Writer's Block (Eminem | Hopsin Type Beat) Prod. by Trunxks

15 thoughts on “Writer's Block (Eminem | Hopsin Type Beat) Prod. by Trunxks

  1. This shit pumps hit. thumps
    What a treat this beats trunxks
    Silent but violent like a sick monk
    You kids run you got a problem
    Ha ill fix them talk shit wacth the fists come you try n duck
    Becuz mcs i Line them up hit em
    With a deadly combo now lying on the floor broken jaw thats 2 to 1 if yoy keeping score who want more no one

  2. So what can I say/Blank pages all in my way/ I scribble a rhyme/ tear the page out, I’m changing my mind/ What can I do to sound different then them/ How can I capture them with my little pen/ I’m bound to repeat the same things again/I rewind it play it back, but it sound simple my friend/It not good enough to go/ how do I get my fan base to grow/ If I rap about??? Wait a minute!!!!how does it go???

  3. Love the beats ! Respect my brother ! One thing I thought I should mention before I subbed and knew your intros I thought your intro was the starting of your beats maybe include a voice sayin Trunxksbeats to clear up any confusion or maybe I should cut back on the green XD Respect

  4. can never focus am I broken? Na fuck dat I'm laying out the bomb threat theripest like your not ok here take this pill it will make it go all away u numb faster then you do not have to feel your emotions nikolas do you feel more focused? No bitch I just need to get high stick this needle inside no one cares if i die all night I just sat and cried sorry to all those I lied to deception of the heart some ignore it some get torn apart watch as I form the art lethal don't get torn apart doomed to start a repeating cyle

  5. All you mutha fukkas feather weights I never hesitate how to designate where we separate
    I don't get tired, I relate to Kevin gates
    Been on a five year wait still I ain't got in section 8.

  6. Si sei giù per strada ma non é il Bronx
    Forza accendi quel bong
    Ti rimbalzo ping pong

    Con la guardia toc toc
    Il tempo passa tic toc
    Poi mi fumo un moon
    Mo non credo starò zitto fratè insorgo
    Ogni amico trasformato in avvoltoio

  7. Lyrics:
    Yo lately i have been feeling the writer's block i don't even carry a glock my life is ticking down on the clock and I'm down with this beat cause i ain't no king thats because i wear no crown man back then my older brother literally tried to drown me and it wasn't my time so i survived but man im trying to survive just to stay alive for my friends and family cause i gotta see how my story ends does it end good or does end bad i honestly don't know but im just going with the flow im ready to make a show but you know

    Hook: [i can't believe i made this far in life i guess im fighter and a good writer 2x]

    Back to the beat even though i ain't dropping heat all of my friends dress neat and then these beats are like treats i ain't no beast but man im ready to feast i wanna release all the emotions i bottled up and put em' into these beats i feel gratitude and there will be times where i will give attitude anyways got off track for a minute now im back not tryna slack i feel like I'm ready crack cause my mind is broken an i wish I was like the rapper token i have a time limit and I'm with the rhyme and i don't carry a nine but the lyrics in my head are mine and no one can take that away from

    Hook: [I can't believe I made it this far in life and I guess Im a fighter and a good writer 2x]

    Im just a guy who raps for the fun of it i don't want the fame cause even if i get fame I'll make it burn in the flame im still in the same game i use to be No Name but i am Anarchy and someday I'll bring back No Name from the grave i ain't no slave i feel the crave i may not be brave but I will fight for whats right i don't look at the light one day i might make it to the top but i ain't going to get my hopes up an end up falling down the mountain top i use to listen Nate D O double G eminem tech n9ne the rappers i named are the rappers who made me want to rap anyways i hate fate i just wanna close the gate in my mind i would always be late to my date

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