Writers Workshop Episode 6 : Writing and Releasing Rapidly

everybody Tamera here and thank you so much for joining us for Writers Workshop where we talked about one non-fiction book that we chose to read for the month and give you our thoughts so today it's just me and Skye Skye do you want to tell everybody who you are and what you're about well I share this link sure hello everyone my name is Skye I typically write paranormal romance under the name SD Vegas and I'm excited to be here Tamara invited me along to join her with this basically book club without a bigger book club and I'm super excited because we're reading a book that's actually perfect for me this this month and I feel bad because I finished it up like you know ten minutes before the stream was supposed to start no big deal and yeah yeah you know what I finished it up pretty late last night and by last night I mean like five this morning so I think that as long as we finish it it's fine so that we talked about it intelligently and then I think with all of these books I have to go back through them and take my notes and try to figure out actionable plans but especially this one oh my goodness if y'all haven't read this book you can get your copy I have the link down in the description pick up your copy because this is okay every single month I'm like this book is very very very helpful but like this book is very very very helpful this one this one is especially helpful for me because I was actually I wish I had read it first because I think it was earlier this week I don't remember what day it was exactly but what I was doing was planning my own release plan and having read this book would have been extremely helpful before I started doing that because now I gotta go back and like well this has got to change this should probably change ah that's not gonna work well I am like oh you know I'm gonna be releasing the first book in my series I'm like hmm you know this whole writing rapidly and releasing thing could actually work because um I guess we'll just jump right in oh and here's though here's what the cover looks like in case y'all are looking for it and it is fantastic I wish I had something to bring this so it'd just be like right here and then people could see it but maybe next time so one thing I really liked about it other than you know first she gave her credentials so you didn't wonder does this person you know walk the walk so they know what they're talking about she gave like her preface basically was her talking about being USA Today like best-selling author and like just all of her credentials essentially so I was like all right I feel comfortable because I'm at a point now where I need advice from people who have gone further than me in the process and are closer to where I want to be and from her stats I'm like yeah I I want to be where this lady is this is this is a good a good place to shoot for can I be her when I grow up kind of thing exactly and then I she had plenty of humor in there and I love that because you know this stuff could be try definitely be try and she was very focused on data which is fantastic she was not going to be able to all right I was trying to see if I could finagle my my tripod and to put my phone on it with the book here but no I was careful for doing yeah I was doing a thing and I should have done before the stream started welcome to my life yeah well that being said next time we won't be on hangout so maybe we can get to work I know I'm sorry I had to remind you she cries in agony she cries in why YouTube why do you betray me so much so um so let's see the way she had this book set up just in case you guys haven't picked it up is she basically it was perfect there was a chapter in each chapter there was a couple links that were on her website that would give supplemental materials basically so I thought that was fantastic I haven't gotten to them yet but that's the plan for this weekend and at the end she asked three to six or so questions just kind of a recap yeah but then at the end well like the last few chapters and then there was like a ending chapter at all anyway she did case study job and that is awesome that said to my nerd heart so hard when I was studying social work one of my most favoritest things was reading the case studies and learning from people's experiences and how things work so seeing her experiences in black and white was fantastic and she was utilizing her experience to teach us essentially these different types of rapid releasing yeah I definitely like that as well but actually that was the thing I was focusing on this morning when I was reading it was the case studies because of the fact that I I am NOT a numbers person I was really good at math and school but now that I'm not in school anymore it's like uh what does work what is math so seeing it and seeing it written down and how everything worked out for her as far as her sales per book for each launch was really interesting and especially seeing what she spent on ads when she got to the point where she was doing ads versus what she was making back on each book was interesting as well that was I like the fact that initially she didn't do you ads mm-hmm because that's where I'm gonna be hitting this that's where I am hitting this so it's kind of nice to see that someone is doing very well it's very successful and started off like being like me essentially in one sense you know yes it's you know a lot of people who are pulling down those big numbers and getting those big payouts they're putting in a lot of money mm-hmm and that's money that I do not have as a little startup here I don't have any investment I have noticed that a lot of my a lot of the people I follow that don't necessarily do rapid release but that release books and have big night big time numbers coming in as far as sales go a lot of the ones I tend to follow did start out that way they did start out where they're like okay just so you guys know my first year I didn't market anything I just concentrated on putting the next book out and with her strategy the fact that she was doing this with