Writer Admits She Wants To Race & Gender Swap Every Superhero She Can

look man they are showing the true colors it's not a conspiracy certainly what I'm saying things remember if I speak on something is because I have thoroughly analyzed it and I'm not talking out of my ass I'm not doing it let's get right into it right of the independent Katie Roberts now that we've got a female Thor let's topple every pale and male or pale male and still superhero character we can still in a few spots from original characters at the front of the box office race is not only positive but absolutely necessary if underrepresented actors are to have a fighting chance white left is Katie Roberts is speaking on behalf of quote unquote under represented actors superhero movies are important that's not an opinion it's true avengers endgame is top box office film of all time raking in two point seven nine billion and watched by millions superpowers get bums on seats and sneaking in social justice messages under the radar is tried and tested way of speaking to the mess i don't even disagree with that latter half because that's exactly what it is that's the one thing that i always credit leftist for is that they hijacked culture and you knew that it was a key vehicle when it came to it i mean i want to a user education really loosely but to really hit me you call a propaganda right but to get a hold certainly of that next generation to spread out their messages they know that the battle is not gonna be one strictly in politics because that's the lagging indicator it's gonna be won in art it's gonna be wrong one and other cultural things that people are a part of in their everyday lives and we get get off of that I've said enough about this goddamn thing now look again it's not it's never but it was never a conspiracy it was never about none of that not since you guys were talking about and I hope I really do hope that some of you fools that have been moderate on this issue think that witches being over exist I'm but certainly me I'm not gonna speak for everybody else but you think that I'm being I'm over-exaggerating I look I don't speak on things unless I thoroughly have researched it unless I've thoroughly analyzed the situation that's the only reason I would speak on somebody that's why I stay in my lane everybody asked me hey man what's your opinions on this what's your opinions on that I don't know and I don't care enough right if I speak on it I understand it and I've been doing videos in this regards for I don't know how long look they don't care about any of this stuff you're talking it was never about oh well the best what if there that's the best actor for the job like food come on there's no shortage of white black female actors none of them there's no shortage of them none they're everywhere there's no shortage of them it is on purpose if they race swap gender swap or anything like that it is on purpose certainly when it comes to actors and actresses and these are the same type of individuals that again you see this shit being done in comics like with female Authority an awesome store which is a terrible line just happened about five years ago these are people are the same right and a lot of them where their politics on the sleeve you're freakin delusional ban if you don't think that it's going to bleed off any of those mediums right certainly would I mean with the trouble action that's sent everybody over the deep end so everybody's letting their politics be know you know how much of an insufferable leftist Chris Evans is on Twitter guy that plays Captain America they're everywhere bro and of course that is going to be sort of shown in the art it's not coming out of nowhere bro they're letting you know the right that is red they're letting you know bro what their approach is none of that not since y'all been talking this is why they've been parade man this is why they of when shit like this pops off certainly if it means if they can stick it to fans they're not they don't care about legacy of care because they don't care about the grandeur that these characters have been put through throughout the years again making this possible therefore making this possible they don't care about that they will hijack whatever fandom they can they've done I don't know how many more times have to do it for you guys to realize okay look there is a really like effort right they're going out of their way to do this because they're doing that they're letting you know what their agenda is it's not a secret bro I'm not talking out of my ass I'm like dude these fools exist to hijack cultures these guys do not really read these comics they do not really consume this material they don't care about these characters they will google them real fast to become experts on it for the sake of an online conversation but that's about it everything else is about their agenda and they're trying to stick it to the dissenters and they are trying to utilize these art forms it's entertainment to inject their social and political views that's what that's the direction that we are going I've been telling y'all this shit man it is not a sickness is why you guess not because there's a shortage of characters right there so so many black characters for example there was no reason for traveling selva be playing no there's no reason to have a black valkyrie there's no reason for that because they are numerous amounts of black characters that exist that either of those if you thought they were a good actor could have filled those roles for the sake of Marvel characters there's no shortage of them yet they're doing that there's no reason to bring in a tokenized version of Thor was no reason to bring him in the comics there's no reason to bring her into the universe nobody was buying that damn coming nobody cared about that they're only doing this shit to stick it to people right that's the only reason because it's not like this shit was in high demand they'll pretend again you're going to get people that pretend like they are like they wanted this but go and that's what I love about the Internet is that you can go and and look up like trends right you can look up you know search trends engine trends and stuff like that to see what people were talking about and yes obviously it's going to be an uptick when something as massive as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is announced but this not like Batman it's not like a super Superman which are those are massive characters but it's not like these other characters it's not like this is a high-demand character nobody was asking for Jane Foster store yet they gave it to you and now are you getting people that are championing this like yes we did it we're sticking it to them underrepresented right like actors ought to have a fighting chance under represented first of all that's a nonsensical turn who the hell is determined what what and first of all I advise all you guys to take a look at my video when I talk about representation in the gimmick of representation as well as the gimmick a diversity which is something that these losers aren't stealing and a lot of your kids and they're saying that hey the only way that you can relate to an individual is if you look like them and you don't really look like them is if you have the same amount of melanin in your skin you know the same skin tone you're the same gender you're the same sexuality or something like that that's the only way that you can relate to this character therefore we got a change yes it's a logical but that's what they're operating on is that okay well you need this amount of black people this amount of gay people this amount of Hispanics this amount of white people proper like there's no proper amount whatever the damn story tells is the standard I just it's a detailed if you get a something that is exclusively black fine black panther fine schools through the black setting that is perfectly fine nothing wrong with it we don't need no damn other races in it that's not necessary maybe Shang she could be exclusively Asian that's fine you do something based on ask Guardians it can be exclusively white that is perfectly fine there is no it's not necessary to try to push for that shit and it's nonsensical for attack like people can't enjoy or relate to something or like a character just because they're the same my favorite fucking hero is Batman right