliminate students by watching anime watch a crime thriller anime to learn about potential murder methods why yes I would love to I got a heads like similar music to Death Note to steady on McCulloh you can't afford to screw this up this also might give backstory to some people who never saw it the actual Death Note anime not the Netflix live-action remake no if you have not seen the anime go watch the anime now actually no finish watching my video first and then go watch it please I need you once her pen touched the paper she would only have 60 seconds to achieve her goal that was one of the rule asakusa dough will obtain a pipe wrench a power strip and a screwdriver she will use the wrench to loosen the nearest water pipe and create a puddle of water she will place a power strip in the puddle and used the screwdriver to expose the wires I love it it's in Red Lake remember this this is a new way to eliminate people she will activate the power strip and stand in the puddle the moment she finished writing the ink on the notebook turned blood-red this meant that her 60 seconds were and it also meant a command was in effect several kilometres away at the Tokyo metropolitan Police Department a young police woman in the middle of a conversation with her colleagues abruptly stopped talking and left the room she walked to the nearest storage closet and obtained a pipe wrench and a screwdriver she carried out the actions that yeah Miko had a written in her notebook and when she stepped into the puddle she screamed in pain as thousands of volts of electricity ran through her body fatally electrocuting her it was the first time yeah Miko had used the notebook to kill an innocent person so yeah you get the gist you can basically like write somebody's name and and how they died and when they die and then it happens I'm glad we're all on the same page no pun intended maybe a little bit I did what I had to do it was the only way to continue fighting evil the world needs me I need to keep using the notebook because this world is a rotten mess it really needs to be cleaned up yes let's cleanse the world life note episode 7 we have our motivations and now we also learned how to eliminate somebody in a new way alright so that's the new life note Death Note stuff in my room and now to experience the best part of what was added to this game ah yes that's right I am the life note girl which means that I have an O there it is the note the No book that notebook the life note notebook oh my god this music is so epic – I can't stand this in a good way alright let's pick up oh yes okay yes it's as I with the life notes I now have the power to take away people's lives but only the bat out wow that was so rude but only the people's lives that deserve it so basically in today's episode I'm going to be going around and deciding who deserves to live and who deserves to die hmm it's the teachers one of these teachers gave me a bad grade yesterday that makes them even which one was it that's right it was you let us begin woohoo backyard yes lets us find her I think it's her that evil teacher will die from oh so many choices an explosion at 7:18 right now at 7:30 a.m. it has been dawn enough now it has been done and now we wait an ID card I'll grab this one she explodes and people are distract hello teacher how are you today I was hoping to talk to you about my project I was thinking of writing about spontaneous human combustion have you ever heard of it it's a real thing google it but it's very very rare and nobody really knows why it happens or when it'll happen or who happened to it's terrifying isn't it teacher what's that what's that you don't think that's a real disease that doesn't happen to anybody well how can I prove it to you oh hey hey uh nobody cares nobody cares she literally looked like she got incinerated in front of everybody and nobody cares can I just take this key card now also you may be wondering what are these flowers well um there's now an option to censor all blood I guess once it's on it's on I did know it was gonna censor blood with flowers but that's that lovely whoa he's worried about the Andrej video is getting demonetised on YouTube and now they can't because it's just flowers YouTube's not blood by teachers really nobody cares nobody cares does somebody just spontaneously combusted in front of them the rare disease people that's who else who else is evil and must be purged of this world oh here music that music sounds terrible you must be purged from this world it has begun hey um you know that electric guitars sometimes run currency through your fingers and can electrocute you are you taking the proper precautions to make sure that that doesn't happen oh oh the music is still the terrible music is still playing the terrible music is oh okay it stopped thank God thank God where'd you go you know if only I was here a couple minutes sooner I could have warned you earlier about the dangers of electric guitars that music was awful what are you painting a volcano I hate it you must be purged from this world it has been done I see there that you've been painting a volcano have you ever heard of the urban legend that when paintings are just so terrible sometimes the artist feels what he's painting do you feel this volcano do you feel how hot he feels it he feels the volcano I was wrong about you you are a true artist I'm sorry I misjudged you you really do feel the beauty of your artwork oh well too late who else must be purged darn it I think I start going to class I forget if this class is the one that's taught by the teacher that we no longer have and I wouldn't know anything about them don't worry she's I'm sure she's alive and well crap it's a different teacher don't worry everybody I'm gonna get us out of class he is pure evil just just cuz she's a teacher there's there's no other reason don't question my methods and decision making is it this one oh man what I can't kill her now 3:30 is the earliest oh man alright guess I'll go to class darn eggs well they got nothing on me they got nothing on me see yes yes goodbye yes my senpai oh no the art club is ruined oh no the music club is ruined they were both terrible I did the world a favor no words can express the sense of loss as a result of our terrible tragedy oh how sad wait what about the other teacher I was supposed to die at 3:30 did she not Oh No how sad how tragic wait a second what would happen because everybody's near each other right now what would happen if you know somebody who just happened to I don't know explode – one of the delinquents which one knocked into me there was this one from Ebola at right now everybody's running everybody's running he died of Ebola guys it's just a disease two kills I don't even know how many how many