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hey guys today's video is going to be a walk through out my writer's journal so I started a writer's journal a couple semesters ago when I was taking an advanced fiction class and I liked the idea so much that I decided to keep doing it as I was writing this current project that I'm on as well as all of the other creative projects that I come across so I went ahead and started this when I started working solidly on the novel that I'm working on and I figured I would show you guys what I keep in here and kind of how I keep it up to date I will apologize for any random noises that you hear in the background my toddler is awake and he's running around behind me outside he's currently playing into his pool so maybe that'll keep him occupied while I walk through this but you never know let's go ahead and get started first I will tell you about the actual notebook itself this is a traveler's notebook from Target it is the may designs for blue sky and I absolutely love this I just love you like watercolor effect of it and the colors and it's a really nice one it's held up you can see there's some strings pulling off but I'm also really rough with this notebook so I'm not you know surprised that it's kind of fraying and things like that does have a nice pink elastic which I enjoy keeps everything safe and when you open it up I got a bunch of random goodies in here and you cleaned your binky with your cool water delicious okay his water is delicious guys alright so when you open this up it does have this like secretarial pocket over here currently there's just a bunch of stuff smashed in here I don't even know what falls in here let's look together oh I have a polar right well it's an insect's mini eight Polaroid of my son from a little while ago I have a business card oh this is a business card from one of my favorite places to buy pens is Tokyo been shot I'm just gonna stop you here for a second you guys wanna you know go buy some new pens and I just really like the the graphic on anything it looks really nice so there a Jigglypuff good a postcard with William Shakespeare wearing shades from a bookstore in Staunton Virginia I just really love this and when I started the novella it was based off of William Shakespeare's Hamlet it's all kind of sorta is kind of vaguely so I keep this in here as inspiration I don't know why there is a yellow paint sample in here fun and then this is a Valentine's card from a good friend that I just tucked in here to keep it safe so that's what all that fun stuff is I'm just gonna kind of shove it back in there figure out later so this travelers notebook in particular has four strings which means you can put up to four notebooks in it right now I only have three books in it and one of them is currently empty so I could potentially cram more stuff in here we'll see what happens um all of these notebooks are from Target they are the ones that are made for this notebook or for this travelers notebook but they do have some where I think they have the dimensions so that you could essentially buy other notebooks for it out it says it's an assorted five by eight so if you find other five by eight notebooks you could probably cram them in here um and then they would fit length in width wise but anywhere so all of the ones that are in here are also just the notes notebooks I don't have like the calendars or anything in here since I'm just using it for writing and all of these house different things so we're just gonna kind of flip through and I'll show you what I have in here and kind of how I organized all of my thoughts as I'm writing so this first one is literally just filled with notes and bits and pieces of scenes for the book that I'm writing so this first one is just has a sticky note with like MLA works cited stuff to reference so that I know what I'm writing when I do my work cited stuff this was a potential idea this is my sticker for my Instax Mini 8 I don't know why it's in here I do have a note just paper clipped in here this was some notes from something notes from a reader that they gave me about some of the characters I just have it paper clipped in here I don't have it's stapled because once I kind of resolve these issues I can just take this out and that's probably what I'll do is I just take it out and get rid of it cuz I want to eat it anymore cuz all that will be resolved so it's just paper clips in here this over here is another just kind of list that's paper clips in here it has all of the ages and like I was trying to figure out ages for the characters because all of my chapters are time-based and they happen in different months in different years of different yeah different months of different years so I would need to make sure that my characters ages say consistent so I just have this tucked in here I have some research on William McKinley and his politics and his policies as president and his assassination some chapter information just kind of general ideas of how I wanted the chapters to go research and information on the sinking of the Lusitania information on the modal Penal Code at some point I was going to have one of my characters be the victim of spousal rape but I don't know that's going to happen but I did have all this information in here and then of course just had more information on the Penal Code just kind of paper clipped in here just in case it becomes something that I use again Midwest states just so that I knew them on hands-on knew where to locate my characters a little sticky you know to remind me when the telephone was invented so that I could remember that my characters can use this telephone because my chapters take place after 1876 um this is just some scrap paper I actually came up with some ideas for chapters while I was at work and I didn't have my notebook available I had it with me when I didn't have it available to kind of pull it out and write in it so I just kind of jotted down some ideas on this paper and then just stapled them in here that way I'd be able to access it again later information on the spanish-american war all of this started after a meeting that I had with a class this past semester and I realized that I knew literally nothing about the spanish-american war so I started doing some research on what it was when it was immigration waves to the United States and like how that impacted people's opinions and stuff like that it's all just kind of random information none of this goes in any particular order which is something that I don't have a problem with I have no problem just kind of flipping through my pages to find what I'm looking for so it goes from information on the spanish-american war this is a short chunk of information about the National Funeral Directors Association and then it talks about professions that women could do and then the bottle of kettle Hill and San Juan in July 1898 during the spanish-american war it's just kind of all over the place it's just whenever I think of something and you need to draw it down whether it be research or bits for a chapter I just open it up and jot it down I typically do the research for the chapters that I need when I'm going to write them because then I know exactly what kind of information I'm looking for and what kind of stuff I need to research so that I can get an accurate chapter I guess I haven't mentioned this yet the book that I'm writing is a historical fiction novel that follows one particular family through generations starting in yeah 1890 and traveling through probably well into the 21st century I haven't exactly figured out an end time yet but that's when it starts so I'm doing a lot of information about or doing a lot of research about political and historic events that I need to make sure that our accurate that's where all this research is for this over here is paperclip together with just this cute little cactus bookmark for paper clips magnetic paper from Target it it's just general ideas for upcoming chapters so this is for one after a character passes away what they're gonna