you don't have a fucking clue D stacks on the track for years I'm still going strong pouring out all my emotions into every song always in the studio because that's where I belong and I'm learning new things as I go along I trust you wouldn't know what's going on in my brain right let the truth and that's never gonna change make it easy for the ones that say they feel the same making music for ones that say they can relate pouring my emotions after all these verses fill up my mind just short circuits baby my anxiety making me feel nervous I can't even fuckin think there really is feeling wordless I'm struggling with the pins fuck this writer's block trying to write this shit stuck in solin for I can't have a quit that's what I was fuckin torn struck me down with a lightning surge do we know the key today put it in reverse trying to make this shit coordinate fuckin under pressure my turn to feed the voice writing about depression I just wanna have the truth lights I just want to be expressive but they can pay me to these niggas who aren't even that impressive money bitches drugs that's the common theme they use simple writers and they are all weak and they a flock of sheep they can't follow me they ain't got no skill got a quality ain't no one like me knowing I float like a rapper but I speak like a poet like him cellular ha he spoke these

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