Writers Make Sense Out of Chaos

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  1. I Googled content storytelling. It was pages and pages of content storytelling for MARKETING. What does it say that advertising has more content storytelling than films, books, etc?

  2. I thought of writers like Albert Camus or Dostoyevsky and he talks about Netflix writers ok that indicates the level of US culture

  3. Damages is garbage and there is nothing original about that joke. Flash forwards are all over and have been around for decades. Stop plugging for that junk please.

  4. i dont like it when writers shit on postmodernism as being shallow
    contemplating the mediums we use to tell stories is one of the least shallow things an author could do imo
    david lynch , jorge luis borges , haruki murakami , all not shallow people telling not shallow stories

  5. Right so people are on the spectrum of caring or not caring, liberal to conservative. I'm way to the right of that spectrum and I care……for my own people. Just like every race creed and colour cares primarily or more likely exclusively for their own people. Why are liberals the intolerant ones.?

  6. I've seen flash forwards done in the past and I generally don't like them, I think Dr.Who does it from time to time.
    I've been watching a new series over the past 2 or 3 years and most recently (past month) they had an episode that showed how something turned out 3 days later and it threw me off in a very uncomfortable way. It didn't ruin the episode or anything but after it was over I felt weird about the whole thing. This excludes characters with foresight as a power because they generally struggle with what to do about it.

  7. He made the "flash forward" technique sound revolutionary and innovative but he must have never watched the Disney Channel sit-com "That's So Raven." Pretty funny in hindsight actually.

  8. 5:29 His characterization of liberal and conservative demonstrates the ever so typical absolute failure to understand the perspective you do NOT hold. Liberals care about people he says, clearly he is a liberal. The other guy is only in it for himself and the rest be damned? Absolute rubbish.

    If you think the other guy is an asshole (that he does not care) for thinking what he does, it is an absolute certainty that you don't have the first clue as to what they are actually thinking.

  9. They did the flash forward on Lost starting in May 2007, before Damages even aired. While I agree with him somewhat, he leans a bit hard on Golden Age Thinking (see Midnight in Paris).

  10. Agree story content today is rare and went we get one is from the independent community of great film makers, but they get very limited release and many go unnoticed by the general moviegoers. They in essence don't make $$$.

  11. this is helpful, to see people seeing stuff better than my usually surroundings do…
    sometimes i feel alone trying to be smarter or deeper and it makes me fail.
    now if only I was a good writer or could do a good movie with that certificate of mine… well at suck at all levels… yay

  12. 8:41 "The problem for people today is confusion, in a world that should make sense, and one in which you have more communication than ever, makes less and less sense than ever — and so you need storytellers, to make sense out of that chaos — but as I said, it's a chaos of a very different kind today, and the writer struggles."

    Wow. I really didn't expect this guy to say something quite that profound in this interview. I'm marking the beginning of that line so I can listen to it every day for the next week or so, as I begin my next wave of intensive writing. That quote is just so exactly where I'm at… 

  13. @themostdismal Of course you can. Being in "worse conditions than ever before" does not have to be tied to dwindling populations. What McKee alluded to was that there are fates worse than death.

    For instance, consider a third world country which is still dependent on agriculture, where improvements in basic healthcare has lowered the infant mortality rate, but there is still too little money to bring about bigger improvements.

    Now, in that environment, there are more mouths to feed than ever, but everyone has less land to work on. If you have a family to feed, you will work till your back breaks but your family will still have precious little to eat. You see your children being not as energetic as you were their age, and you knew it was because of the poor food they eat. The poor food YOU give them.

    And what if you had to live in tight quarters – as impoverished people tend to – and you have to live with those who are worse off than you? You're already feeling low from being unable to feed your family properly, how would you feel if you saw a vagrant child who didn't have anyone to turn to, and that child felt that the only way to get a bath was by standing behind a cow as the animal relieved itself? In other words, that kid was bathing in cow urine. If you saw that, how would you feel?

    I don't know about you, but me, I'd be searching for reasons not to kill myself if that happened in front of me.

    BTW, that scene of the girl bathing in cow urine, is real. A photojournalist took photos  of it many years ago, but I didn't have the heart to look them closely, at where they were taken, or learn the name of the person who took the photos. I've forgotten about it almost completely, until this video.

    Fates far worse than death indeed.

  14. I have to disagree with you on one note. The majority of television is trite, no doubt, however we are experiencing a wave of phenomenal serial dramas that started with The Sopranos and has been followed by The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, etc. It all comes down to good writing and the proper medium to suit it.

  15. I think he was referring to shows like Arrested Development and Breaking Bad. The garbage you'd see on MTV doesn't count. To even include that shite in the discussion is paramount to ranking Pat Robertson among history's greatest theologians.

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