hey guys and welcome to butters tip video number two okay here we go right our space it may seem a bit redundant maybe universe stupid but it's very important and I won't tell you exactly why well you have your own space to write in you tend to get lost in the zone you tend to see it more as a workplace that's what this is what do you want I know what is your dream it's your passion it's mine too but this helps me immensely when writing I have to treat it as a job because I wanted to be my income keep the roof over my head food in the fridge is going to be my source of income hopefully so I'm going to show you my workspace and tell you how much it cost spoiler alert not that much yeah we are ok so I work from home so I tend to have my own personal office here behind me so I tend to just wait for home rise and you can see there there's my untidy house my books here I keep myself motivated first two books on the ear soccer still to be edited notebooks for everything a vivid idea have I wanna see a portfolio but it's not that – does my travel folder for pretty much everything and my folder Dennis of course as you see FM taste oh so much so this is for every single idea I've ever had for all the books that have started to write has I thought about writing or and currently the process of editing so is that the Rose here is interchangeable not it's not meant to be buddies I had a purple one that I tend to use if I'm writing the arrow saga this one here is for more of the swordsmen bitching currently writing secret is oh yeah or if you have the most keyboard now this is this here it's my new black notebook I don't want to open this I'm not going to know what but things and that from people that have done beta reads for me or for different launches different testings just different dealers that give me notes or positive feedback or feedback in general different instruments here we go I guess source bed but i'm actually looking here at the tabs there we go that's probably your new thing you're gonna have oh that's discord okay he's tab see her Facebook Twitter Tumblr and Goodreads they want to be your staple for quite some time now props for the cosplay and the mask mask yes energy and the pistol you can wear that was originally meant to be used for his sort of things but drinks batteries like a bitch so here's like a tripod for the camera that was that actually just arrived day or two ago if not three years ago it was originally Tifa and she's gonna be shown to you later on and then backdrops that shouldn't be there if she was a monster well the flame swordsman should be standing there to make it look more professional the quill it was a gift I adore the quill the ink is ungodly expensive but nevertheless think of Mega Drive cars at a retro guy that game is such a bitch I won't be able to pass it once once since I first got when I was I think twelve years old Ireland bickering I got a car boot sale house why not masquerade mask which features in two more two of my books and the cosplay jewelry for one of the characters and you know saga just monitor course you'd fall there who looks real it's nothing close to it that fast maybe five Europe I think that myself that's couple today's fifty toilet hardest cause I'm a big fan Yukio was until the synchro summon crap start now I don't care no more this chalkboard is done to a find anything certain books are from right and sort of books I'll change this I started right I started editing editing sorry part more yesterday so that's why that's up there and for whimsical little change I have all right Beauty and the Beast savings bankers I love preemies the armor plating or the old armor plating for the cosplay of a Rick to go with the Kansas dos I have the leotard no the onesie yeah if you want to call it that to go underneath that somewhere in the house not quite sure where this lamp is I love I can't me into your wiper I do I think it's brilliant these books never and the story is phenomenal and then there's two different versions or cold stories here there's a Christmas cookie and I keep mean to get back to my art my painting the stuff I do on and off but not particularly don't we stay at it for long because I tend to write more done in short guys but I'm saying to you here is this really your your writers own your creation space your work space try and surround yourself with things you love the things that have meaning to you hold memories those things that keep you in the zone slate whatever I sit down and this is this chair here I can't help but get a rush of notions of ideas or possibilities for way of reason right now realize I'm currently working on and but like I have a video here playing on YouTube now that's purely up sort of so DPC doesn't shut itself down or go into hibernation mode as that was something playing I can't do that well I'm right in pencil or something or oh yeah pencil is better for me which could take for half an hour maybe an hour by the time I finished writing machine in pen pencil I can go straight over to typing on the keyboard and not have to hassle I'll restart the computer putting in the password so that works for me very nicely there's not to say it about your workspace does make it your own maybe John space bigger zone zone and I cannot tell you how to do did I do do you that felt wrong you saying that but for me when I sit here and say it's a nine-to-five thing I genuinely treat this space like it's my workspace if nine more defined afternoon I have half an hour break in the morning around 11 and half 11 then I get an hour break around from wanted to so it may seem a bit extreme or even a bit stupid to some of you it works well for me and I'd like to think that fact I've been doing this for first so long has actually helped me in some way actually get scientific passed McCauley can't say that for sure for sure but in my head it helped me and that supposed to keep me here now still in this part writing so well that and the positive feedback I've gotten from a lot of people about the book so that really helps too if you guys like this videos please do like and subscribe if not comment down below and that's cool every every comment is not who would I take things as creative criticism guys so go ahead and come to way if you think this will help somebody else but I'll be share with them share data for places go crazy with it and if you want something else you know if you're interested in something else that you want me to talk about come down below or two about that just go crazy or you do with the hashtag white wolf on Twitter or hash tag arrow soccer or I'll find it find it guys until the part three guys is this part 3 I have a few properly interesting tips for some viewers to healthy possibly catch the publishers attention so write your tip number three coming soon oh and July is the month of the flame swordsman's and so I should have put the area huh anyway guys

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