rapid release and I think it was the first two cases which were about a year apart maybe two years for each case today she did not do any kind of marketing with either one of those now granted she did say that part of that reason was because some of the stuff that exists now as far as marketing goes like Facebook ads and Amazon ads it didn't exist back then when she first started publishing but even when that stuff was around she mentioned a couple times that she didn't understand it enough to dabble with it yet so and that's the correctly where I am at right now I'm like I know exists I don't understand it enough to dabble with it even if I had that kind of money to dabble with it and I thought that was a pretty interesting point because she she didn't I don't think she said it overtly but it was kind of letting you know before you put your money it's this stuff you know start learning about it um one thing that one quote that really struck out to me and this was in the very first chapter she asks are you making business decisions with your head or your heart you know it's like oh how dare you with my taco take away things I literally decided to do you know a few days ago like this will be fun this is not a business decision this is absolutely heart yep I think that there's room for both as long as you know you're still meeting your goals your SMART goals and Shiva as she was talking about why don't you're meeting your goals and you're doing what you need to do I think that you can have a little heart in there too besides I'm impulsive sometimes too vicious that's around my mill I think it's about finding the balance between the two it goes I think this goes back to a different book that we've read in the past the right to market book and about how you can write to market and still love what you're doing in her case she found a bunch of genres and tropes that she really enjoyed writing about and just worked that rapid releasing within those genres and tropes and so she was finding that balance even though she didn't really talk about that balance she talked to more and more from the the business side of it and with the head side versus the heart side but if you look at what she was writing I even went so far to check out the Amazon pages for the series that she was talking about she was talking about them in her case studies and you could see she enjoyed writing what she was talking about yeah and she did mention that but it was kind of like in passing that she you know this was stuff that she enjoyed writing and that was she started as a traditional traditionally published author and just to give you guys a background and I take them off because she wanted me to and they didn't they didn't want to take on her a book because she was like what well publishing myself and she went and did that and I loved that I loved it it was like yes do what you want and um but part of that was learning you know how things work and how this industry works at what this industry was all about because once me it was 2007 or 2006 which one which what year does she say that she initially self-published I can't remember if it was 2007 six or a different number and I'm just gonna keep used hold on I got that bookmarked I had a bunch of things that I wanted to I had a bunch of things in her case days before so I have to go look at my black arts nope that's not what I wanted to do I do you want to bookmark how I look at my book laughs mother prosper get after this is the first play of the book bar because I can't figure out how it works technology was totally against me my tablet just wouldn't stay on it kept freezing and crashing so I had to read on my cell phone which fortunately this has a decent screen size but I was so so angry okay so sorry you were so so angry cut you're gonna it's fine uh it was September 2015 as she first started self-publishing under the new the pen name um great that is Isaacson there we go I did it right eventually yeah there's but she did publish under her name initially and then she started a pen name yes she also has a YouTube channel does she mhm I'll have to go look for that later I can't do more than one thing while live so I can't I can't go look for it right now unless I want my camera be like oh I should look for it I'll look for it and I will put it in the comments there I found it this morning okay I was like wait what cool that first book was 2014 I think her first books under her her her name Elena Johnson were in earlier years but her first in the pen name was in 2015 at least according to the case study files that she we're talking about in the book I haven't looked her liked her ah mom I haven't looked up her name her oh my god I haven't looked up Elena Johnson to see when she first started publishing under that name but Liz Isaac said I went through all of that this morning when I was reading the case files and the first one that published was in September of 2015 just like she mentioned in her case study so yeah now that I'm confused myself woo excellent we're doing it we're moving right along oh geez so you you have been thinking about doing the whole rapid release thing now it's actually was that's been my plan since I started really figuring out what I wanted to do with my publishing because I was originally kind of like Elena I was originally published with a publishing company now she was it sounds like she's with one of them Simon sheesh you're still one of the big if are they one of the big five there weren't a bigger even if they're not one of the top five yeah I don't remember which ones were actually part of laughter those that I was with a small press that has since closed but kind of like her she started in the traditional world and then went to self-publishing I'm finding myself in the exact same boat I started off in the traditional world with a small press and had two books in one series published through them and when I was originally aiming toward self-publishing after that publishing company closed I was like I'm just gonna release those first two books bam bam and then release the rest of the series with the