"Writer's Workshop" mini lesson for kindergarten

and I'm gonna go pup I need your help with some things when we're writing I'm gonna write a piece a sentence down you're gonna help me okay what's wrong with this week's fingers face oh I need to have finger space why Owen yeah don't just do this blah blah well it doesn't say bobgoblin I know what it says I like when we go to the park so why do I need the finger space so other people can read it in you so other people can read it and what I come back to do my writing then I can reread my work you're right so I'm gonna put bigger space I like what oh I need a cabin but why why do I need to capitalize when is by itself it needs to be capital and it's also the start of our sentence so it definitely needs to be capitalized I like what we go everyone's about to oh how do I spell box th ether puff-puff people are crazy nice and uh with two letters are K Park I like when we go to that Park who like ice and so ends or even any mark I'm just gonna put a period there because I'm not saying I go to the park I'm just saying I like when we go to the park is really for long if I wants to write it I don't get sentence hope Isaac on me if I want to write a second sentence what could I say Jenna you could play on the playground I like when we go to the park I get to play on the playground very good was another thought any Joe I could go on the swings the whole recess I love that Chase you can hear it on the football field you like so your favorite thing is to go on the football field I would put I like when we go to the park my hobby spell favorite babe or it ah is that it yes a lot of pinky I need to put that e on there is me

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