Hey guys, it’s Emily! For today’s video we
are talking the most disappointing / worst books that I read in 2017 so first
thing I have a little bit of a cold so my voice is a little wonky and this I’m
not talking exclusively about books that I hate it’s also a mix of ones that I
was just kind of disappointed by that I had higher expectations for books that I
may have really really liked except for one or two things in them that have me
like oh no that’s what we’re talking about here I hate that I have to say
this it just drives me freaking crazy but my opinions are my own if I do not
like a book that you like that’s fine if I criticize a book I’m not going to bash
the offer that’s out of the way let’s get this started my hair is up it’s time
to get down to business it’s time to get the dislikes going
first off I have the grace of kings by Ken Lou this is an epic fantasy series
set in a ancient China equivalent kind of world it’s really cool the world type
is referred to as silk Punk so kind of like steampunk but instead of being
inspired by Victorian London the cool crazy Technology stuff going on is
inspired by ancient China so like you have people flying around on kites and
things like that it’s awesome I love that I did not love a lot of other
things in this book first off there were very few women for the first half of the
book I was like what is in the other ladies
I wasn’t huge on that eventually we do get some more female characters and lude
to some kind of interesting things with China subvert some gender stereotypes at
least that’s what I took it as but I was very frustrated by the fact that this is
a 600 page book and it’s taking 300 pages to meet a compelling female
character like we have a cast of characters it’s not like we only have
one perspective we’ve cast of characters as so few ladies I just I’m not crazy
about that that’s not what I want to read and then the other thing is that
it’s an extremely exposition heavy book lose writing is beautiful I adore his
short story collection – paper menagerie it’s a fabulous one of my favorite books
here so that’s kind of funny don’t be on my disappointed list and also probably
my favorites list I love his writing style I loved his
prose there’s just a lot of exposition so a lot of showing rather than telling
I was not crazy about this book I wanted to love
it so so much so I’m not continuing with that series but I am definitely going to
pick up Lou’s work in the future because I do still love his writing next I have
a boy Snowbird by Helen oyeyemi you like the graces Kings this is like a three
star read for me it was on its way to being like four and a half five stars I
absolutely loved it but then in like the last 50 pages or
something it’s just this ridiculous terrible plot twist that is very
transphobic I was I hated it I was so angry when I read that and I was like I
loved all of this book and now this is what you’re giving the reader I’m I
think from an artistic perspective it was lazy and just not great plot set up
from a more moral perspective like don’t treat a trans character like that it was
treated like this plot twist reveal thing and I no no no I don’t like that
no thank you next I have the ones that future King by
th wait I want preface by saying I understand that it was written in a
different time however as someone living in 27 2018 its 2018 that’s kind of
terrifying but as someone living in 2018 I don’t really want to read a children’s
book in which a white guy is right and down the n-word maybe maybe no no thank
you I understand where people hold this the Sunday classic I understand its
place in the fantasy canon I didn’t like it I thought some parts were funny I
thought the racist bits were just so jarring so odd when I say a character
use the n-word I think it’s Arthur is like swimming in
a river and he’s like transformed into a fish and a fish says the n-word I’m
sorry what there were also a bunch of racist references to Native Americans
yeah I just I know no thanks no thank you
another two-storied for me was the old girl out of it by Jesse Klein this is an
essay collection and I was expecting to really like this because I do like some
of Jessica Lange’s comedy work she’s a comedy writer she’s just done a couple
of TV shows that I really liked this I was not crazy
well there was this angle of like I was so weird and quirky as a kid I wasn’t
like those other girls mmm just red flags everywhere for me I hate that line
of thinking and it was right on the line of being very girl Bashi it went over a
