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you everyone how's all your writing coming along as mentioned it's the season for nano we know you're busy so we'll try to keep this short and simple for all our sakes the best way to start this episode off is by asking ourselves a simple question how do writers write it seems like such an obvious thing to ask but to be fair this is the 21st century we as writers have come a long way from the days of quills and scrolls even the days of seeing author scribbling hand written novels into journals is an antiquated image while the normal idea of a modern writer shows someone hunched over a laptop slapping away their keys in rhythmic fashion given our very internet obsessed climate and are very strong emphasis on content creation there are a wealth of tools out there for writers to access but since they are niche concern it's sometimes a little hard to find them so we've done the grunt work for you we're going to introduce you to a few different applications that you might like for your writing we are not affiliated with any of these websites we just think some of them are pretty cool and have something nice to offer we don't promise that they'll work for you but we bet that one or two will perk your ears up let's check them out 750 words to be true this is the best writing tool I've ever come across 750 words office a simple word processor for your writing with a twist they encourage you to write 750 words every single day your reward is some pretty sweet badges as well as a point scoring system if you hit 750 words for every day you get a check mark on the monthly lock stop it off they offer automated graphs word per minute counts along with free analysis of your words with a regressive image dictionary and linguistic and great system which can show you what emotions and topics were most prevalent in whatever you were right this is great for encouraging writing because it convinces you to build a daily routine around right and the fact that it game of eyes the idea of writing giving you the ability to earn points and badges for your accomplishments pretty sweet deal I use this I just did my 30-day streak yarny this is a browser-based word processor that uses a cloud for organization there's nothing you have to download just click the button to start writing and everything is at your fingertips the word processor itself is fairly bare-bones and free of clutter but they also offer a lot of other features to help you stay organized snippets help you categorize different things such as scenes or chapters and their people's places things feature allows you to build a series of notes off to the side of your main text you can also tag your text so you'll be able to locate specific sections more easily finally this is all based off of a clown meaning anything you write is saved to your private account on their site this way if your computer crashes all your content is safe and sound waiting for you to pick up where you left off scrivener maybe minimalism is in your style maybe what you need is a giant billboard to offer up a blether of all the information you need here's the tool for you scrivener balances word processing with project manager edit multiple document simultaneously use a cork board to organize your notes there are literally tons of features offering collect your work exported elsewhere or just sit back and type on a clean word processor in full screen mode so you won't have to deal with all those pesky distractions at the moment this service run forty dollars for Mac users but they offer a free trial and Windows users can download the beta for free if you're the analytical keep things neat and organized I provider this is perfect for you why right this is a tool made with novelists in mind it's a little tricky to get used to it first and may not be a sexy a Scrivener but offer some of the same tools without the hefty price tag this one is strictly for Windows users but if you're pounding away on a PC you're in for a treat you can organize your texts by chapters receipts and there's a plethora of ways that you can outfit your text with notes and plot development in the background you can also use their storyboard system and they're cool editor system definitely worth a look focusrite who needs tools right that's the idea behind focus writer this freeware application available for pretty much any type of computer gives you a simple no fuss word process you can customize the background in the text and then focus in on your tasks as the word processor fills up the entire screen so you're not tempted by silly distractions such as Facebook it also provides some timers and alarms a daily goal manager and a few extra little bells and whistles if you're looking for a free easy and efficient way to get some writing done you'll definitely want to download this my tomatoes this is a sweet place if you're one of those types that loves a more fast-paced competitive make me do the work type of writing my tomatoes is a writer's twist on the Pomodoro Technique it sets a timer for 25 minutes and allows you to start writing as fast and as fluidly as you can when the timer rings you stop writing and take a five-minute break before launching into another round of fever brining this is a great way to squeeze out a lot of content in a short period of time and a great way for writing sprints and word wars 7 synced meet some things where your characters maybe a scene or a setting looking for a generator that might help you get the gears turning you have found your heaven seventh sanctum offers more generators than I've ever seen before and I really can't begin to tell you about them all this is one of those things that is better experience firsthand and shown to you but this website is great if you're feeling a little hung up and need a little boost it's completely free you don't have to download anything and it's all there for you check it out ride or die finally one for all the masochists in the crowd there's all this other stuff a little too fluffy and cute for you need someone to really whip you upside the behind and get you to do your writing writer dies exactly what you're looking for it gives you a no-fuss word processor aimed at keeping you focused and not allowing you to get this track if you into gentle mode you'll get a friendly little pop-up warning you to focus if you're on normal mode you might get rick rolled until you start typing again and if you enter kamikaze mode your story will begin to unwrite itself and delete your most recent text this idea is the cattle prod method of writing forcing you to focus on creating content by giving you real tangible consequences for distraction if you're the type that gets easily distracted right or Die will torture you into submission that's all we've got for you this week if you were looking for a way to start writing these are some cool websites that you want to check out give them all a try keep up those word totals and we'll see you later you you

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  1. I downloaded a free trial of Scrivener and yWriter. I liked Scrivener. It seemed easier to navigate.

  2. Very informative! I knew about seventh sanctum but none of the others. Thanks for the help, think I'ma torture myself with a little Write or Die. 🙂

    Oh, and subbed.

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