same amount of time and at the time I was thinking about doing that I didn't realize it was called rapid release I was just like I'm gonna release some right then and there and drop them all at the same time and now what two years later a year and a half later I'm like oh there's actually a thing about this revolving around all this called rapid release it just awesome because then you have people's experience that you kind of can learn from and hopefully not replicate their mistakes and make some new ones all of your own I'm gonna I'm gonna screw up a lot and starting with the fact that I'm not releasing that series first I'm releasing it completely different wait wait I have that series with an editor and it's kind of locked up right now because of the fact that I am stuck on some rewrites before I get it back to that editor where is the other series there's not as many hiccups going on with it so the other series is probably gonna release first just because it's gonna be done first I hear that so one phrase that she used was packaging to market which I'd never heard of that phrase before with I was essentially talking about like having a cover that works with the niche market that you're writing for and a blurb that works for them and a title that's appropriate etc but she called it marketing packaging to market and I thought that was interesting that was just like a phrase and I'm a word nerd so it's like I had to mention this it's a cool phrase and it was something I've never actually thought about before and even when I was reading that I do remember reading that and now you say it but I didn't really put much thought into it afterwards but that's exactly what you kind of have to do with rapid release because you want everything to be able to drop all at once or within quick succession of each other and so that means you have to have all that stuff ready beforehand and she gave like a helpful list and I think that there was a worksheets on her website to go along with that series I haven't looked at the worksheet yet but oh that's one of the things I had bookmarks like go back to it later the only thing that I know for me personally won't work for me that she seems to do is she was talking about being able to write so many books quickly within a short amount of time and I have discovered that I can't do that kind of thing I don't have the kind of editors lined up that she does for her release schedule cuz I think the I think she got to the point where she was releasing every three weeks which means she spends about two weeks writing the book and then she spends that last week editing proofreading and getting it to her editor and back and all that fun jazz I'm just like that is not gonna work for me and so my my idea for release schedule is much different like I'm gonna have all my books ready to go before I even put that pre-order up man just not gonna happen I keep waffling back and forth between how I'm going to do all this and what I want to do and I've decided that this weekend and I'm just gonna have to make a decision and just stick to it and see what happens whether and you know if I have to adjust things along the way the supey it because it really is a bit intimidating to be like okay well here's the pre-order date so now it's a real thing and I'm gonna definitely have everything fix it other and perfect and holy crap it's a lot but it's not impossible and I like having actionable steps and that was one thing that I hadn't thought about in terms of monetary goals which is dumb in hindsight but I'd always thought about in terms of my productivity my goals and creating SMART goals for that and smart stands for specific measurable attainable realistic and time-bound goals so goals that have like basically a due date so I'd always thought about in terms of the actual writing but not in terms of my finances yeah and I think with her actionable steps that really helps put all that in perspective as well because you can figure out kind of ahead of time okay I'm gonna need covers for let's pretend I have a book of six that I want to write like and most for her examples a lot of first examples or six book series so you know you're gonna need covers for six books need to buy such-and-such dates you can go ahead and start looking ok this cover artist has availability they charge this so much they'll be able to get it back to me by this date and then you can go from there same thing with editor just same thing okay these people are available for edits they work in my genre they cost this amount and it allows you to plan out your each of your steps in order to make this an actual business plan versus just doing what I'm doing where you're like writing the book and then like hook it to everything else later unfortunate that I have I have my covers back piles why my covers back pile I'm actually in fact actually I just got an email from a new cover artist I'm gonna be working with whose style is very similar to my original cover artist who is completely booked until 2021 Wow yeah and that's the killer right there as making sure your artist is available but she did my original the covers for the original three and then I was like oh I'm gonna make a reader magicked about a pre-cool like uh cover artist she suggested to people to me and I just got on the schedule for one of those two for a cover in the next couple of months but then I'll have all my covers that's focused on editing and publication so that's not the way to do it folks I have made the glorious mistake I released wiped out which is in one series and then the book that I'm releasing the beginning of August is a different series though that's not really what you're supposed to do you know supposed to start two new series at the same time that's um that was done but it's happening in a period so it's not necessarily a dumpling because even she and one of her later case studies talked about the fact that she did two things the same thing but she wasn't a new author she had a lot a lot more of a backless built first and what she was doing later on with staggering two books from two series to