Writers Realm with Anti Tribalism Movement

When you’re black and you’re Muslim
there’s a lot of different people that speak for you. So I just wanted to tell
black Muslims, especially Somalis, that your voice is as important as
anyone else from any other community. The workshop is called ‘Writers Realm’ and
each week we explore a different topic that affects young black Muslims. With poetry there is no gender, there is no colour, there is no age. People will look to hear what you have to say and just that one moment when it’s resonating with them can change their perspective on how they will treat someone or how they will allow someone to treat someone else. Poetry unleashes all my feelings about
being female, Muslim, British and it’s liberating being able to put all that
into one place, and celebrating it rather than looking at the negatives. Because of Amal support we get to have a performance in Shepherds Bush theatre so we get to open up conversations and dialogue about the things that affect us, and make connections with other communities. There’s no wrong answer when
it comes to poetry, whatever you have inside you, you can take it out and it
can be understood. So it’s a bridging experience as well as educational.

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