be doing I started writing an actual chapter and then just stopped because I ended up at my computer and was able to then type it back on there so another one this is stapled in here this is fruits and veggies that are growing in Kansas and like the times of years that were concurrent with the year that the chapter is being written so those are just in there that way my characters reference correct fruits and veggies that they're growing on their their uh their farm information on the Rough Riders information on yellow journalism the Battle of last Gua Thema in June of 1898 and then this kind of switches gears completely and the next couple of pages are all about style and young adult fiction and how that kind of stuff impacts readers because I was working on my academic analysis and I kind of switched gears from researching and writing the actual novel to writing the academic analysis that has to go with it for my Master's production so that was what was here I just needed a clean piece of paper and this is we got to so that's what this is this was some more excited stuff that I just kind of stapled in there so that I would have it um random scene of a chapter don't know which chapter it says seven but I don't know if that's chapter or not heat exhaustion like what it is and how you can you know stop being exhausted from yep information on the band of angels because that was important for the chapter that I was braiding yellow fever another random section of the chapter so it actually like skips so here is the start of a sentence or like a paragraph and then there is a front and back page of research and then more of the chapter itself more information on yellow fever information on courtship because I had no idea what courting rituals were in the 1890s and like how couples went about becoming couples so I did a little bit of information or did a little bit of research on that new chapter that was being added and did some writing for it randomly researched the average age of women and starting families here the stick you know this one is actually glued in here and it's just what I wanted this new chapter to be kind of the idea for it and I just kind of glued it in there and then some more of the current chapter that I'm trying to write and then I think the rest of this notebook is empty but that's just how this up no wait stuff back here young adult historical fiction information okay so this is just research for my academic analysis again so it's information on young adult historical fiction and this other side is literature so this is gonna be for the next chapter of the academic analysis so that'll go in here so that's just all of this this notebook is there's pen testing to make sure that my fountain pens are working properly the ink flowing though so that's all that's in this notebook is just a bunch of random chapter bits and bobs and research that I need and I like having it all in one place where I can easily have it open on my desk while I'm writing and then have it available you know on the go I take this with me literally everywhere even if I'm just running to the bank or to the grocery store or to my oldest daughter's softball games this is in my bag with me just in case because I never know what I'm gonna get a spark of inspiration it could happen any time so I like to keep this with me so the second notebook that I have that's just a little sticker on it that's actually from a shop called papa bear studio I don't remember let me see I don't remember what's in this food to be entirely honest so I started with an index that was helpful I got first three pages marked and that was it so that's fine um this says prospectus mumbo jumbo so this is what I was working on actually getting my proposal ready to be approved so that I could go on with this project so this was me trying to sketch out like what I was gonna do stuff like that oh okay this is all so all of this is notes from the past semester on William Shakespeare's plays the plays that I was reading for coffee so I had this in my writers journal that way I would be able to access it if I needed to while my novel was going through the various various stages that it went through to get to where it is now there was a lot it changed focus probably like five four or five times before it finally ended up where it is so that's what all of this is but I have it in here because then the rest of this is going to be for other creative projects that I conscience I only have a couple of pages left but I want to use up this notebook as much as I can and I like having these notes available if I find that I need them so this is actually for a contest I'm working on for the end of the month so I just have the press that's to hold in the contest when it's due some of the basic guidelines this is what my quote or this is a quote that the title and a lot of the story itself is based off of and then just brief synopsis of what it is and then I actually have some handwritten this happened mostly at one of my daughter's most recent softball games I'm just kind of have it scribbled in here to give me an idea of what I want to go or what I want to do and where when I go with the story and then that's all that's in this one but it'll continue to have other like writing projects prompts and stuff I am working with a couple of other up-and-coming writers on a year-long project I'm super super excited for so a lot of those prompts and stuff will probably end up in this notebook or actually probably this one so that's this notebook and then this is the third and final one yeah this is the last and final notebook and it is the same pattern as this one which doesn't bother me and this one is currently completely empty which is nice it's a nice clean empty notebook I actually think I might make a label or put a sticker or something on here this might be the one year project notebook just because it's fresh it's empty and it's there's nothing in it yet so I have as many pages available as I would need as you can see I do have space for another whereas for another notebook if I need one I could make a jump band which would allow me to put in at least one or two other ones and I have plenty of space in here for stuff when you get to the back I do have this pocket it's currently empty and then another secretarial again empty and this does come with a nice it's a really stretchy pen loop and currently the pen that I have in here is the pilot cocoon oh this is the you remember it's mint or just the blue lid and it is a it is a fine point fountain to pen I love writing in this this is what I've done a lot of my writing in I just love how smooth it is and how fine the writing is that's what this this is written in the fountain pen as well as this stuff back here I've had this in here for a couple of days it is a little bit difficult because it doesn't have like a cup or anything so I kind of have to push it in there but that's okay and I change out my pens in here frequently it all depends on what I'm using when I'm writing with it at my desk I usually just shove that in there before I throw the bag in before I throw the journal in my bag so after all of that this is my writer's journal I love having this available and it has held up well over the last couple months that I've had it in here and I've been throwing it in and out of my bag so that is my writer's journal if you guys liked this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and I will see you in my next one

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  1. Thanks for sharing your writer's journal! I am starting a new job, so I am hoping to set up a better system for writing on the go.

  2. I’m new to your channel and love this video. I love using a traveler’s notebook for a writer’s journal. This is a great way to get your thoughts and research down and I love how easy it is to refer back. The notebook itself is very pretty. Isn’t it funny how these notebooks are becoming so popular? Lots of companies are making them now.

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