come out boom boom boom yeah so my backless is a mess that's okay because this whole indie thing is a learning process and it's unique to your needs and for some reason I needed to do that so yes one thing that I like specially mentioned that we see a lot in 20 book 250 250 K you're miles may vary meaning that the things that she did the number said she's pulling isn't necessarily what you exactly need to fall or what you need to do one thing that she mentioned that me was what she was initially asking whether or not doing the rapidly release thing would work for year is tangy right five to ten thousand words a day I think that on one hand if you're going to be writing and releasing at the same time that you probably would need to have like a pretty high word count like five thousand words a day that's a lot of words it is but I think that if you're someone who's going to be kind of stockpiling those books and then releasing them all at once that you could probably play around with that and adjust that and make it your own I mean I've pretty much been doing that already with my plan so I'm living proof that can work it's not necessary as far as way to go but it can work how many words do you strike to write I don't aim for workouts except on Tuesdays right now and I think that's going to become a even after camp is over I think that's going to become a weekly thing where I strive for 10k whether I hit or not it's not gonna be as big of a deal but I think that's what I'm gonna alternately strive for on a Tuesday is 10k and for those who don't know I only write Monday through Friday I try to take Saturdays and Sundays off I might write if I get up early enough in the morning I might write on those days or after the kids are in bed for the night I might write but I tend to aim for Saturday and Sunday often just write Monday through Friday and then instead of a word count on the other days of the Tuesday I aim for four Sprint's for 15 min Sprint's now that being said that's going to start changing with the if I go with the plan that I made I will be aiming for 5 K 3 to 5 K a day kind of like what she was talking about in her book if I go with the plan I originally wrote out but I'm still probably gonna change that plan so I still may go back to just a me four Sprint's versus work out we'll see it's I love the flexibility of all this honestly it I need that in my life I need to be able to change plans and adjust things to suit me whether it's because of family things or because of my health or what-have-you let's see what was another point that I liked about her ah well she was she talked about one thing that I have found I think I wouldn't say controversial but it has been kind of a sticking point in the indie community and that's having free books and giving away books so people are absolutely against it they do not have sales at all ever and some people that's how they've kind of built their career is having that free first book in the series or what have you and I thought it was very interesting that she talked about how at first she was using free books as a way to get people to read her books and she was in Kindle unlimited and then as time went on she realized that that wasn't working for her anymore and she changed things up and I guess I personally feel as someone who doesn't have a big backless or a big you know library of books behind me and I also don't have a huge readership at this time so one of the things that I can do that is going to cost more time than money at this point is to have a free offering of some sort do you have a stance on the free book issue what do you think I see it going both ways I know for me personally I'm probably going to be doing the same thing where that you're talking about having at least something for free and I'm not even talking about the reader magnet which usually people get for free anyways I'm talking about just in general when you go to your books page for sale and the like oh this is this price I can see the benefits of it being free or $0.99 and then I also see the benefits of it being at full price I think it depends on how fast your if you're going with the release schedule how fast your publishing in a way because you'll have with it being free you'll have it more or $0.99 you'll have more of an incentive for someone to buy that book to start the series especially if there's already more books out for them to look at if you like they'll go straight from the one to the next and you'll get more money in the long run from that first one being $0.99 are free and then continue on in the series that being said once you have a whole a lot larger book back list it might not be as beneficial because you have more books out for them if they like your first one they're like I like this author I'm going to continue reading basically all their books it's almost a waste of money at that point I think and then I get an also might depend on the series too if you only have a three book series and you're giving your first one away for free hmm she definitely touted trying to go for six books hi I'm I think that with my first couple of series I'm going to do some type of $0.99 free thing and though though it might not be all the time it'll probably be something to like boost sales at some points you know in the future where I have a lot of regular sales that'll be cool what I what I am really looking forward to is and it's not something that you necessarily spoke at length about but I can't wait to be able to make like the book bundles and so you know the whole series yes cool cover and all that like I love those they always had a special place in my heart when I was a teenager and like a tween that was like the best I remember getting for maybe my birthday like my favorite series my mom had found like a bundle and it was it was great it was the best thing ever and it still is and I wait to be able to do that which is you know that is one method of kind of helping with tanking sales or finding sales is to package it differently because a lot of people are like me and they like to bench those books and have them all