Writers Talk featuring John Green

39 thoughts on “Writers Talk featuring John Green

  1. just the audio can be found 🙁 oh well, it's better than nothing. streaming(dot)osu(dot)edu/knowledgebank/cstw11/John_Green(dot)mp3

  2. so….it's from '09, and a university, and this is the video quality…hmm. Does OSU not have any sort of communications department?

  3. Huh, I thought I was the only one who ranked paper towns #1, but it seems the yeti and I are on the same page…

  4. Heyy, the Yeti ranks John's books in the same way that I do. (Obviously there's a new addition now to be added to the mix, but at the time, I mean).

  5. @ChrisO7300 Paper Towns is third on my list. But… that ranking doesn't do it justice. It's a fantastic book, but Looking For Alaska and TFIOS are just.. perfection.

  6. …beating out "breaking dawn" is not really giving the book enough credit. or any credit, really. everything should beat the racist/sexist/anti-feminist crap that stephanie myer puts out. i know, i know, i'm being negative, not awesome, but whatevs. i'm so sick of that crap.

  7. Lol I ranked Tfios first, then katherines, alaska, then will grayson. I havent read paper town yet… haha.

  8. I agree. Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska, Abundance of katherines and then Will grayson. Yeti knows where its at.

  9. it is just me or does john kind of remind you of eric foreman from that 70's show in this? haha 🙂

  10. seriously – this is hilarious! A rare pearl in the dirty sand, which not many have discovered… yet?

  11. How did I miss that he was at my school?!

    Of all the things OSU over promotes, they couldn't promote JOHN GREEN being there?

  12. Look. Up to 218 now. It's appauling no one wants to see and hear the genius of John Green. Nerdfighters rule!

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