WRITING AVENGERS: ENDGAME | Comic Con 2019 Full Panel (Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

32 thoughts on “WRITING AVENGERS: ENDGAME | Comic Con 2019 Full Panel (Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely)

  1. Bravo you two writers are brilliant from The First Avenger to Endgame . You guys stuck the landing and set the bar really high

  2. The whole let’s just get a Tony/Natasha from other alternate universe doesn’t work though, because that would entail that they will agree to leave their own universe and I don’t think any of them will choose too. So yes we can have alternate universe and not get a Tony/Nat again in our own universe because we all understand that they will not want to come to our universe and leave their own unprotected without them there. We can however still have them in small doses if we have our characters travel to them if they need be. I would certainly love to see camoes of the OGs either from the alternate universe or from the past.

  3. FYI, the free issue isn't the one with the Endgame interview. The most you can do is read a couple blog excerpts if you poke around.

  4. Want to reiterate that Infinity War/EndGame is one of the best written fantasy epics ever.
    I would have rated the 1st 4 years of Game of Thrones as being every bit as good if not better, but the show fell in quality in years 5 and 6 – and then literally died of terminal stupidity in the last 2 seasons. Why? Because the show lost its genius writer. Writing ain’t Easy to paraphrase the great Jay Z. 😂

  5. The way they explain their timeline makes no sense. How can only removing the stones creates a new timeline? Surely killing someone would do that too!

  6. I just hope that they will be able to change their tone in the future to avoid repetitivness (if that's a word).

  7. I Really Love and admire all the hard work Christopher Marcus and Stephen Mcfeely have produced for Marvel studios and Their work has touched a unprecedented demo-graph of people across the world, But by no means is Avengers Endgame a Perfect film, none the less i still love endgame as ive been apart of this journey since the first iron man.the problem is They made Thanos have such a Prominent ideology Complex with bringing Balance to the universe for the Greater Good,So that people can live without Disease,pollution or overpopulation, it would of been nice too see Thanos prophecy Come true In Avengers Endgame That earth has less Global warming because there are less people, and it would of Revisited Civil war themes, The question for The Avengers is Do we give humanity a second chance, and avenge our loved ones or does the universe flourish because there is half of all living creatures and the universe has become safer, and the way you could of built this conversation is maybe during the 5 year hiatus we see news anchors, journalists talk about how the world is thriving, i feel as if They missed a great opportunity to add another layer to thanos, as for hulk they lets be honest they destroyed him, the fact that they told the audience in 3rd person how he become smart hulk is a complete cop out, so are we all going to just sit here and ignore the inner war between Hulk and banner that we saw take place in Thor Ragnarork im sure 70% of audiences would of liked to of see banner and hulk come to a understanding at the The Avengers Headquarters in first person and it would of probably taken 5 too 10 minutes too convey the audience, instead we got a 3rd person exposition dump from the writers, it kinda felt like a slap in the face, and on top of that they nuked the hulk further by making the continuity that the snap does irreversible Damage, it felt as if it would've been convenient timing to have hulk and scarlet witch tag team to fight thanos (when scarlet shows up in the final battle) but living in a Toxic femininity culture i guess nobody gives two left toes about inclusion, instead they had scarlet do all the work against thanos, im all for representation just make it,make sense. so that they can market Scarlet witch because marvel studios new that she was going to be getting her own series on Disney plus their is more money to be made from female representation, smart move from Kevin fiege, now days its all about connecting with a demography of people rather then actually telling a great story look at captain marvel they were willing to market a cat to audience, and we all know how that went down….. that is a conversation for another time, it would be nice nice to know that we could've of got some of the things i said for deleted scenes or a extended cut but we know we aint going to get that but the fans deserved it, but what they did with every other character, they didn't put a foot wrong, for any writers out there 1st person will always be more powerful than 3rd, When it comes to protagonists and antagonists

  8. This is how much efforts you take on writing absolutely brilliant!
    D&D take notes 😀
    They literally did what avengers did in the movie with stones locations and board 😀

  9. Those two are such good writers. and nobody want to remember that they also wrote Thor the Dark World, but they defiantly succeed to make even this movie better in Endgame.

  10. They neglect to mention the part about having to rewrite the entire script After little baby Brie Larson stank out the place with her pig ignorance and toxic femininity. She was going to be the hero and the main star but after she alienated all the fans, the cast, the critics little baby Brie got put on the naughty step for a time out while the adults got to be in the movie.

  11. Thats the thing though, i dont think they did stick the landing, infinity war yes, endgame no, for me the missed a great chance to do something different, something truly special.

  12. "if you tell me you can get another Natasha (from the multiverse) there's no stakes…"
    Says the person who introduces an alternate Gamora into the mcu and wants to see her in the third Guardians movie.

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