in one little handy place yes I'm discovering a love for those when I was before ebooks became as big as they are the paperbacks and artifacts would sell those as instead of box sets they would sell me was like omnibuses and I'm like I don't wanna when I get to the point even with my ebooks I was like I don't want to call it a box set and when I call it an omnibus because that is that excited me when I was growing up and I was like oh it's a collection it's an octopus it's got all of these books at one place like that to me is exciting so I'm kind of with you on that one and going back to the price point while you're talking about for your 99 cents in that case if once you put a box that out I think it would be more advantageous to possibly up your prices of each individual book to make that box set more tantalizing to new readers if that makes sense like if you buy the box set omnibus collection whatever you want to call it they've got a cheaper price and if they buy each book individually that's good marketing like I have every one so I have a good idea and that might be the only one for the next year or so but that is one to take notes on because I'm here for it I like good idea I literally am gonna screw it down that every book in this series if they bought them individually and you know if you notice on Amazon they'll tell you that you're saving X amount of money I'm pretty sure I feel like I've seen that I've seen it with a couple but not always it depends on how well empezar seems to recognize that it's part of a series that re is published like how well they connect if that makes sense yeah and one's weird I don't understand why sometimes people have issues with making sure all of the books are you know book 1 2 3 etc in a series why that's sometimes an issue but whatever that's a future me problem future me is gonna hate past you in a future one thing I thought was interesting was her case studies with going Kindle unlimited or kayuu versus going what everyone seems to call wide words with everyone instead of just Amazon I thought it was real interesting to see her numbers with how she did that and what I would have loved to see more is to see how it compared to her other series with the same number books which she didn't do but I still think it was kind of cool that she was able to sit and say this is how much money these books were making me in various platforms and then when I put it in kayuu I doubled that amount in a shorter amount of time so that is true but what's interesting is that I think that one of those studies was from like 2017 and then you know there was from 2018 but even this year kayuu has changed his algorithm and a lot of people who were making buku bucks so to speak as my dad would have said they're making like Keita buku dollars and doing very well they that algorithm changed kind of hit there counts in a really bad way so I'm still personally going to be doing K you but I'm going to do it as a way to kind of build up a readership out there a bit more and then go from there because like for instance with book club they tend to not give book club ads to Kindle unlimited books yes so there is some restrictions there and of course the whole restriction of only being able to publish with Kindle unlimited as opposed to going wide and being able to put the book everywhere that's a big restriction is kind of a big risk just a little bit yeah and it does make me nervous so I don't think I want to do that forever yeah I think my plan in similar I'm going to start out and Kay you just like you are and I think cuz he goes in in blocks of like three months and I think what I would like to use its since I'm getting to that point where I'm gonna have more than one series basically ready to go all at the same time I will put the first series in ku4 like two quarters so six months and then when that next series is ready to publish I'll put it in Kay you as well and about the same time it's coming out and can you I'll put the other one wide and start comparing them to each other and see what they're doing as far as how much they're making or how much they are like with the first series how much it made when it was in Kay you versus wide and go from there because I like you I don't like the idea of all my eggs in one basket because anything can happen and what if Amazon crashes and burns yeah or they decide that the doing Kindle unlimited for whatever reason isn't as profitable as it used to be or they change the algorithm and then you know it hits your account like there's so many variables that you don't have any control of her and you have to you just have to try to mitigate your potential loss I think and I have to say I am very excited to hear your case study Wow I'm sure to take good notes this is gonna be interesting for someone who's not quick numbers this has been very interesting fortunately my fiance he does the math stuff so I'm like help help me these are numbers and they don't make sense maybe my husband I am the bath person that is me I understand it either any better than he trusts the numbers that people post about and he's like when its distribute I'm like well this is this and I'm not quite sure what if I find out soon enough I'm gonna wait to see if someone asked the question wait until someone else raises their hand in the class exactly one thing that she talked about what was it a tiered release strategy do you remember that where she I don't remember enough about it I do cuz I was struck by eggs I was like yes now this makes sense so essentially she has kind of like three tiers and so when she's thinking about each book release not all books get the same attention so she doesn't hit every book release like at 100% throwing all the ads and doing all the things to each and every book because it's just not sustainable and I was like yes I'm so glad to see that because no one talks about this so she'll she'll decide which books are getting like the maximum exposure that she can get them and then they'll get kind of a middle tier amount of exposure and then that just kind of be released quietly into the newsletter