couple times and then sometimes it was like interesting and subverted that but
a lot of times it was just like a little girl Bashi and i just wasn’t into it
there were also a lot of weird leadless insensitive jokes to things like eating
disorders and aids and I was like don’t don’t turn that into a punch line and
it’s literally a throwaway punch line but those were not big setup jokes that
were trying to be I don’t know subversive or something they were like
one line throw away things that had no point in the greater context of a
particular chapter so no thanks next I have the dark teller by Stephen
King mrs. book 7 in his Dark Tower series is the final installment and I
didn’t like it that much this book is kind of controversial
because some people don’t like the very very end like the last hundred or so
pages cuz it gets super super meta I really like that I liked that a whole
lot it was everything else that I didn’t
like and what you were talking about a book that is like a thousand and sixty
some odd pages that’s a lot of stuff to not like I thought it was boring I
thought King was trying to be too meta in those areas like I liked the meta in
the end but for most of the book it kind of felt like he was trying to
incorporate like all of his works into one I was iffy on when he wrote himself
into the story was it to one book about two books ago I was like I don’t know I
feel about this yeah I didn’t like it at all in this final version I just there’s
so much of this I didn’t like but that final end sequence which I loved I just
loved it so that ended up being a two story for me it was mostly one star
though I forgot to mention what book that one like best whoa is it
why a fantasy best fantasy of the year which is not true as a court
of wings and ruined by Sarah J Maas I judge my books on very different scales
like a good romance Yamla fiction is not judged on the same scale it’s like
literary fiction so I’m not trying to be super snooty when I say that I didn’t
really like the court of leagues and ruined I am saying that compared to
other similar things and like my reaction when I was reading it it’s not
enough so I absolutely loved a court of mist and fury I just loved it so so so
much I totally acknowledge like all the flaws that this series has like I’m not
trying to defend that but when I was reading it I’d really really liked it
and I didn’t really have the same reaction with a court of things in ruin
I found it addictive so I wanted to find out what’s happening but while I’m
reading it there were a lot of like ireally things I was like dust and there
was so much – ex machina where you would have these weird plot fixes that weren’t
set up nicely so we’re all coming out of left field and I was like wait
yeah just felt very and I look at it felt very haphazard and a little bit
lazy and all honesty the way that sexuality was handled was not great the
end of the day I did still kind of have some fun reading it so I ended up giving
this three stars I just forgot to say it when I was
talking about three star books but I’m probably gonna be too lazy to edit it
back in there so a little interjection if you will and lastly we have a book
that comes as no surprise what you’ve all been waiting for what I’ve been
waiting for the most hated book of the year probably know definitely my most
hated book of all time and that name is the bronze horseman by Polly assignments
I hate this book I hate it I gained it so so much this is a book set in World
War two in Leningrad and we follow the worst people in the worst relationship
of all time for like 800 pages it’s a trash fire it’s awful it’s awful I hate
it so so so much I read the whole thing because I had such high ratings
everywhere that I was like okay I’m I’m just missing something
I just had to wait for it to happen but no I just read 800 pages of a dumpster
fire I I hate that boy so much it’s so bad that writing is weird and repetitive
the plot is weird and repetitive the relationship is gross the people are so
shitty in this book I just I hate them and you can have compelling but
unlikable characters no these are not compelling also unlikable so so I didn’t
see I was feeling kind of opinionated this yeah don’t worry I’ll be talking
about my favorite book soon but I thought we’d get these negative Nancy
ones out of the way thanks so much for watching if you like
this video give it a thumbs up hit subscribe to see more my face you can
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will see you next time


