Write Novels While Working Full-Time

right novels while working full-time hello tiny and I am the love get a copy of love for me right now it's in print and ebook and please visit me online so these children are calm YouTube show again is about finding time writing a novel while working full time it sounds like you say guarding a novel this usually something we think think think about or dream about or fantasize about but never sit down and get around to doing it why it does take discipline time and commitment and it takes action we live in a time I thought SAR mine the Bible says we have to renew our mind yet meditation positive affirmation and deep wealth meditations listening to tapes to working with subconscious mind therapy all these things are beneficial and helpful but it's something you gotta get up and do something so we don't live in a world of magic we got to get up and do something you can't just Takeo sweet on you don't have to walk your way back home or whatever it is you're trying to go you have to be willing to take the action so that's very important step away from magical thinking and to approach writing novels while working for time so it's gonna take this and when you could get a spreadsheet just to keep yourself honest because I'm telling you when I first started freelancing I would tell myself today and I really hadn't done much of nothing when I look at the result I'm like and I knew I should have written about force I saw putting out a spreadsheet how much time I was spending on actual writing and so I had to have the practice discipline that's gonna be required to write a novel while you're working full time you can get up it's a loose this set right now you get up for work at 7:00 in the morning push it back and you say I'm gonna get up at 6:00 I want to get up at 6:00 and I going to not daydream I am NOT going to just think about it I am actually going to create four main characters I'm going to give them names I'm gonna give them a background their parents the Talmud from I'm going to sketch them out and I'm going to do that this morning and then you could say tomorrow morning I am going to write the opening scene for a novel that these four people will be in and then I'm going to go from there I'm going to write one page a day or maybe I write five to eight hundred words a day I get up an hour early and do it if something comes up in my day and I can't do that hour maybe a child is ill maybe I don't feel good etc I will push it to the evening so I'll do an hour maybe after my family's gonna be an hour after I've cleaned up then the dishes whatever and I will do that at night if you're thinking now Otis too much that's too hard then I would ask do you really want to write the novel because if you do then you will do the discipline to get it done and for editing you could do self editing you can also start doing research if you're going to self-published a book what's involved and that damn pointer has a self-publishing on you that is still very relevant today you might want to do print on demand doing your research with those types of things but you might be able to get away with a half an hour but I would say oh you have to get disciplined and do it commit to finishing the book in a year so if you want to write a novel this is 220 240 pages if you write up a today you'll have that first you have to then you have to go back and edit it so it might take you as a first time author it may or may not here and a half to get it out on the bookstore shelves so you do two or three self edits pass it off to a professional editor and then you could if you if in this time you're looking for literary agents or poets and writers literate marketplace writer's digest these are some places to find reputable literary agents they won't take a percentage of your book sales but if you want to look for litter ages and then they shop your book around to editors and book publishers I would do that while I was writing the novel itself if you're going to self-published and again print will demand might be the most low-cost to come out that way you can come out with an e-book and you can also come out with a print book that you only print copies on based on the demand for the book that could save you money as well hour in the morning hour at night working a full-time job even if you have children that is doable I know writers who's done it I know writers who done it I know when I was raising my son I would get up earlier stay later and work on the weekends and publish six novels that way so I know it is doable again an hour in the morning hour at night study the craft be looking for your literary agent or options around print on demand printers while you are writing the book so you could if you'd write an hour in the morning maybe you took 40 30 minutes a night install doing your research on printers start doing your research for market you start doing your research for literary agents and getting your books out there you could you can do it I've done it other writers can do it it is very possible then after you get that book in your hands this way you subscribe to I just like on YouTube channel because that's just the beginning then you gotta find a way to connect with the readers who are waiting to read your book please hit the subscribe button to our to still see hif te ll dot-com YouTube channel keep up with our free tips here and please go out and get a copy of love Paul for me about a nice tiny today see you back here next week bye for now

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