people a year the disease it happens it happens what do you guys taking pictures of oh look he fell on a pretty flower the same cheese he looks kind of happy he's fine he's fine guys he's just lighting on flowers there's no blood he's fine you teachers there is a student over there who might be really hurt and or dead and you guys are over here make it out and twirling oh my god you must be purged what what the heck just happened the other teacher just watched her friend turn into a bunch of pieces and then was like this is a great time to start grading papers sup teach I just wanted to show everybody your dedication yeah oh when I walk in it it makes little flowers Oh Sun shines in rainbows nothing to see here definitely not somebody that turned into a million pieces you know what I was gonna kill you but you're just so educated at your job that I'm gonna leave you be you're a good person you're a good person everybody else being good people yeah that's right that's right so resistant is that blood no it's pretty beautiful flowers actually but it you should ask there's no blood and yandere simulator ready mark it is a totally family-friendly game so the time is up and the police are not coming so I'm just gonna run out of here bye everybody I'm out all right so I had to start over because the game glitched out obviously but it had me come up with the most brilliant idea yet you know how instead of chasing senpai like I'm supposed to do I always chase best friend well my plan is let's get this pretty epic angle right here my plan is to make it so that I am the only friend best friend could possibly have this girl is definitely overhearing my plan good go away so yes I've decided to use the life note to make it so that Kaukauna and me are the only people left in this school all right my hand is about to hurt because I literally have to write every single person's name in this book oh but you know what let's censor all the blood first don't want to get D monetized okay apparently I can't do senpai and all this is gonna happen at 8 a.m. to give me some time it has been done now I gotta do that like thousand more times I'm literally just picking different deaths for every single one let's see how many we can get on here before 8 a.m. forever guys I've literally been sat here for 20 minutes okay I can't do her him or in foshan I did it oh my god I did every single person except for the ones I couldn't at Kokoda now it's just a matter of time where should I stand for this where should I go people are all starting to go to class I think everybody I have a bad feeling about 8:00 a.m. I'm trying to warn everybody 8:00 a.m. I feel like something's gonna happen I need to find best friend oh no she's out in the gym can I make it the best friend before 8:00 a.m. to save her oh there she is best friend best friend I feel like something terrible is about to happen in two minutes but me being with you I think I can save you she's smiling she knows she knows that I'm gonna save her oh god it's about to happen it's about oh the game oh my god is that a dead body yeah I saved you best friend I saved you it's just me and you no yay that was the loudest explosion ever I can't believe the game didn't crash I think that got everybody though yes now I can get all of these little mini burgers to myself I have it you I stepped in um oh man who was alive to call the cops come on ooh what's up in the air I mean I'd love to see how the cops try to figure this one out everybody's go everybody's gone everybody's oh my god even the guy that's late for school usually he's petrified he'll never get to school yeah like if I go to write in my book now oh it still shows him he dead though can I can I do something else too oh no did I not get sake Oh No so I guess whoever's petrified it still shows up on my Death Note they're definitely dead oh no oh no oh no she's she's a stone edge well guess I'll go to class and see what the police have to say how can I not see if it glitches out or if the cops actually come it glitched out they didn't come darn it I wanted to see them try to solve this mystery it's glitched out everybody except for cacoa is gone oh my god I get all the food down all the food is mine this is weird I mean I guess all the hard work and time and effort was worth the ridiculous explosion sound all this teacher she got turned to stone while working hard yeah that uh that explosion sound definitely scared the crap out of me except I still here nah left ok Kona girl ha girl girl I hate to do this to you but I need to see ok I need to see if I can do multiple things to you at the same time I'm sorry I'm sorry she's like what are you doing no don't worry it's not till 3:30 we got time ok so we're gonna do every single interaction and see what happens don't worry best friend I'm sure they'll just cancel each other out nothing's gonna happen to you maybe who knows the only one I'll leave off is petrification because I feel like that'll just cancel out the rest of them alright now skip ahead to 3:30 we spent all this time together I love it that's so much time together oh no oh god Bob Ezrin okay so note to self um if you use every single way to kill somebody out of the life note it just defaults to the dismemberment yeah it just cancels to that it just cancels to that at least best friends in a field of flowers now so I mainly wanted to focus on the life note stuff but I did also want to point out that look guys yandere death put me in the game again oh my god I'm so cute we got beat you mics mine that dude oh it but BJ from the Cub Scouts not sure who this is one of these is probably veggie gamer I don't know but mine's the cutest for sure the other thing I wanted to try out real quick was horror mode oh this is creepy does anybody come out and I also know before you guys start commenting that one of the other new things is you can frame people you can frame anybody for murder but I figured you've seen everybody do that already says Creek is it just like the aesthetic or is there hope without a ghost so where's there something I'm supposed to be afraid oh we don't know this is spooky he does something with this that would be awesome why are you always here alright guys well that's gonna be it for this episode of a yandere simulator Death Note slash light note edition as always if you guys made it all the way to the end of the video then make sure to leave a like before you go let me know in the comments below if there's any other new yandere updates that I have missed that you want me to make a video about I'm always down for some Oregon during subscribe if you're new to the channel I put out new videos almost every single day and as always I will see you guys soon

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