  1. I felt the same about The Grace of Kings. I could barely make it through, actually. I expected to love it and was so disappointed; I am definitely not continuing.

  2. Yep, I am also not here for transphobic plot devices. And why oh why would you write a racist fish using that slur? Was it trying to be funny?

  3. Omg, I hated The Once and Future King so much. It literally took me my entire summer vacation to read it before sophomore year and while I don’t remember racist epithets happening, I do remember hating is so much I was resentful for the first half of the semester that I had to read it. Never again.

    ACOWAR disappointed me, but I still enjoyed it. I honestly felt like Tower of Dawn was better than ACOWAR so even competing against herself, I disagreed with the winner. Haha

  4. I haven't read any of these but plan too read a few. I hope I end up liking some of the ones you hated though. Although it can be fun to discuss hatred for a book with someone. :p

  5. I was sad when I didn't like The Grace of Kings. Was an audiobook for me and they even pulled out Michael Kramer for it who I love. But like you said the female presence was weak even if initially intentional for a later effect. But even that aside, I felt like all the characters were held at arms length from us and I think I've discovered I'm not a fan of the narrator type where its 3rd person pulled far back as oppose to from the POV of one character.

  6. I think ACOWAR wasn't disappointing only because I had such low expectations XD Not much was wrapped up and I wasn't emotionally invested in anything. The book could use some serious editing, along with the rest of the series. Those goodreads awards are definitely popularity contests which is bummer.

  7. Glad I wasn't the only one who was disappointed by A Court of Wings and Ruin. I probably won't continue the series.

  8. MMM HAVE FUN WITH THAT 😂😂the sass in this video is giving me so much life. And I think I got one sentence into the Bronze Horseman and noped my way outta there.

  9. I subscribed a few weeks ago but this is the first of your videos I’ve watched – I am already a diehard fan!

  10. It's such a bummer that you didn't like The Grace of Kings cause that's one that I was really interested in. Also, I was just waiting the whole time for you to talk about The Bronze Horseman cause you're the reason I unhealed it. Great video! Can't wait to see your favorites video, though I'm sure I could guess quite a few of the books you're going to talk about. 🙂

  11. I think it is so interesting how you can both like and hate a book so passionately. Also you are the reason I steer away from the Bronze Horseman, the hype had me interested but your review just made that go away.

  12. I think I enjoy these end of year videos almost better than best books of the year! I just can't get enough of the snark and sass! haha. None of these were on my radar to read…so that's good! haha.

  13. Even though none of these were on my TBR, I still loved watching this video. I tis so interesting to me to see why other people didn't like books, why sets people off, etc. Yikes on the throwaway jokes in Jessi Klein's book! Also, tried so hard to start the Sarah J Maas series in 2017 and just couldn't :/ lol 800 pages of a dumpster fire! that is an impressive accomplishment as a reader, I so don't think I could make it through that!

  14. ahh i loved this video! for me, id say when dimple met rishi. it hurt me even more bc im indian american , and just…… no

  15. Omg 'silkpunk' sounds awesome! Shame the actual book was so frustrating!

    Book 7 is where I'm up to in The Dark Tower and I've been putting it off for ages haha I've enjoyed the series as a whole but not really enjoyed the experience of reading them? Soooo looong and drawn out. Which is just King I guess! I loved that he wrote himself into it, I thought it was clever and funny 😉 But it was a bit weird!

  16. So a colleague of mine who just retired was a HUGE fan of Paullina Simons fan and insisted that the kids were DEFINITELY reading The Bronze Horseman and its sequels. I…may have deleted them all from the system and thrown them in the trash the second she walked out the door because no one had borrowed them since 2009. Also, what teenage girl is going to read a 700 page historical fiction book set in WWII?? ZERO OF THEM, THAT'S WHO.

  17. I remember Once and Future King being about a young boy meeting Robin Hood, experiencing nature and having an old friend who hunted the most amazing beast not to mention meeting Merlin. Then it went on to knights and trying to make the world a better place. I'm disappointed that it had the "N" word and talked about native Americans that way. I didn't remember that. It sucks. Which means those people probably didn't enjoy the book like I did. That Supersucks. It was one of the only books we got with unicorns and dragons and mythical creatures. I usually had to read something like Nathaniel Hawthorne which I hate to this day.
    What I didn't like about the book is that every woman basically brought the knights down. They were trying to do good and these weak creatures…i. e. the women were either bad guys or daft idiots.

  18. I love how respectful but critical you are in this video when talking about books that just didn't do it for you. I wish I could come across this clear. Also your lighting game is soooo on point with your glasses!! Got any tips??

  19. Bummer about these books! But thanks for mentioning silk punk! First time I've heard of it & sounds right up my alley. Also, The Bronze Horseman and TRASH FIRE/DUMPSTER FIRE. You had me laughing so hard! Thanks!

  20. I attempted to read a paullina simmons book (girl in times square) in 2017 and DNFd after like 60% of the book, which is a good chunk of pages! The characters were unlikeable and so frustrating to follow and the romance was not romantic. blegh, i don't think i'll be trying another book by her again.

  21. Regarding the Liu-novel: Don't you mean a lot of telling, not showing? Just a little confused, because in literature "showing" is considered better than "telling", right? 🙂

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