Writing a Midpoint – 100 Days of Making Comics 2 – DAY

4 thoughts on “Writing a Midpoint – 100 Days of Making Comics 2 – DAY

  1. I think I decided to give up on my comic. It was too ambitious- It was incredibly lengthy, it included elements I don't know much about as key parts of the story, the plotline didn't make sense all the way. Heck, I didn't know how to write a proper outline. I decided it would be best if I forget about the idea now.

  2. I need some help
    I wanna start a web comic about a girl who has a child to young and is to emotionally weak to care for this child. She turns to drinking and becomes addicted. I want the story to follow her as she battles her addiction and repairs her relationship with this child.

    Is this idea to boring? its not exactly action packed.
    What genre would it be?
    Anything i should try and improve to make it more interesting?

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