WRITERS: The Truth about the Publishing Industry

hey writers and mutators today I want to talk to you about the truth so we've got about two thousand members here and right to publish and it's funny and amusing to me because the that number always fluctuates right around two thousand and we tend to lose some members when I come in and do one of the types of videos that I'm about to do today so there are lots of groups out there writing groups that you can be a part of things you can join at your local library and that kind of thing and I've been in the publishing industry for a really long time I've been a writing coach for a really long time and I've been a professional writer for a really long time so I'd like to think that if I haven't seen it all I've seen close to it all and here's something that I have noticed there are a lot of people out there who are going to tell you what you want to hear it's so easy to get published I'm gonna make you a best-seller all you have to do is write a novel in a month during NaNoWriMo and everything's gonna be wonderful they tell you those things because they know it's what you want to hear and you're gonna shell out some money and you're gonna waste it on whatever it is that they're peddling and I see these authors waste money a hundred dollars at a time two hundred dollars at a time two thousand dollars at a time and get zero results and what they bought was what they wanted to hear and so let's go back to what I said at the beginning people leave the group when I do face book lives like this because what you're gonna hear out of this mouth all the time is one hundred percent what the truth is I'm never gonna come in here and promise that I'm gonna make you a best-seller one because nobody cares about your bestseller nobody cares it does nothing for you there's a huge difference between calling yourself a best-seller and actually selling books so if you want to be a best-seller and like put that badge on your Girl Scout sash but it's not going to sell you books as long to be fans what I want is for you to sell books to get pans so that the publishing house which is a business wants to publish your second book your third book your fourth book and create an author lifestyle for you if that's the reality that you want and you need to face the truth about the way that it works and it doesn't always sound pretty because that crappy draft that you put together during NaNoWriMo and ship off to an agent I I have lunch with agents pretty much every week and they roll their eyes I hate December in January when all those NaNoWriMo manuscripts that have just been thrown together come their way it's awful I'm telling you the truth this is just the truth and that's what's gonna come out of my mouth and I know that some of you don't want to hear that truth you're not ready to hear that truth you don't want to think about the value proposition of working with a program that actually works that takes the time that's thorough enough to get you to a point where your book is actually publishable someone who speaks with agents and editors and publishers every week to make sure that that your manuscript is the quality product that they're looking for and not some kind of schlepped together garbage that you throw together in a month I know you don't want to hear how much work it is I know that you don't want to hear that there's an investment of time and money but the thing is most writers throw money away on the promises of a best seller on the promises of you can do it in a month or 28 days or a weekend for goodness sakes it's all bunk it's a bunch of BS I'm not gonna tell you the things that you want to hear might tell you a lot of nice things but I'm not going to blow smoke up your skirt not my style and I know that that turns some people off and I'm okay with that if you're not ready for that message to make that investment in yourself for real and to face the reality of what the publishing industry is and what they're looking for then it's just not time for you go to those groups where they're looking for beta readers and they're wasting time precious time in their lives not getting published listening to beta readers doing NaNoWriMo all these things that just don't work the writers love to talk about and do it doesn't work it doesn't work but is there an exception can it work sometimes of course for every rule there's an exception you've heard me say that before this group is about the truth this group is about real results based on hard work based on investing in yourself as a writer so that you can become an author not once not twice but as many times as you want to to living the author lifestyle whatever that means for you and that is the truth

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