Write a Novel like a Pantser | “Plotter or Pantser” Collab w/ Mandi Lynn

[Author Brittany Wang: Write a Novel like a Pantser | “Plotter or Pantser” Collab w/ Mandi Lynn] hey everybody we’re doing something a
little different today I am at Mandi’s house and we are so excited to do a
collab together as we were talking today we were just finding out that I am a
plotter and she is a pantser which I just blows my mind
okay guys know that I talked about plotting a lot so I was like can I please pick
your brain and then what we’re gonna do is Mandi’s gonna have a video on her
channel picking my brain about plotting so this is gonna be fun so Mandi
before we get into this would you just tell my audience a little bit about
yourself okay so my name is Mandi Lynn I also have a youtube channel I am the
author of these three books I’ve got essence I am mercy and she’s not here
which may or may not be out by the time this video goes up and I also am the
creator about Authortube Academy and I just make a lot of YouTube videos she does a lot
of awesome stuff you guys so if you’re not already following her which I’m sure
a lot of you are but if you’re not already you should definitely go check
out her channel and all her wonderful books and offerings so anyway are you
excited I’m excited okay I haven’t told each other what questions we’re going to
ask each other so it should be interesting my first question is have
you always been a Pantser or have you ever tried more formal plotting before
like did you always know that you weren’t answer so I like and like I was
saying earlier I’m a plantser I do a little bit of both essence was a
completely pantsed novel I just sat down and started writing I mercy I plot it
out and then ignore it the plot about halfway through and then
she’s not here you heard the very long-winded explanation I would say
that’s a very much pants novel that about halfway through I started to plot
which is the backwards of what I did for iron mercy so I’ve done a lot of
plotting and I just don’t to the plotting I do a lot of plotting
in draft two so I’d like will write out chapter one chapter two what happens but
that’s more just reference for myself so if I forget because I have the worst
memory so yeah that’s that’s that story yeah I’m sure it’s so like when you’re
going through it when you say like you do like a little bit of plotting here
and there is that mostly like in your brain or do you write anything out or do
you just like go for it and then you’re like hey I’m gonna write things out as I
go like I’ll either write it in a notebook
or more commonly these days it’s either like a Word document like a working word
document where idly add delete add because that’s just how my brain works
yeah a little more fluid yeah yeah exactly
so starting question is what would you say are the biggest benefits of doing
more of like heavy plant planting panting I’m gonna come on multiple
favorite things here what are the benefits you would say and what are like
the hardest points about it for pantsing um so the benefits for me at least is
that when I’m if I try to plot I can only imagine my story going so far
before I feel like I get stuck because I feel like here we really need to get
into the head of the character and just start writing and sometimes when I’m
plotting I get too excited to continue the plot where I just want to start
writing where as pantsing gives you that just the ability to just step right into
the story and let the story and the characters do all the talking so that’s
what I really like about it but the downside is that sometimes you just get
stuck where you write yourself into a corner and you don’t realize it until
it’s too late so then you have to go back and change
things and fix things so that’s the biggest downside to apply fantasy sorry
probably not clotting you don’t get stuck when you’re flying okay let’s talk
about that in your video that’s sometimes you do so in your process and
you said it sort of been different with each book but how many drafts do you
think you say you go through or is it yeah or each book maybe how many okay so
essence went ten uh I emergency went through like
three or four she’s not here it’s very hard to count because like I was telling
you earlier I kept ditching drafts and completely so
this is the fourth version of the story it’s maybe draft four of this version
yeah yeah that sounds about right so how does editing work with the pants
like because you’re saying because I know with me when the plotting we’ll
talk about this later like I’m sort of going by my outline to
then edit but you’re saying you have a lot of the story that was written but
not outlined you do an outline after her like what it sounds like
so usually once I have like the book written if I don’t have to fix anything
like I was saying for she’s not here the first half of the story was a
different story from the second half so I had to go back and fix the first half
but if the story is cohesive and it’s all the same story what I do is that if
I did have at least somewhat of an outline I take that outline and I adjust
it so I actually outline my second draft so I’ll go in and I’ll take chapter one
this is what happened in chapter one chapter two this is what happened and I
do that as I’m editing the book that way if I come to a point where I’m like ooh
did did I mention this earlier is this a whoopsie I can look back a lot easier
and kind of be able to spot if things are wrong if things need to be fixed and
then it’s also just really good like for the third draft fourth draft or whatever
draft you’re on if you’re like oh god what what happened and then you can just
look in your outline and be like okay I have that happened in Chapter whatever
and you can jump back to that chapter right so there’s more like plot heavies
like after yeah after – yeah I’m just not I’m not good at being able to figure
out what’s gonna happen once I know what’s happening I outline it which is
like really backwards but it’s what works for me and it works like pretty
effectively right yeah and sometimes like I feel like I get stuck with the
plotting which again we’ll talk about but like yeah it’s like
I’ve written out a little bit more than I was like oh this makes limbs and then
yeah so sometimes arms backwards try guys so with all of this this is
obviously we’re talking about the area of your writing but are you a panther or
a planter in other areas of your life or just like that overflow because we were
just talking about our military and guys with chicken definitely do more videos
on that big man they should definitely do something um but yeah so you want to
talk a little bit so I’m a plotter when it comes to just about anything else
like serious lottery so I was showing here my bullet journal because when it
comes to YouTube often everything my whole author life is in my bullet
journal like everything is like documented like I work at marketing
digital marketing where it’s very much about the numbers and in the stats so
that’s I track it like religiously I try not to try it too much did you don’t
want to get caught up by but that’s my bullet journal and then my like planner
my calendar slash planner I have to do for every day and I was showing here
because it’s a very messy planner that is scribbled all over but got off one
sticker it’s got so many stickers that’s the best part but yeah so I’m a I want
to paint a plotter when it comes to my life pants stir when it comes to my
books yeah so many of you that watched my channel that are more of a pantser
that’s a cool question I’d love to know in the comments like are you a pants or
in your whole life or just in the area of writing I’d love to know well so
final question is there anything else that you’d like to share about pants and
then we haven’t talked our batter ready or especially for anybody who is a
serious plotter but might be thinking about hey like asthma and who’s talking
I maybe want to try a little bit more pants
in my process what would you say to them I would just say I think there’s huge
benefits to pantsing just because you do get to touch that I don’t know what not
like uncharted but you can just go for it and let whatever you want happen to
happen like you really do you let the characters do the talking like that’s
how she’s not here like really shifted into the book it was because I let one
of the characters do the talking and the story changed completely whereas if I
tried to plot it which I was trying to do I couldn’t make it work plotting so I
just passed it and let let the story take its own shape but I do think
there’s also benefits to plotting because then you don’t get stuck like
you don’t drive yourself into a corner and then realize you have to restart the
whole book which I’ve had to do multiple times oh well it’s all part of the
process so we all have our own processes obviously I have my own process for each
book because I emergency I tried to religiously plot it but I gave up on the
whole plot about halfway through the book because I’m like it I want this to
happen instead right so I think it’s just being flexible with yourself and
trying out different things that’s important right experimenting especially
from book to book Lee you’re saying you can’t be different for every book yeah
awesome cool many thank you so much for telling us a little bit about pantsing
and planting and all about your books and her new one coming out it’s in a
hardcover so guys definitely check out Mandy’s video now or she is going to
interview me about plotting so I’ll have her channel and I’ll have some of her
other stuff linked below if you want to check that out if you’ve gotten a lot
out of this video definitely give it a like and subscribe and yeah we do lots
of bright early things and also author platform stuff so we hope to see you
next week and until then happy writing do you and also and also what happens these are
all the outtakes and also author platform that’s what I want to say

