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hi booktube it's Sylvia today I'm coming at you unscripted a couple of my videos I hope you guys are enjoying them because I just binge filmed a bunch of unscripted videos I hope you're still enjoying this version of me please leave me an emoji down below if you even spent a minute here today I think I'm gonna talk to you about seven graphic novels I recently read I can do it quickly let's do it quickly let's not go through all my questions I have definitely processed all of my questions so we're talking about representation healthy ideals what it teaches the reader where the characters memorable likable lovable hateable the writing style the plot did I enjoy reading it those are all the questions that I go through in my head when I'm reading and reviewing so I read five world's volumes 1 & 2 I just I loved this I the clever world building it's just something that I have not seen outside of like middle grade graphic novels and I just loved it and live for it so the world-building the fantasy elements of this novel are definitely clever well-crafted the plot progresses well it has the elements that we're usually familiar with but it also has like a bit of oomph and very in keeping with the way graphic novels are being handled lately it focuses on uniqueness and being just a little bit different than the last graphic novel you read I just thoroughly enjoyed these two volumes I give them both 5 stars I feel like through fantasy elements representation is handled so even though representation is not like right there in your face all of the characters have metaphors for different forms of representation so you can see yourself and you can see the world that you are familiar with here on earth and you can compare and contrast different fantasy conflicts from the novel there are definitely races in the novel in the series there's a bit of a disability women are definitely portrayed very talented so I loved it 5 stars I recommended strongly I cannot hype this up enough then I read a fence the volume one and I expected to hate this I almost didn't read it though entire captive prince' series is just baffling to me so I didn't think I was gonna like fence but I did the characters are written very believable very likable it's something that I love about graphic novels is that you can set up a world with a lot of characters and it's easy to follow whereas it might not be as easy to follow in a written textual novel so offense does that here very well I'm very attached to the characters I loved they're different since I loved the details of their personalities and their dynamics I'm sure most of these characters are gay or at least bisexual the plot was believable the characters were believable it was engaging I learned a lot about fencing it's fun you know the plots fun you'll learn something new it's just exciting it's all around good stuff I'm looking forward to the next volume that I read my boyfriend is a bear if you have heard anyone talk about this literally everyone I've heard read this novel this graphic novel they say exactly the same thing they say it's weird because you would think the bear would be like is it anthropomorphic something like that like you think the bear is gonna be like human ish but he's not he's a literal bear and this woman is in a relationship with a literal bear and because I had read all of those confused / critical reviews I enjoyed this more I went into it knowing he's a bear knowing there's no moral or metaphor for him as a bear I was able to focus on the other parts of the graphic novel through that so I did enjoy this I think I gave it four stars even because it was fun and the protagonist deals with stuff that is very relatable very very very generic like I think it was about like little life problems and little resolutions or like how to keep it moving so I liked it I gave it four stars but you really have to go in understanding that the boar the bear is not a metaphor he's literally just a bear and I kind of feel like a lot of people were upset by that part then I read mighty Jack volumes 1 & 2 I read this because I'm a big fan of Ben hockey I can officially say I enjoy his work he wrote these eita the space girl series which is a three volume graphic novel series that's like unfinished and I really really love it I own copies that's how you know it's serious when I actually own the copies so I read mighty Jack and it was so good I almost didn't read it and then I told myself to just like read a couple pages and I don't regret it they just sucked me right in I read it in one sitting and then I got the second one representation for autism is in here wrong warrior women eccentric exciting world-building out-of-the-box writing you know great sci-fi fantasy elements with a hero to root for it was just all-around wonderfully done I gave it five stars and I strongly recommend it I know that it doesn't look like much on the outside the cover is not that engaging pulling you in you know whatever it's not that enticing but I really really love this series and I'm excited for the next volume oh my god and the end of volume 2 I liked yelped squealed out loud at the end of volume 2 it was very exciting for me then I read the first volume of spill zone oh I think the second volume oh I definitely have the second volume out from the library but where is it so I read the first volume of spill zone again very exciting the graphic novels this month were like knocked knocking me out of the park am I the baseball in this metaphor no the author knocked out of the park I'm the reader the audience of the game okay this graphic novel is fantastic interesting premise interesting character a little bit creepy a little bit scary very memorable characters strange plot thrilling mysteries that are not entirely resolved and then there's like more building that this was a lot of introduction so we're set up for greatness in the end because there's this other character that we don't really know yet there's a lot there's two characters we don't really know yet and I'm very excited to get to know and it's just great this is great writing sometimes graphic novels knock it out of the park for me and this is one of them I was shocked I did not think I was gonna like this then I read all summer long one thing I appreciated about it was the platonic friendship it does explore friendship it explores adolescent conflicts now that I say that you know it was it was good for what it is like a solid three stars I don't have too much to complain about it it's just one of those soft stories and that's so funny I just saw somebody on Twitter today the damn filming that's not the dam I'm floating it talked about how like sometimes soft stories are okay and that's what this was this was a soft story then I read another socket story sheath you guys just voted for me to not read this but it was too late because I had already ordered it from my library so I decided to just it let's read it this tries to explore grief but falls short it has a mixture of contemporary and fantasy the fantasy is interesting and fun entertaining it didn't go as deeply as I would have wanted it to which sucks because on the contemporary side the protagonist is experiencing grief and possible parental substance use and just none of it was really handled it felt it needed more it needed more editing it needed more time and it was just ok it was not terrible I think I gave it 3 stars and there are some misunderstandings in it that are annoying lastly for this video I read be prepared because I read the other book of Arab rascal wrote this one was nonfiction and it was again just ok in a good way it's nonfiction she's sharing an experience I was entertained to some level she was kind of annoying to me it was unrelatable to me and it's the kind of thing that you might want to relate a little bit to this kind of story and I was not I didn't struggle making friends when I was younger I just I don't understand that kind of experience and it's about her being at a camp and it was just ok it was just ok it's just entertaining enough so those are the 10 graphic novels that I recently read but if you're still here please leave me an emoji and

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  1. Oooooh, so many good recs! I kept telling myself I wouldn't order another big stack of GNs from my library until 2019 buuuuut… I might have to cave now haha.

  2. I tried reading Captive Prince twice back when everyone seemed to be loving it and failed both times ๐Ÿ™‚ But I might check out Fence now ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have seen Fence but wasnโ€™t super interested in it, I think you sold me on it though. I gotta try Mighty Jack. Iโ€™m glad you enjoyed Spill Zone – I read it a year ago but havenโ€™t gotten to volume 2. Agree about Sheets, it couldโ€™ve been so much more. Be Prepared didnโ€™t blow me away either, but it was enjoyable (same as All Summer Long)

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