and such and often to the distance to see how it works and I really like that because I I in my head I was imagining these people it's each and every book and they're releasing like you know a book a month or two books or mother mile or sometimes three all of them getting all the same amount of like attention and money thrown at ads and like all of this stuff I'm just like how how do you do that and still I don't know function as a part of your family and in society because personally that sounds like an exam anxiety filled hell like I would be so that's all the time so I'd like that she talks a lot about balance but it wasn't it was wasn't overtly but it was what it came down to you having some type of balance if figuring out what will work best for you and again if you guys haven't read it the links in the description I think that even if you're not necessarily wanting to write and release rapidly I think that this is a good one this is it is yes if nothing else another strategy even if you're not gonna do a release a rapid release strategy it will help you start thinking about what you need to put in place for whatever strategy are playing on doing for your releases this was a good way this was a smart pick for us yes it was you know I don't want us to go too deeply into the book I feel like we cover a lot of bases but I still want there to be stuff for y'all to discover when you read it because I really really truly think that this book is it's a staple it's going to be a staple and my writers library so to speak so maybe we should wrap it up I'm sorry this is a little shorter than usual everybody but again and there's less of us so you know right yeah Alena is she's recovering from surgery CJ is on vacation and amber is dealing with life stuff so it's kind me and thank you for being here with me they're really appreciating I mean someone I could missing them I'm like I got I went back and calculated how many I've actually been to you versus how many I miss I like oh if this for the good too oh geez well you know I think you're still young I think kind of halfway point but you come in the clutch would everyone else can't do it you're like I'm here and I'm like thank you this is not the kind of stuff that's enjoyable to talk about on my own it's not just me blathering about you know my writing style or whatever I think it's also good if nothing else for like comparison to see what you're doing versus what I plan on doing and my plans gonna change just so you know based on what I read in this book like I said I made it a couple I made my plan a couple of days ago and based on what I read this morning it's already going to change I want to do a couple of things different so it'll be interesting to see this is one of those things where I would like to come back possibly in a few months to a year and see how this has affected our publishing schedule and what kind of results we've seen from our own case studies I think that's fantastic I would love to come back to this next July or in the first quarter of the year that's like the end of the first quarter or something depending on you know when you're actually releasing and how many I am actually oh my gosh let's not think about that too deeply early morning for me but yeah I love that idea I would absolutely like to do that and just like with um newsletter ninja I'd like to circle around back for that to you maybe that one would be better for the the beginning of the year because I think that by the end of the year everyone could have a newsletter out they might not necessarily have we could we could plan in like one for a quarter like the first quarter one could be the newsletter ninja and the second quarter one could be this one I think these ideas will have to shop them with the rest of the crew and see what everyone thinks I don't think he'll hate this idea though this is a good one Shannon says you in the comments section excellent Shannon always with the support Oh what was I gonna say never mind that important we are we don't know which book we're gonna be doing yet we'll create a poll and photo amongst ourselves and then we'll let you know this upcoming week so stay tuned and we'll see what kind of writing goodness that we get into you because you know as you guys know the whole reason for doing this thing was that I needed some positive peer pressure all of these writing books that I've just been stockpiling and have a beginning to you and this is episode six that means six books which is probably six more than I would have read so yes yeah we're doing it we're learning things and we're hopefully becoming better business people as we do it hopefully so do you want to give your outro and I'll give mine and we'll let the good people go I'm not sure thank you for having me my name is sky I typically write parable romance on an MST hagas and if you listen to the stream you know I have nothing out currently but I'm slowly working my way there and I'll be implementing a rapid release schedule for my books when I do get to that point that I'm nowhere near yet so that's me and I am Tamara was and this is my channel where I talk about writing and books speaking of books this upcoming Tuesday we are doing taco takeaway where I wanna talk though to you about where despair I'm never gonna be able to say that without chuckling it's so dumb I don't care it's gonna be so much fun we're gonna do giveaways I might even be giving away so my gift cards for Taco Bell we'll see but it's gonna be here on my channel at one p.m. Hawaii Standard Time which is 7:00 p.m. Eastern bring your tacos bring your beverage of choice and bring your ability to have a good time because that's what we're going to be doing and I think that's like the thing that I want to promote so everybody's links are in the description down there and thanks again for being here y'all will be doing this again the last Sunday of our Sunday the taste Saturday Wow the last Saturday of August we'll be back at it again upon all apologies for my loopiness and we'll see you next time bye everyone I

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