15 thoughts on “Write a Novel like a Pantser | “Plotter or Pantser” Collab w/ Mandi Lynn

  1. Hey friends! Let me know in the comments if you consider yourself more of a Plotter, a Pantser or a Plantser! I hope you enjoyed learning more about "pantsing" and hopefully, for all you Plotters out there, you picked up some tips about how you can let go a bit in your writing and infuse some pantsing techniques! If you want to hear more about being a "Plotter", don't forget to check out Mandi's video where she interviews me! (linked in the description)

  2. Okay, so typically I'm a plotter 100%. But, this past month, I wanted to try my hand at a dystopian idea I had, and I started plotting in the beginning. Then i gave up and have been pantsing ever since. It has been fun and liberating, but I know that for a novel I seriously want to publish, I need to do some plotting

  3. I’m the same as Mandi. I try to plot but once I start writing it goes out the window. & then I’ll do a read through & make an outline from that, then I’ll revise & add/delete from that outline- my revision is more plot based.
    & I’m a plotter in life haha.

  4. I am trying hardcore plotting for this NaNoWriMo. It is hard… I usually know the beginning pretty well, a few disasters and an ending.

  5. I loved what Mandi had to say about outlining the book after writing it. While I plot my outline before drafting, I’ve found that re-outlining after the first draft (because the characters sometimes change the direction of the story) is super helpful to see where potential holes in the story are. Great collab, ladies!

  6. I am most definitely a plotter when I write. But I may try being more flexible this time around and do a little pantsing within my plot. As for real life, I am a plantser. When things are quiet I pretty much go with the flow but when my wife travels, i am totally on a schedule or I will forget things.

  7. I have to say that I’m more like Mandi bc I’m like that hybrid pantser bc I need to panst to get through but I also do some brainstorming and research just to start out and throughout the book. I can’t do those detailed plotting plans like you or Kim chance does but I like to have just a general idea of how the book will end. Just so I know what direction to go in and that it. I let the story find it’s way out of my head and onto the computer.

  8. Awesome, I am definitely like Mandi. I may plot the story, but usually the book ends differently because I let the characters guide the story. So, I try to plot but my pantser usually takes over. I'm a Plantser!!!!!

  9. Outlining exposes plot holes and issues that would otherwise might not be caught until beta readers or editors read it. Drafting with more confidence after the outline is completed.

  10. Amazing questions, Brittany. I figured, after watching both of your videos, that I am definitely a plantser, between the two, right in the middle. Great video, loved it so much. Have a blessed day!

  11. Awesome collab! It's so great to learn more about pantsers! I would be so lost without my outlines but it's so interesting to learn more about others process. Loved this video Brittany 🙂

  12. Great interview. I'm definitely both in my writing, YouTube channel, and life. I love structure, but I try to be a little flexible.

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