Writing Career Advice : How to Become Technical Writer

you'll become a technical writer by training this is not something you can do by instinct it is a very specific skill and fortunately there are a lot of academic programs that address this there's also the Society for technical communication which will provide contacts in the business and a certain amount of guidance to be a good technical writer you have to understand first of all the technical material that you're working with which means you need a science or engineering some kind of technical background this can be self-taught but you need to know this stuff you can't just pick it up as you're going along you need to be able to explain things clearly again some people have the gift most people don't you probably don't a lot of technical writers have degrees in technical writing or they've taken courses it's a booming field a lot of community colleges and non a four-year standard colleges will offer courses extension programs and so on get at least a couple of courses under your belt see and know what you're doing so you know the terminology of the field like any specialized field it has a certain amount of its own jargon once you know you can do it once you're confident about that then it's just like finding any other kind of writing work more technical writers have regular jobs as technical writers than a lot of other kinds of writers so you can look for those kinds of jobs in all the usual places where you look for jobs but again there is some freelance work be in touch with local software companies they need math they need people to write manuals be in touch with local engineering companies engineering consulting companies these are the kinds of places that are going to need technical writing and once you've got a portfolio you'll find it easier to build on that to get either more freelance work or to find yourself a regular job with benefits and all of those pleasures

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  1. Sorry but the idea that you need a degree to write tech stuff is just not true. What is true is that you have to good at head for organizing and research.
    It's just a specific skill set which gets easier the more you do it.

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