Writers Official Trailer- HD

he's been spying on mom he's buying my mom I know you America she married someone else you can't behave like that he's coming back look what you wanna do to your dad this is it this is my life we both want the same thing – go back to your room have sex and there was each other again this is this a trick your sister is a great writer and it's because she's courageous in her life she's promiscuous that's not the same thing now come here yes ma'am he sleeps with a lot of girls you're practically guaranteed you wake up with a rush you're cute Lou but you reek of romance and good intentions I'm not looking for a nice guy I don't do boyfriends and I don't date cool you're awesome a writer is the sum of their experiences I like your father Thanks go get some we're here for the party you've never had sex I've never had sex on a faucet you're grounded you kidding me dad you're the one who told me to go out and get experiences go on with your life go get blamed get away great you get laid I literally have 20 minutes so I have to be quick come on let's go did you stretch to the left till yeah and nothing is so much thank you I've given her space I accepted her hatred towards me some phase that she's going through but clearly this isn't a phase wait why do you keep running whatever this is between us it can't go any further I won't let it were not even in the same species what's she like they're having sex go rusty I could hear my heart beating five days when I'm not sure I made the right decision I could hear everyone's heart again and I think that that's what writing is hubba-hubba you make me feel less cynical

23 thoughts on “Writers Official Trailer- HD

  1. So excited to see this because Lily was who I wanted to play Sam in Perks and now I finally get to see her in a film with Logan 🙂

  2. Any one has any idea of who sings the song at the end of the trailer and what is the name of the song??? I cant fin it anywhere.

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