Bruce Wayne is white as hell we don't even relate in terms economic situation or reality or anything like that I'm just fond of him I favor care that growing up was the flash cuz I'm fast I was athlete I thought that was really really cool being a youngster seeing somebody who super power would still literally run fast Barry Allen's white see all the time my background got all these female characters Catwoman I love storm one of my favorite characters top five misty like I love these character woman would you kick honesty in the top top right corner like I love these characters they're female like it's nonsense right but again it was never about having accurate depictions it was never about having the best actor for the position no they are telling you straight up yo we come in for your characters you saw the Eternals I haven't done my video on that I'll do that hair song but you see the Eternals they have race swapped gender swapped so many of those characters they are coming for your characters bro and there's no reason it's needless there's no shortage again of actors if you want to do a Turtles movie you could do you can get actors that look like them sort of that can be that could be depicting those characters that is not a problem it is not an issue they're purposely doing this they have to go out dog it ain't about who the better actor is that's not what this is about you have to go out of your way to say look we are going to purposely race change we're going to purposely gender change this character we're going to purposely change the sexuality this is what they do you have to go out of your way to do that that is a gender because you don't have to my god like she just highlight it it games so all of this money man or sold all of these tickets all this money they've made it through out the box office there's actors that are itching to be a part of that of all races of all ethnic makeups of all genders it's not any problem both genders it's not any problem with that it's not in it's easy they're purposely doing this and you got people like her she's letting you know this is what we should do as she said it's necessary they're letting you know what their agenda is I'm not a conspiracy dis bro this is stuff that I've analyzed and I can see this shit from a mile away and you think that other people could see it because it's not that difficult to see that okay there is an effort to purposely do things like this to get these copies of established characters to try to piggyback off of them to try to race swap them because again there's no shortage of them female characters why did we get sheet Thor why do we get into the Marvel Cinematic Universe you can't bring every person into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but out of all the characters to bring in you bring in that character as if there aren't other female characters not as you certainly got the license I believe back with the mutants and the x-men because of the Fox merger there's no reason for this you can bring in any character that you want that a female this is countless amounts of them that are also not even affiliated with the x-men why did we get her well Thor is just like you did in the comic stories were very recognizable one of the more popular characters why don't we piggyback off of his legacy and just swap and what you have is a situation like you have now the more prominent us outside of like I'm just using black folks for example outside of the let's say Black Panther universe most of the the black characters that are there are completely unoriginal Nick Fury formerly white brought him into that Ultimate Universe you still looked use me just dead the eyepatch and everything he's nickfear his name's Nick freeze based off ye hell even in a man universe the white the white Nick Fury which is the main first one his son is based off the one that was modern office after sound samuel l.jackson it makes no sense at all but whatever that's the situation that we got here you got Rodya before ever even came war machine he was Iron Man it was black time man as war machinist literally all he is he's black ironmans beefed-up black iron man that's all he is not original falcon one of the more original first black superheroes it looks like they're going the direction unfortunately of having Sam Wilson's Captain America which I hate because why does he need to follow in the footsteps of Captain America why does he that is historically classically white character leave him as such what is wrong with him being original and black as Guardians Honda Valkyrie classically white characters okay outside of that universe those other guys tokenized so this is what you have a situation like this and they're moving towards genders and so so forth they are bringing in unoriginal characters characters again most people didn't even fucking ask for and then the race change in the ones that have been historically white in the comics and they're telling you why they're doing it they're literally telling you hey man this is why we're doing it this is the dis say this is the reason and then when I said it's like well yeah you're a conspiracy there yada yada sjw's like Pro they are telling you what they are trying to do and it might be too late now to stop the shit because they got control of everything they got everybody by the nutsack so it may crash and burn may not but either way which I doubt I doubted us crash and burn it at this point is just too big but nonetheless this is what you get when you let them infiltrate your your fandoms right and I'm not a gate keeper like that I'm just saying I know agenda hijackers when I see them I would love for more and more people to be a part of comic book culture there's a beautiful thing is a fun thing it's absolutely great I've met some great people along these lines talking a lot about comics of being a comic-book guy growing up met a lot of awesome people and would love to meet more of some people but for those two just try to act like they know what they talking about like you get quite often of people they don't own knows they don't they might if I mean they don't own any fucking longer short boxes and if they do it ain't that many and they usually don't even read this shit that's in there they're just getting them just to show off just to save it they had oh this is why I was saying Jane Foster story if you have it you could probably flip it and sell it to it to one of these signaling normies for a lot of money because they are just now finding out about this character the experts on it well they are just now finding about this character after he looked it up on some phantom site right after the you know San Diego comic-con thing these people are here to hijack your shit and do whatever the fuck they want to it if you don't think these actors and producers in there they're letting you know Trump that's the one positive thing that came from Trump being elected is that it turned me in saying they put they say they out themselves right so everybody's deranged and their deranged leftist right so they let you know she Chris Evans and go down his his timeline he's saying a bunch of dumb shit like stuffed it in and you know all and they're all in it together because the vast majority of let's be let's be completely honest maybe I shouldn't use the vast majority but a lot of these from the political political standpoint from economic standpoint these actors are fucking dumbasses let's just be straight up they have no idea what the fuck they're talking about they can get away with sand shit because people that are gonna interview them and so forth they are going to throw them all of these fucking softball last questions and shit like that so and they they all yelling these echo chambers they go to the little Hollywood elites in their economic economic chambers and award shows right and they you know sack ride each other and they all agree like for saying fuck Trump is just that's the political position right just but he'll he's so brave right yelling at goddamn echo chamber soft ball shit but if you don't think that's gonna bleed into the scripts what they're doing going forward you're fucking crazy so expected but don't be surprised and don't act like I don't know what I'm talking about certainly you got people writing the articles like this and they're telling you exactly where they're coming from get a grip

