Writers, How To Deal With Rejection: Anders Benson Shares How To Deal With Rejection

You are journeying into a world rarely explored
it is a strange and confusing place and it likes to stay hidden it dares you to adjust
your perspective question your very sanity here the monsters are in control your familiar
and comfortable paradime has been stripped away you’ve been cast into the harsh realm
of reality a reality that exists in everyone well you see deep inside you something dark
and ugly dwells you spend your days trying not to think about it and you spend long sleepless
nights exiling it with sick fascination you can’t leave it unknown you have to know am
I a good person or a monster could I really be capable of these heinous acts I’ve imagined
myself carrying out it is in this world where you will encounter the truth open your eyes
and look around you everywhere you go you’ll find monsters wearing human faces one of those
faces looks like yours so prepare yourself for this harrying ordeal for you are about
to experience the hudge and misery which can only be found in the fiction of Anders Benson
I don’t write with the intent to shock or disgust even though my stories sometimes provoke
those reactions and it’s true that I delight in the gritty and dirty and unpleasant and
unwanted and that I often find humor in things that aren’t funny but I never reject and idea
just because it’s too light and happy whatever pops into my imagination I tumble it around
until it snowballs into a tale worth telling I usually have several ideas going at once
because I never know which will bear fruit only when the words start lining do I know
that it’s time for the story to be written sometimes it’ll be the first line of the story
sometimes it’ll be the last line sometimes it’ll be a piece of dialogue from the middle
a lot of my best stories come to me all at once and I just have to drop what I’m doing
and go write them but it doesn’t matter what the concept is what the genre is if it’s happy
or sad or light or dark if it grows into a story it must be told shortly after I started
to pursue writing as a full-time career a friend told me about Writer’s Relief my first
submission to the review board was rejected which turned out to be a good thing because
it forced me to confront the weak points in my writing instead of playing to my strengths
and after a few months of honing my craft I came back with some much better work and
they accepted me less than a year later my first story was published and of the 3 that
I’ve submitted since that time 2 more have been accepted for publication having Writer’s
Relief on my side feels a bit like I’m cheating I can only imagine how frustrating it would
be for someone to try to do all this by themselves whether they know it or not Writer’s Relief
offers more than the services they advertise because yes they take the drudgery and the
frustration out of getting published but they aren’t just going through the emotions they
honestly love the stories they read the stories their clients submit through them and they
strive for us to succeed that enthusiasm shines back on us it gives us encouragement it gives
us momentum it challenges us to develop our voices from the very beginning they’ve done
much more than what I’m paying them for it feels like I have a fan club already if you’re
dedicated to having your work published Writer’s Relief is worth every penny as for what I
can offer if you dare to open your eyes if you have to know I’m more than willing to
show you I won’t hold your hand you’ll have to run to keep up but if you get lost or overwhelmed
just remember it’s only a story you can stop reading and it will all be over

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