Writers Guild of America Strike Announcement – Nov. 2, 2007

20 thoughts on “Writers Guild of America Strike Announcement – Nov. 2, 2007

  1. C.S. Lewis? So don't worry about originality when writing because even if it has been written before as long as it is yours you are original?????? Sounds like a "cop out". Ha ha, cop out, I just made that saying up. You can't argue with Lewis.

  2. Okay the writers are right but every time they use an old joke of even start a line off with "it was a cold dark night" they should have to pay the families of the person that first wrote that. I have not seen a true original peice of work forever. Just regergitated stuff from better writers then them. Sure change the names and location and think you came up with it. The best part is you all chose to be writers, so suck it up.

  3. More than likely SAG will walk out over the same issues this May. Why couldn't the WGA work with the old contract until then? What was the rush? NABET worked with the old contract for nearly a year.

  4. The writers get paid plenty. I think they should stop whining, and take a look at what they've got. Seriously, without the audience they wouldn't have jobs…and who is this strike being taken out on??? THE AUDIENCE.

  5. Come on you. Who does all the work and who gets all the money? The actors get all the money instead of the actor getting the "Share" of this money the writers do when the writers do all the work all the "funny" stuff that you enjoy to see.

  6. This sucks bad! But, I agree with the writers that due to enormous revenues from digital mediums they should have a piece of the pie.

    Go for it writers, FULL SUPPORT!

  7. I totally agree with you on this.
    Work for wal-mart for a while….you'll undertand why they are doing this pokerguy.

    I fully support this strike.

  8. pokerguy would you go to where you work now and put in hard work for no pay? knowing that any work you produce will directly contibute to the already huge wealth of your bosses? knowing that your work will be taken from you and used whilst you recieve NOTHING?! are you kidding?

  9. Good for them!
    WIthout the writers there would no shows, they deserve as much money if not more as others in the industry.

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