20 thoughts on “Writer Admits She Wants To Race & Gender Swap Every Superhero She Can

  1. People like her write this bullshit and never been through a goddamn thing in life. Just agenda drones.

  2. A chinese american spiderman would be cool tho from chinatown in NYC and it had some chinese mythical elements.. that would be really cool and make for a fresh twist on a classic…

  3. This is the problem with the whole feminist movement. These people do not want eqaulity, they want superiority. SJWs only care about themselves and are willing to destroy everything we hold dear for their own selfishness. This woman is trash and she should carry her flea ridden skank ass back to the gutter where she belongs.

  4. Im assuming she means turn the male characters female and the white ones black..and the straight ones gay and the blahhh blahhhh blahhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Now that we have a new generation of independent media,let's get rid of all these pale stale females that write for these woke media rags.😊

  6. Can we public fund fan Marvel and DC comics that fixes and purges the SJW crap that was dumped into them?

    Like the current Captain America is just a copy of the original but with some personality difference and Iron man is a download AI copy of Tony. How about the real ones are fully brought back and the copies die because they are deteriorating. And maybe make the SJW characters better as well. If that's even possible.

  7. I'm ok with other characters taking over the title or mantel of established characters. Like a female thor could be fun. As long as thor odinson is still out there doing his guardian of the galaxy thing why not. My only hope is it's done to tell a good story. I'm also ok with a feminist take on it as long as it's done in good taste not crazy woke women are better then stupid men . Seeing a woman with super powers give some man a beat down can be entertaining. If the woke over the top feminist we need to make a political statement story line happens they ruin a great opportunity for good story telling. I'm also cool with other heroes becoming captain America. He got old time for the torch to be passed on. Dont make it about race make a cool fun story and a black captain America could be fun. Let diversity happen naturally dont force it or try to stop it and everything will work out.

  8. I don't know about you YoungRippa59 BUT if they started the next Captain America film off with Sam saying he doesn't want to be Captain America and handing the shield to Steve Rogers' daughter Amanda Rogers, who you might remember as American Dream.
    Now that would be something I could except as long as they keep the identity politics and SJW pandering out of it.

  9. What gets me was how quiet the normies were when peeps like us pointed out that the first female Captain Marvel was Monica Rambeau…a black woman 😏

  10. That makes no sense what's. If you can relate to Barry Allen because he's fast, because you have similar traits. Thean what's wrong with people identifying with somebody of the same race because they have similar traits?

  11. just shows you white women are horrible people. half are carpet lickers. both halves are fat and smelly. i wish they would just die.

  12. So will we be seeing Tom Cruise as title character in the next Shaft movie?
    Let the crazies fight each other, Scientologists versus SJWs.

  13. Great stories, great characters and great entertainment get bums in seats, no matter who is directing or starring in the movie.

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